UKIP Party About To Get Company In Brussels…German Climate-Skeptic AfD Party Rising In Opinion Polls

European parliamentary elections are slated to take place May 22-25 and parties critical of the Europe’s course on a variety of issues, ranging from the euro-currency, bailouts and climate change, are faring well at the polls and have the establishment spooked. One good example of a climate policy/science-skeptical party is the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), which is now showing strong support in opinion polls.

AfD party_AFD

Germany’s climate policy-crtitical AfD party surging in the opinion polls ahead of Sunday’s European Parliamentary elections (for Germany, Austria and Luxembourg). Photo credit: AfD party

The UKIP party will soon be getting company in Europe. In Germany a newly formed party named the AfD Alternativ für Deutschland (Alternative for Germany), formed just last year, today is showing strong support, now polling at 7%, according to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

In general, as is the case with Britain’s UKIP party, the media have been portraying the AfD as a populist, right-wing party with suspicious leanings. But it appears the public isn’t buying that portrayal. Indeed the AfD represents a party that threatens to rock the coziness and harmony that the German establishment has enjoyed on issues such as climate and Europe. Much of the party’s support is coming from disenchanted conservative CDU/CSU and Free Democrat FDP voters, who have grown frustrated with their own parties.

I’m not a supporter of the AfD, and I’m not even familiar with their overall platform. As a US citizen I’m not even allowed to cast a vote. But one thing about the AfD party that I do support, however, is their skepticism regarding climate science and especially the country’s horribly destructive energy policy.


11 responses to “UKIP Party About To Get Company In Brussels…German Climate-Skeptic AfD Party Rising In Opinion Polls”

  1. DirkH

    AfD is against the Euro; says that one currency for the vastly different economies in the Eurozone doesn’t work; says it will ruin Germany via about 1 trillion Euro payments that come due when the PIIGS and France go bust or exit.

    AfD have been mercilessly attacked by all the press, all the state broadcasters, all the bloc parties, by the Black Bloc, even physically – even though they do not even want to exit the EU or want its dissolution. It’s simply amazing how MILD positions you can have yet be called an extremist for months by all these people; especially the Gleichschaltung of ALL the media is, well, something to behold.

    No freedom of opinion in Germany if you don’t wanna be physically attacked (AfD member Beatrix von Storch got her car vandalized by Black Bloc, for instance; a frequent tactic by them; they are behind all of the burning cars in Hamburg and Berlin)

    Most of their posters in Lower Saxony and other Northern regions get systematically destroyed by Black Bloc, under applause by media like the taz (“Gute arbeit!”). Situation is a little less antidemocratic in the Frankfurt area; but overall, terrible. Very Weimar republic like.

    To learn more about their positions, here’s a link to a talk by Beatrix von Storch, 2013

    1. DirkH

      I use Black Bloc as shorthand for what can also be called Autonome or AntiFa. If any of them are offended by this – poor dears, sorry.

  2. Stephen Richards

    I want to see so many anti-EU party members in Europe that the whole mess becomes totally disrupted. Out of this mess we may return the EU to the entity for which we all voted: The Common Market.

  3. Green Sand

    “Despite flak, polls show UKIP on track to top Europe vote”

    1. Mike

      I think we Brits are fed up with career politicians. Despite reservations brought about by the MSM throwing mud, some of which sticks, I guess many think that Farage is a typical businessman frequenting the local pub for a beer and talking to real people, and is therefore more trustable. It is understandable.

      Everyone who does not tow the line of the ruling class is fair game for false accusations. For too long the British public has been faithful to the BBC but as they become more aware of the sham, they see that there is a wider problem.

      The EU is obviously heading the wrong way, but it will take a lot more than UKIP to change the direction.

  4. roger

    For 50 years I have voted and for 50 years I have voted Conservative, but today I will vote for UKIP.
    Today’s main stream career politicians pursue policies that act against the interests of the majority whilst offering glib sound bites and lying in order to maintain their careerist agendas.
    They comfort themselves with the mantra that this is about a protest vote and about the EU and that we will return to them for the Westminster Parliament elections and that the wind of change will be seen as but a small perturbation on the body politic in a year’s time.
    I think not.
    Next year I will vote UKIP again and will not be taken in by the serial liars that currently are contemptuous of their electorate.
    Vote UKIP and vote UKIP often.

    1. Green Sand

      “Vote UKIP and vote UKIP often”

      Did last time, have done so today, expect to do so again.



  5. oeman50

    Are these European equivalents of the US Tea Party? If so, watch for the attacks to increase.

    1. DirkH

      Only insofar as their are non-aligned. AfD is basically a rebirth of the classic liberal FDP which is all but dead, having betrayed their voters – FDP removed all Euro-skeptics and, I think with them also all Climate skeptics from their election lists before theGerman federal election in Sept 2013; becoming a fully conformist bloc party.

      AfD has all the FDP’s voters plus some others. And has the positions you would expect from classic liberals / Austrian economists. BUT; as opposed to the conformist burnt out remnants of the once classic liberal FDP, AfD is violently and physically attacked by leftist extremists.

      Which is a giant step to the totalitarian far left by the conformist party bloc INCLUDING Mutti’s CDU.

  6. Loodt Pretorius

    oeman50, the attacks on UKIP cannot get worse. And it is amazing to see how the so-called liberal and left leaning press – Guardian – and the so-called conservative and right leaning press – Telegraph – have coordinated their attacks on UKIP.

    We will have to wait till Sunday to see whether the public swallowed the Big Lie about UKIP, and whether the MSM has the influence they think they have.

    And here in the UK you can vote provided you are British or from a Commonwealth country. That means all rebel colonists, like you Pierre, are excluded!

  7. DirkH

    I see that violence against UKIP by Labor supporters has started.

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