Spooky Pause…Solar Activity Now Has Leading German (Warmist) Science Journalist Asking About “Threat Of A Little Ice Age”

Science journalist Michael Odenwald at the German news weekly FOCUS used to be quite the warmist, and maybe he still is. But his latest article here tells us that he may be opening up to other climate change explanations: natural factors such as solar activity.

Solar Activity NASA

Solar activity has quieted over the last years. Photo image: NASA

Odenwald’s article focusses on the sun’s recent solar activity, noting that the current cycle has only been about as half as active as normal and that the “sun in the second half of the 20th century was unusually active over several cycles.” He then notes how the earth’s climate has suspiciously stopped warming since the sun went quiet.

“Our planet could cool down”

Before citing the works of geophysicist Ilya Usoskin of the Finnish University Oulu, Odenwald writes:

The current low activity of the cosmic oven has possible dramatic consequences for our planet: Our planet could cool down. Perhaps the quiet sun is hidden behind another phenomenon over which scientists have long been wondering about: At around the year 2000 global warming came to a halt.”

Odenwald also informs readers that the high level of solar activity from 1950 bis 2009 indeed had been an outlier and that it is clear that “the global temperature, which has increased for more than 100 years, rose most strongly from 1975 to 2000. According to the IPCC the 30-year period from 1983 to 2012 in the northern hemisphere was the warmest in 1400 years. Roughly calculated it coincides with the most recent Grand Maximum.”

Warnings of a little ice age

Odenwald also writes that some climatologists believe “the real driver of climate change is our sun. Some are even warning of a new little ice age.”


16 responses to “Spooky Pause…Solar Activity Now Has Leading German (Warmist) Science Journalist Asking About “Threat Of A Little Ice Age””

  1. Kevin R. Lohse

    Odenwald is a journo. FUD pays the bills. No need to think he believes in what he writes.

    1. AJ Virgo

      The cynnical view too often turns out to be wrong. Odenwalds idea has the ring of truth about it.

  2. stan stendera

    I said on this blog well over a year ago that global warming was starting to die. I was right. If you can Pierre find my comment and repost it.

  3. moreCarbonOK[&theWeatherisalwaysGood]HenryP

    note my last graph on minimum temperatures:

  4. Stephen Richards

    Kevin R. Lohse 14. September 2014 at 18:04

    Odenwald is a journo. FUD pays the bills –

    As it does for all AGW scientists, journos, TV media, NGO climate scammers, etc.

  5. Enviro-Equipment, Inc.

    Unfortunately for Odenwald, almost to a man (or woman), climatologists are stating that the recent pause in global warming has been a brief lull and the warming of our Earthl. will soon continue.

    Climatologists 1 – German Journalists 0

    1. John

      “Unfortunately for Odenwald, almost to a man (or woman), climatologists are stating that the recent pause in global warming has been a brief lull and the warming of our Earthl. will soon continue.”
      Of course. We’re in an interglacial period. The planet is always warming (taking the long view) during these phases. That’s not the same as saying all climatologists believe that man’s activities have a significant bearing on the planet’s warming.

    2. AJ Virgo

      Wishfull thinking.
      Shouldn’t you wait until The Pause ends before you go shooting yourself in the foot?
      %30 of mans contribution to atmospheric CO2 was emitted SINCE 1997 which is when The Pause began !

    3. DirkH

      Enviro-Equipment, Inc. 15. September 2014 at 21:03 | Permalink | Reply “Climatologists 1 – German Journalists 0”

      So in the words of the company Enviro-Equipment, climatologists cannot err.
      Enviro-equipment, I find your reasoning faulty; therefore I will refrain from doing business with you. XXXXOOOO

  6. Snowleopard

    Climatologists mostly must go along with the guild groupthink if they wish to remain employed. Journalistic freedom is seldom much greater. However deplorable, it is easy to undersand.

    The downside is that adjusting one’s data, comments and research to support the paradigm results in detachment from reality, and the sand they throw in the public’s face blinds them as well. If the so-called pause turns out to be a peak plateau and temperature declines for the remainder of this century, these folks will be the last to recognize it.

    1. Brian H

      I bet they will, nevertheless, dress more warmly.

  7. Herve D

    For sure, even if in 2050 a 50 meter ice sheet covers the entire Europe down to Gibraltar, alarmists will still calim “this is global warming, we already told you..”.
    Nothing is more fossilized that the brain of an alarmist.

  8. gofigure560

    This reporters’s “discovery” isn’t exactly new. Svensmark (Danish scientist) is the actual owner of this discovery and announced it and the implications quite a few years ago.

  9. Steve Martin

    Hotter…colder…it doesn’t matter. The control freaks in science and govt. will use ANY data to control you and take your money and freedoms away.

  10. Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #150 | Watts Up With That?
  11. Michael Elliott

    Why is it that the known fact shown by the ice cores is that first the temperature changes, then the CO2 content changes. Its cause and effect, and not effect and cause.

    So we know that there is a approx. 800 year lag from a slow and small increase in the worlds temperature, then we see the CO2 content of the atmosphere rise. Its obvious that its mainly the Oceans “Outgassing. Cold conditions the Oceans absorb CO2, warmer conditions the Oceans release the CO2. The tiny bit that humens add is so small tht its not even noticable in the greater scheme of things.

    So why do we have all of the complicated so called explanations when the answer has been known for so long. Are the Politicians going along with this nonsense to “Control us”, or are they as thick as the proverable wooden plank.

    Its the Sun stupid, so lets spend the money on more worthwile things, such as getting ready for a far cooler world, research into food crops for example, if we cannot feed the worlds population because the existing crops need warmer conditions, then War will soon sort things out. M.J.Elliott

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