Germany’s Environment Minister Calls On Citizens To Turn Off Lights During Sex – To Protect Climate!

What follows is no joke, and tells us how far the German government is prepared to go in order to get its citizens to be nice to the climate.

Germany’s Ministry of Environment headed by socialist Barbara Hendricks has produced a series of video clips aimed at getting citizens to save energy, and thus do the climate good at the same time.

One clip shows a teenage girl coming home late one evening, quietly tip-toeing past the open door of a lit up living room, only to awkwardly catch her parents in the act. Embarrassed, the daughter turns off the lights.

A voice comes on:

The world says thanks. 5% less energy consumption in German households makes one coal power plant redundant. Together it’s climate protection.”

Some readers may ask if it’s customary for Germans to do it fully dressed. According to the video, it seems so. Perhaps the German Ministry of Environment has also decreed sex only in unheated rooms.

German ARD public television reports that the Ministry spent a total of 1.5 million taxpayer euros on producing the 30-second videos.

It really is amazing that bureaucrats are now telling citizens under what conditions to have sex: fully dressed, in a cold room with the lights on.

Another video shows an overweight man filling up his SUV with a jet ski in tow:

The message here, other than men being stupid fat pigs, is:

The climate says thanks. The climate is happy about every single bicycle ride.”

Another video shows a woman closing the window so she does not have to hear the sounds of her power-tool operating husband being eaten by zombies.

After she closes the window, a voice says:

The world says thank you. Stop leaving the windows open in the winter time. Airing out the house all at once for a short time is better for the climate.”

So not only does the room have to be dark and unheated, but the windows also must be closed when having sex (with all your clothes on) in Germany.

This is the nanny state at work. But here the nanny in charge obviously has really gone completely idiotic. Surely Chancellor Angela Merkel is relieved that these videos are not productions made by her CDU party.


25 responses to “Germany’s Environment Minister Calls On Citizens To Turn Off Lights During Sex – To Protect Climate!”

  1. DirkH

    “Some readers may ask if it’s customary for Germans to do it fully dressed. According to the video, it seems so.”

    I might add, in cases where we do it fully dressed, we have special clothes for that. Though, PETA and the Greens might not endorse the materials.

  2. lemiere jacques

    commit suicide you will save energy….

    stop working you will save energy…

    be poor!! you will save energy, along with death, pauperty is the only way to save energy….

    what people don’t want to undesrtand is the fact that as long your incomes don’t change, the energy you save doing something will be spend doing something else…

    if you close your window to save energy , you will save money….
    what are you going to do with this money? …a trip?

    be dead or will save climate.

    1. Ulrich Elkmann

      The Dear Darling has given an interview, showing off her intellectual acumen, her enviable dexterity with her native language, and the surprising breadth of her mental horizons. If you want to know what kind of persons the Germans have entrusted their future to, it’s a most helpful document:–es-geht-nicht-mehr-um-schulden-sondern-um-die-anderung-unserer-wirtschaftsweise

    2. ElaineC

      Poor, preferrably dead is what the Global Elites are perpetuating. Depopulation is the main goal…that is except for the Elites, they are the only ones who have a right to life. A very wealthy very powerful, controlling others lives, life.

  3. Moose

    This is a clear sign that the alarmists are losing it.. Its getting more and more ridiculous each passing day. Things are falling apart very quickly..

  4. Segue C

    Surely the Agenda 21 instigators of this global insanity must be trying to out do each other in just how much harm they can do or at least how ridiculous they can induce people to be…

    The world turned upside down in Quebec has @ACS_Qc attacking Friends Of Science and their anti-alarmist billboard campaign with hashtag riposteScientifique so a few well placed graphs would be a welcome (to any intelligent life out there) addition in an effort to counter that gaggle of SuzukiFoundation/Agenda21 alarmists.

    An example of their handiwork below:
    «Friends of science», ennemis de l’intelligence @LP_LaPresse #riposteScientifique #friendsofscience @jfcliche

  5. Bjorn Ramstad

    Cheap and abundant energy is a must for prosperity.
    Indeed that’s the reason the “West” is – or was – ahead of the rest.
    “If I wanted America to fail, – I’d make it scarce and costy”.
    It’s a wonder this is not understood.

  6. JB

    Think of all the carbon dioxide produced during sex. Oh Sorry, sex will be banned next!

  7. DirkH

    I now watched the zombie video. I sorta like it because the pan flute playing wife looks a lot like the upper crust Green electorate.

    1. DirkH

      And the zombie attack is crap; they didn’t even use red beet or anything to make a realistic splatter movie look. How cheap is that. (German state media TV production level. Any amateur would do better.)

  8. Streetcred

    “The climate says thanks.”

    Confirms the pagan religious beliefs of these charlatans

    1. lemiere jacques

      are you a changing talkative climate denier?

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  10. Walter H. Schneider

    “Nothing is more practical than theory” is an aphorism employed by many thinkers and scientists, but that appears to be at the logical end of the range of thinking that goes from the practical to the absurd.

    It follows that at the other end of the range of thoughts relating to such things is this: “Nothing is more absurd than the reality of German environmental politics.”

  11. DennyOR

    Correct the typo.

  12. crosspatch

    I am greatly surprised that the Germans have devolved to the point where a moron of this caliber is given a ministry position. It is, indeed, a sad day for the German folk.

    1. DirkH

      Whole bunch of our top politicians are American think tank flunkies now.
      (Guttenberg, von der Leyen, de Maiziere (all CDU), Cem Özdemür (Greens))
      (Atlantikbrücke Young Leaders program)

      They act accordingly. Waffling back and forth, promising whatever is needed.

      This is influence-taking by the archfriend USA. ALL UNELECTABLE; not serving interests of the country (violating their oath).

      1. DirkH

        Wulff (CDU) (ex president) is another one. He was kicked from the president job under pretense of corruption that didn’t lead to charges – obviously a staged media campaign – because he told collected elite in Konstanz conference that the Euro was about to die – so they kicked him. But American think tank flunkies never go away, he has been reassigned to the head of some EU-Arabia committee.

      2. crosspatch

        True, but the Germans always impressed me, when I lived there, as having a strong foundation in logic. They impressed me as taking leadership positions seriously. This is kabuki theater.

        1. DirkH

          We still have. But we have been ruled by crooks before.

        2. DirkH

          Oh and don’t overestimate the influence of the crooks in the spotlight. They cannot freely wreck the country, as has been visible in Gabriel’s waffling about whether or not to switch of coal power plants. There’s powerful industry that holds the electrodes to his nuts.

  13. Tim

    Save 100 Euros on energy a year, and you will spend 100 Euros a year on another energy consuming product/service with about the same energy consumption. The net is nothing. This is “junk-science” gone amuck for political gain. Germans used to be smarter than this. What happened?

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