Climate Alarmists Alarmed Public No Longer Panicked About The Climate, Demand More Doomsday Headlines!

Climate science critics Dr. Sebastian Lüning and professor Fritz Vahrenholt here present today some findings that climate alarmists are not very amused over: Climate alarmism has waned and is no longer making any headlines.

The two co-authors of “The Neglected Sun” write at their site:


“People aren’t dumb. Climate alarmism just isn’t working. The public is fed up with the constant unending apocalypse, for which there are still no reliable indications. Gradually the alarm has been disappearing from the headlines.

Here the UN is getting very worried because with the help of climate panic they wish to justify huge finance transfers from the rich to the poor. The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) has expressed these concerns in a press release. It is indeed absurd that the climate change is being hyped as the ‘greatest problem for humanity’ at a time when the world is currently suffering from rampant terrorism and migration crises. What on earth is going through the heads of the climate romanticists? Do they not want to or are they just unable to see the reality? Is it all about money? Or power? Read the following from the IFAD press release April 6, 2016, which will leave you amazed:

‘Despite being “the biggest threat facing humanity” climate change and its impacts fail to make headlines, says IFAD study

Even as 60 million people around the world face severe hunger because of El Niño and millions more because of climate change, top European and American media outlets are neglecting to cover the issues as a top news item, says a new research report funded by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) today.

“It’s incredible that in a year when we have had record temperatures, 32 major droughts, and historic crop losses that media are not positioning climate change on their front pages,” said IFAD President, Kanayo F. Nwanze. “Climate change is the biggest threat facing our world today and how the media shape the narrative remains vitally important in pre-empting future crises.”

The report, “The Untold Story: Climate change sinks below the headlines” provides an analysis of the depth of media reporting around climate change in two distinct periods: two months before the 21st session of the UNFCCC Conference of the Parties (COP21) in Paris, and two months after. Specifically, it explores whether issues connecting climate change, food security, agriculture and migration made headlines, and if so, how much prominence these stories were given.

Among some of its key findings:

Climate change stories were either completely absent or their numbers decreased in major media outlets in Europe and the United States before and after COP21.

• Coverage on the consequences of climate change, such as migration, fell by half in the months after COP21 and people directly impacted by climate change rarely had a voice in stories or were not mentioned at all.

• News consumers want climate change issues and solutions to be given more prominence in media outlets and, in particular, want more information on the connections between climate change, food insecurity, conflict and migration.

The release of the report comes just days before world leaders gather at the United Nations in New York to sign off on the Paris Agreement coming out of COP21. In December, the agreement made headlines and led news bulletins across the globe. But leading up to COP21 and in the months following it, coverage on climate change significantly fell off the radar of major media outlets across Europe and the United States. […]

Download the report:'”

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12 responses to “Climate Alarmists Alarmed Public No Longer Panicked About The Climate, Demand More Doomsday Headlines!”

  1. DirkH

    There’s only so much lies that fit into the channel at any given time – currently it has to be maintained that “the West” isn’t bankrupt, that the USA has “a recovery”, that mass Muslim invaders are fleeing from something and must be fed, clothed and hosted by the German taxpayer, that the Brussels Kommissars are really nice uncles and that Putin is Satan (for refusing to let Syria’s Gold be stolen like Libya’s and Ukraine’s)…

    Hard competition for the services of the presstitutes so the warmunist pseudoscientists feel a bit left in the cold; perfectly understandable. The poor dears.

    It’ll get much worse for them in no time…

  2. sod

    We know that the press is not on our side.

    Too many advertisements from fossil fuel and car companies.

    The real effect can be seen in the diesel car scandal evolving right now: no controls (neither by the state, nor by the press) leads to cheating which endangers the people and the businesses.

    1. DirkH

      sod 23. April 2016 at 8:09 AM | Permalink | Reply
      “We know that the press is not on our side.
      Too many advertisements from fossil fuel and car companies. ”

      German journalists (and their controlling oligarchs – Liz Mohn, Friede Springer and von Holtzbrinck who also runs “Nature” the rag) are in their majority so leftgreen it boggles the mind that these are not leftgreen agitators enough for you.

      You must desire something like Der Stürmer for your movement.

      1. DirkH

        I forgot to mention the newpaper bloc owned by the socialdemocrat SPD. The German government party SPD owns a holding called DDVG
        by which they control dozens of city newspapers.
        A kind of leftist media mafia.

      2. DirkH

        …to make matters worse, the leader of the CDU, a party who pretends to be conservative but pushes Green and leftist policies (nuke phase out, wind turbine subsidies, EV subsidies, solar subsidies, minimum wage, limitless Muslim immigration, unlimited welfare for those immigrants and any other slacker, extreme taxation of the productive), Merkel, is on the board of the tax-evading foundation of the biggest media oligarch Liz Mohn, the “Bertelsmann” foundation – which was founded with the explicit goal of evading taxes!!! At the same time the same person, Merkel, rails against tax evasion!

    2. nightspore


      You’re drinking too much kool aid. In my files I have a collection of ads from oil companies – and they all employ green themes. You can also see this if you go to their web sites. So either you’re a professional disinformation agent, or you have no moorings in the real world (or, I suppose, it could be both).

  3. Peter Wilson

    “News consumers want climate change issues and solutions to be given more prominence in media outlets and, in particular, want more information on the connections between climate change, food insecurity, conflict and migration.”

    One wonders what the evidence for this counter intuitive statement is. Surely if that’s what “news consumers” wanted, that’s what media outlets would provide.

    I think they mean “WE want…”

  4. Get Real

    It is different here in Australia. Our media is full of climate Cassandras who are so predictable that we only have to read the headline to know who wrote the article.

    1. Colorado Wellington

      American media want to do the same but sales are down so they had to find another outrageous cause and settled on the social injustice of gender-apartheid in public bathrooms.

  5. Oswald Thake

    You need a heart of stone not to laugh!

  6. M E

    In New Zealand we have anew Climate Change Minister.

    Note the discussion below where their is discussion about free speech which one contributor maintains ‘climate deniers’ be silenced.
    Another favourite line of the Radio New Zealand crew is that the sea level is rising. This in a country where the coast can suddenly rise or sink during very large earthquakes. Large earthquakes are predicted for much of New Zealand and buildings are having to be brought up to a certain standard .
    from Christchurch New Zealand.

  7. M E

    change anew to a new— their to there

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