Central Europe’s Spring To Crash Back Into Winter …Snow Expected At Elevations Down To 200 Meters!

So far this week where I live here in the North German flatlands people have woken up to surface frost three times already. And although temperatures are forecast to be pleasant today under sunny conditions, the temperature will drop rapidly come weekend.

April 25 2016

Source: http://www.wetteronline.de/

Joe Bastardi at his Daily Update here says it’s going to get “as cold as you’ll ever see it at this time of year”.

It’s going to get uncharacteristingly cold – not something we ought to expect after one hundred years of alleged accelerating global warming. In fact the 25-year trend in Germany shows spring arriving later and later – something the media will never tell us.

How icy is it supposed to get? German CHIP magazine here writes: “It sounds like a bad joke: This weekend it’s going to snow in many areas in Germany. Are we about to get hit by snow chaos in April?

The chart above shows frosty conditions across much of Great Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Scandinavia by Monday morning.

Coldest late April week in decades

A low pressure system will be bringing cold Arctic air down across Euroipe as daytime temperatures plunge below 10°C this weekend. At night temperatures will drop to around freezing and precipitation is expected to fall to elevations as low as 200 meters.

CHIP reports: “On Monday it could get even colder”.

Weather records show that the cold blast will make this year’s late April  one of the coldest in decades.


14 responses to “Central Europe’s Spring To Crash Back Into Winter …Snow Expected At Elevations Down To 200 Meters!”

  1. MJSnyder

    Pierre – you may want to correct the country “Australia” to “Austria” just above the header “Coldest late April week in decades”.

    Here in western Canada (Alberta) our spring is much milder than usual with flowering bushes and daffodils in full bloom. …Wish you were here….

    1. AndyG55

      This week in AUSTRALIA has been a very nice early Autumn week. Probably a little bit warmer than normal, but always a nice cool breeze to ease it back a bit.

      Averaging 24.5°C this month in Newy.

      We are doing it tough down here. 🙂

  2. John F. Hultquist

    Back to winter! Better you than me.
    Our several Cherry and Plum trees have just finished blooming. A Pear and a couple of (worthless**) Apple trees are now starting.
    I don’t need no stinking frost.

    **First home owner here planted apples that, I think, died back to the roots. The tree may have been grafted. Now I’ve got them growing well but with few apples. I use some of the wood on the grill, and get apples for $1 a pound from a local commercial packer.

  3. sod

    Will it be a winter like dezember 2015 or January 2016?

    1. ClimateOtter

      We had December temperatures in March. Can You explain why?

      1. DirkH

        Because of antropogenic CO2, you fact-denying conspiracy dinoir.
        These are the turbo charged weather patterns Brenda Eckwurzel warned about.
        Of the Union of Concerned Scientists, talking on TV in 2011.
        She’s a scientist and she’s on TV and that decides that, De Niro. You climate De niro.

        1. DirkH

          Some virtuaous planet-safer took the task upon himself to transcribe her eternal words for those on a thin pipe:

        2. Ric Werme

          A climate De Niro? I could use some climate dinero.

  4. DirkH

    After 9 months of frolicking in the surfs of Hawaii, and twiddling with their batteries, that solar plane continues its exciting voyage around the planet. German article:
    They must have had a terrible time in Globally-Warmed, sea-level-rise-destroyed Hawaii!

    1. Colorado Wellington

      True, that is tough but the problems with fossil fuel-powered planes are much worse.

      I was once stuck in San Francisco because there were no planes available. There was a snowstorm on the East Coast and the flights didn’t make it out West. I was told the storm was consistent with the projected impact of increased atmospheric CO2 and it was caused in part by the exhausts of those planes so they actually prevented themselves from flying. It’s good to live in Boulder where so many people understand these things and can explain them in proper scientific context.

      And I could not even go surfing.

  5. sod

    Well, new forecasts are a little more careful.

    It does not look, like we get any snow today anywhere. Actually it is rather sunny outside my window here in the south of Germany this morning.

    The snow forecast only shows snow on “mountain ranges” in the middle of germany (“Mittelgebirge”).


    DWD (Deutscher Wetterdienst) is also a little more careful:


    The “winter in April” now mostly looks like some snow on the highest mountain tops in the middle of germany and some snow mud during tuesday night.

    Joe Bastardi keeps talking about the cold though:


    so we will see…

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