Late April “Snow Shock” Surprises Germany, President Obama. Experts Advise Putting Winter Tires Back On!

You gotta wonder what President Obama will be thinking when he visits the northern city of Hanover later today. Ironically the US global warming president may be confronted with snow tomorrow morning as he gets set to pitch further steps with regards to TTIP and global warming to Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Europe Late April 2016

Temperature anomalies of more than -10°C are forecast to hit many areas of Europe in the days ahead.

A blast of polar air is now super-cooling the European continent and delivering unusual late April snows and frosty conditions even down in the lowlands, where the German city of Hanover is located.


The online SVZ daily here warns “Winterschock: In Germany the snow is back. Ice cold polar air delivers snowfall and storms.

German weekly, Stern, writes at its online newsite: “Experts even advise putting the winter tires back on” and warns of icy streets in the lowlands by Monday morning! The Stern clip calls the snow for this time of year “unusual”.

High profile meteorologist Joe Bastardi tweeted: “rest of April in Europe.. about as cold as it can get this late.”

Online Bild here bears the headline: ” Polar air frosts the spring away– and will stay!”

The DWD German national weather service reported that the temperature at the Lower Saxony Brocken summit (1140m) was -5°C just some 100 or so kilometers away from Hanover, where President Barack Obama is scheduled to arrive to open up the Hanover industrial trade show.

Al weather forecasts agree that the bitter cold will persist through much of the week. Experts warn of frost damage to blossoming plants.

To be fair, much of far eastern Europe and Russia are enjoying warmer than normal spring weather, and so we do not want to give readers the impression that the Europe cold means the globe is cooling. Such a trick, after all, is the kind of stuff the global warming alarmists routinely resort to. Remember how back around New Year’s the media and alarmists were jumping up and down, hollering that the North Pole was melting – trying to make us think it was all because of global warming? In fact that was just the reverse of what is happening in Europe right now. And never mind that snow was supposed to become “a thing of the past” even in the dead of winter.

Moreover the euro-warmunistas are now claiming that snow and cold we are seeing today has happened before at this time of year and thus is normal and we should not be surprised if it happens from time to time. But that’s just the point: our weather is no longer supposed to be “normal”. Climate change supposedly has changed all that. Yet there we have it: snow in late April, just like 100 years ago, back when that sort of thing used to happen once in a blue moon as well. Nothing (except the media reporting) has really changed that much.


33 responses to “Late April “Snow Shock” Surprises Germany, President Obama. Experts Advise Putting Winter Tires Back On!”

  1. Ric Werme

    Oh good, it sounds like Al Gore syndrome is spreading to President Obama.

    Maybe he picked it up at the Copenhagen COP or when he came home early to get here before a blizzard shut down Washington.

    Couldn’t happen to a better president!

  2. slk

    It’s snowing in Wyoming right now. Yesterday, the high was 73 degrees. This is normal—and pretty good evidence that human beings can adapt to virtually all weather and climate changes.

    1. Colorado Wellington

      And that’s where you go wrong, slk. You see, weather should not change like that. That’s extreme. You think this is normal but you are from Wyoming and that explains it. You people don’t even have legal pot up there but I heard you have guns.

      In Boulder people are more enlightened and they know that when they want to put away ski gear and start riding bikes the weather should be pleasant and stay pleasant. They don’t like your climate change. All scientists in Boulder’s governmental institutions tell us your weather is not right.

      And about your nice weather yesterday, I reckon you think it was pleasant but just wait. If you read the New York Times you’d know how wrong it was to enjoy it because soon it will stop being pleasant. I doubt you cowboys will adapt and still want go to work if it’s not nice outside.

      We’ll see how you feel about that.

      1. Moose

        The weather does not play by the rules. Its chaotic and unpredictable. Only generalizations can be made in the four seasons we have. This cold spell we are having in Europe is just part of the game. The climate takes care of itself.

        1. Colorado Wellington

          “The weather does not play by the rules.”

          That is very wrong of the weather. There is no place for such antisocial behavior in a modern regulatory state and President Obama was elected to fix it.

      2. slk

        I think I want to stay happily uninformed and believing that hot/cold/hot/cold is the norm. After all, as you pointed out we have guns. Who’s going to argue with us? 🙂

        (After the collapse of oil and coal, who’s working, cold weather or not?)

    2. Vermeer

      Wyoming is at elevations between 1000 and 2500 meters. Today it was snowing in the lowlands of Germany ,The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark etc. (Sealevel)

  3. sod

    Bojanowski has an article on Spiegel online:

    He cites an old farmer rule:

    “”Sankt Georg kommt nach alten Sitten meist auf Schimmeln angeritten”, heißt es über den 23. April, den Georgius-Tag.”

    The rule seems to predict snow (that is that white horse) as a rather common event in late april.

    The article is accompanied by a graph that shows average (shock!) last snow per region:

    I am also a little surprised that no one has complained about the map in the original article so far. It shows anomalies (a meaningless concept, as there is no thing like average temperature, according to the majority of people posting here)

    So what does the real temperature say?

    Temperature will rise to about 10°C during day time on both monday and tuesday. What sort of winter/snow event are people expecting to have under such conditions?

    1. DirkH

      “He cites an old farmer rule:

      “”Sankt Georg kommt nach alten Sitten meist auf Schimmeln angeritten”, heißt es über den 23. April, den Georgius-Tag.”

      The rule seems to predict snow (that is that white horse) as a rather common event in late april. ”

      Sod and Bojanovski are of course acting unscientifically und criminally unresponsibly by assuming that German Bauernregeln from the pre-industrial age keep their validity in the current age of rapid climate change. Climate models are the new Bauernregeln! They are validated (or are they ;-)) and scientific (the presstitutes say) and therefore infinitely superior. And they say: Endless heatwaves and drought! Don’t look out the window! Look at the climate models! Aaaaahh…

  4. Svend Ferdinandsen

    I wonder if Al Gore is visiting Europe?

  5. ole jensen

    We´ve had up to 15 cm. of snow in parts of Denmark yesterday. That´s a bit unusual, but have happened before…


  6. Layne

    Obama and most climate criminals don’t believe in the scam. They’re just so corrupt they don’t care that it has nothing to do with reality.

  7. DirkH

    My photo evidence of today’s snow, plus bonus feature, warmunist rituals documented by the camera.

  8. Bernd Felsche

    the Lower Saxony Brocken summit

    Damned Wessies!

    Tell them to put it right back into Saxony-Anhalt where it belongs. 😉

  9. Streetcred

    Damned lucky Al Gore didn’t pitch up a well, then you would have an almighty dose of ‘globull warming’ !!

  10. Buddy

    You guys are REALLY stretching for things. A 10 degree C anomaly and THAT makes for a story? REALLY?

    Warm anomaly in Greenland is 27C higher….and a large chunk of northern Russia is about 30 – 35C warmer. Now an anomaly.

    Or take a look at Russia, Canada, and the US for the first 4 months of this year:

    THAT…is an anomaly. Arctic amplification is in full bloom my friends.

    1. Analitik

      “Arctic amplification”, eh? So the Artic region will get larger?

    2. DirkH

      “Arctic amplification is in full bloom my friends.”

      You do realize that the SB law has the 4th power of absolute temperature built-in, and that therefore, it takes much less degree to heat the arctic up by a degree than it takes to heat the Sahara up by one degree?

      You DO realize that, right?

      Well actually you very likely don’t.

      1. DirkH

        “it takes much less degree to ”

        should be

        “it takes much less energy to “

    3. The Indomitable Snowman, Ph.D.

      “Warm anomaly in Greenland is 27C higher….and a large chunk of northern Russia is about 30 – 35C warmer.”


      Where are you getting numbers like “35C above normal”??

      1. sod

        “Where are you getting numbers like “35C above normal”??”

        Well January had regions at 32°F warmer than normal.

        And the map at the top shows places with 12°C warmer than normal over a month, so even 35°C is not impossible.

        Actually i just found a source for over 30°C:

        But hey, there might be some snow tonight in Germany!

        1. AndyG55


          how many thermometers are there in that dark red area over the Arctic. Unmeasured RUBBISH !!!

    4. AndyG55

      What a load of unmitigated rubbish.

      Anomalies are a maximum of about 5C and only then is a couple of small places.

    5. AndyG55

      “a large chunk of northern Russia is about 30 – 35C”

      You have mis-read the facts.. dumbo

      Part of Russia warmed from a normal -35ºC to a much warmer -30ºC.

  11. dennisambler

    I remember in the 70’s snow in April in South East England, this site has a history of UK winters, back to 1616:

    As recently as 2005/6 and 2007/8 there was snow in April in the UK, in the South and East. It seems global warming missed us out.

    1. DirkH

      Three snow showers today in Munich.

  12. sod

    Pierre was right, when he said that April in general will be pretty normal. In total, April might even be a little too warm, though the best description is “average”:

    “Der April ist insgesamt sogar etwas zu warm

    Im Münsterland wurden am Dienstagmorgen 0 Grad Celsius gemessen, im Ruhrgebiet lag die Temperatur bei 2 Grad. Insgesamt aber ist der April sogar etwas zu warm, um etwa 0,6 Grad im Vergleich zum langjährigen Durchschnitt, heißt es beim Deutschen Wetterdienst. Wenn man sich allerdings nur die gerade vergangenen kalten Tage ansehe, “sind wir fünf Grad darunter”, sagt Magdalena Bertelmann. Die Sonnenscheindauer liege laut Statistik bereits jetzt über dem Mittel. Vermutlich wird der April aber zu nass.”

  13. AndyG55

    An interesting one that people might have missed

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