Europeans Stunned As Winter Strikes In Mid July! Snow Down To Only 1500 Meters …”Extremely Rare”

UPDATE: Some Swiss mountain passes “had to be closed”

Here in the north German flatlands, my wife this morning commented that it felt like fall this morning. Indeed it was a bit nippy outside.

As already forecast here, snow hit the German higher elevations, but with snow falling to as low as 1500 early this morning, so reports meteorologist Dominik Jung in a press release at here.

Here’s an excerpt:

Camping in the snow? What a summer!

Camping im Schnee!

Snow fell this morning down to elevations of only 1500 meters. Photo:

Wiesbaden ( 14 July 2016 – have you ever thought of camping in the snow and in the middle of July? As warned already on Monday by, this forecast came true in the Alp countries of Switzerland and Austria!

The snowfall elevation really dropped over night. In some places early this morning snowflakes were falling at 1500 meters.

For mid July such a low elevation snowfall is extremely rare. Clearly snow is not real unusual in June or late August at these elevations, but in July it is truly an unusual event to witness. This summer is not only behaving like fall, but even like winter.

Not only did snow fall in Switzerland, but also in Austria. The popular Großglockner high Alps pass was in parts covered by snow this morning. And it is still snowing. Most people were certainly expecting something totally different this summer vacation. Summer 2016 is doing whatever it wants.

Just days earlier in Austria the mercury were at levels between 30 and 35°C, but now it is snowing down to elevations of 1500 meters in mid July.”


Jung writes that the cool weather has also gripped parts of Germany and is accompanied by heavy rains in the regions near Poland. The cause of the cold spell is a low situated over Poland.

Not only Switzerland and Austria were surprised by winter, but so were parts of northern Italy. Severe Weather at Facebook here also posted a photo of snow blanketing the Alps in Northern Italy yesterday, well below the tree line.



26 responses to “Europeans Stunned As Winter Strikes In Mid July! Snow Down To Only 1500 Meters …”Extremely Rare””

  1. Ric Werme

    Wind, not snow appears to be the four letter word of the day in Provence and Le Tour de France. Yesterday’s wind played havoc in the lowland. says

    Due to the weather conditions forecasted by Météo France atop the Mont Ventoux with gusts of wind likely to exceed 100km/h, Tour de France organizers have decided to modify the finale of stage 12 in order to guarantee optimal safety conditions. Therefore, the stage finish will be located at Chalet-Reynard, 6 kilometres before the initially planned finishing line. But it doesn’t mean there’ll be less racing. It might even be a more decisive stage since the head wind towards the end of the Mont Ventoux has sometimes forced the GC contenders to climb on a conservative mode. Race leader Chris Froome expects an even more intense battle uphill but also another crazy in the valley where the wind is expected to blow strongly. It’s another day for echelons to be formed way before having the giant of Provence in sight. Top favourites might not give it all though as they’ll keep the demanding time trial of the day after at the back of their mind. The arrival at Chalet-Reynard remains a HC climb with the points being doubled up, so it’ll be crucial for the King of the Mountains competition. It’s Bastille Day, France expects polka dot jersey holder Thibaut Pinot to shine at the front.

  2. sod


    What do you mean with “Incredible!”?

    I was really searching for “schnee” this morning, but it is hard to find some news on it.

    And “Dominik Jung” basically is the source behind close to every news report on this subject.

    10 cm snows at 2500 meter and a little white, which immediately vanishes again at below 2000 does not seem to make headline news.

    The ORF report does not sound “stunned” at all:

  3. Der Juli-Sommer 2016 in Deutschland fällt aus: Siebenschläfer-Update – wobleibtdieglobaleerwaermung

    […] Europeans Stunned As Winter Strikes In Mid July! Snow Down To Only To Only 1500 Meters….&#8220… […]

  4. Roger B
  5. sod

    What has happened is not “stunning” or “Incredible!” or “UPDATE” worthy breaking news. It is pretty normal [Sorry, but it is not – PG]:

    “Julischnee auf den Alpengipfeln, ein normales Ereignis” [Sod, here they’re talking about the peaks (over 3000 meters) and not 1500 meters, where it is rare in July, as Jung said.]

    In den Alpen fällt im Juli regelmässig einmal Schnee. Dies zeigt auch die langjährige Witterungsklimatologie des Bundesamtes für Klimatologie und Meteorologie. [Again, at the higher elevations]

    Mittlere und tiefere Lagen

    Im letzten Monatsdrittel, sowie unterhalb von 2000 Metern sind mehrere Zentimeter Neuschnee aber nicht allzu oft zu erwarten. Zuletzt war dies am 19. Juli 2009 der Fall.” [Here they are admitting it is quite rare and that it cannot be expected. They cite only one other time in 2009]

    Even in the last third of the month (which we are not in!), it happens not that rarely, the last time 7 years ago. [And the time before that was probably many more years. The warmunist SRF is clearly bending over backwards trying to downplay the event].

    This is not making headlines, because it is not a big thing. [I prefer to believe a meteorologist such as Jung on the character of the frequency. I’ve watched many Tour de France, And I cannot remember once seeing it snow during the race. I guess snow happens “not so rarely” only when they are not racing.]

    1. DirkH

      “This is not making headlines, because it is not a big thing.”

      By that logic, we should see daily headlines about groups of illegal immigrants hunting and beating Germans in the streets, and invading homes, killing elderly ladies.

      But we never do. Even though it’s constantly in the police reports. Which I read. Because they’re slightly better in reporting about reality than the abysmal German media. Which I only read to see what the extreme Left a.k.a the journalists have to say. And it’s pretty hilarious too. They’re in a rabid frenzy about Boris Johnson at the moment.

    2. sod

      ” I’ve watched many Tour de France, And I cannot remember once seeing it snow during the race. I guess snow happens “not so rarely” only when they are not racing.”

      Please do a google search with “tour de france” and snow or schnee.

      1. Ric Werme

        Le Tour may not have snow in the road/in the air this year either, hot weather moves back in quickly, so the Alps have a good chance of drying out by the time the riders get there.

        OTOH, I wasn’t very impressed with the weather sites I found this AM.

  6. Jan_Vermeer

    Yes that is special or incredible. Some very cold Artic airmasses on their way South. Today’s Tour de France stage to the summit of the Mont Ventoux was indeed shortened a couple of km’s. Too much wind, too cold.

    I took pictures of what the summit looks like , (Covered in snow) , summit is at ca 1900 meters. Source Tour de France , at NOS (a Dutch Broadcaster)

    Also quite cold here at the Dutch North Sea coast near Amsterdam, ca 16 – 18 C , 61- 64 F , lower in showers and clouds, even lower windchills. Empty beaches! Very cold despite the Sun, you couldn’t sit outside in the garden.

    1. Mindert Eiting

      Around this time in 1947 my mother could not sit outside in the garden because she had to deliver me during one of the three terrible heat waves we had to endure that summer. As you can see above (Youtube film propaganda), still 3% of climate scientists believe that the climate does not change.

  7. DirkH

    Here in Munich we have cloud cover and heavy rain showers for 2 days now, temperature feels like 11 deg C in the morning, on Monday we were still sweating in windless summer temperatures.
    Munich is at 520 m elevation.

  8. AndyG55
    1. nightspore

      I guess he just didn’t leave enough posts on this website …

  9. AndyG55
  10. Wealer

    You didn’t answer your own question… are you a scientist? The jet stream and the gulf stream are varying widely due to change in water temperature in the North Atlantic… creates snowy conditions at weird times in the UK and Europe…

    1. yonason

      “The jet stream and the gulf stream are varying widely due to change in water temperature in the North Atlantic…” – Wealer

      The assumption that water temperature is altering the gulf stream is pseudoscience drivel.

    2. AZ1971

      Which scientists are you referring to who say that the jet streams reflect Gulf Stream sea surface temperatures? And which citations do you have proving that North Atlantic SST’s are anything out of the ordinary in the current declining AMO phase?

      Would these kinds of events be unusual during any change in North Atlantic SST’s, or just declining ones? And since the NCEP 2-meter surface temperature map currently shows the Arctic to be far above normal (where the cold to cause a snow outbreak would originate from) how would that fit into the paradigm you’re painting?

      I’ll stick with the “it’s just weather” meme until this becomes more frequent and a trend can be established.

  11. handjive

    “This is not making headlines, because it is not a big thing.”

    Neither is this:
    12 July 2016 – Intense cold claims the lives of 12 children in Puno.

    But, if they had died in a summer heatwave, it would be front-page news & the usual suspects would be squealing louder than a squadron of fossil-fuelled jets full of climate activists on a jaunt to a UN-IPCC global warming meeting.

  12. Extremely rare July snow in Germany
  13. Curious George

    Please hire a skilled warmist public relations headline composer. “Extremely rare” gets you nowhere. Go “UNPRECEDENTED!”

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