Snow Forecast For Europe Later This Week …Meteorologist: “Extremely Unusual” For Mid July!

Some predictions just couldn’t be more wrong.

In the year 2000 some scientists claimed that snow and ice in the wintertime would become a thing of the past. Now today’s press release by German meteorologist Dominik Jung at here is forecasting snow in the mid Alps this week – at the peak of summer!

What follows is an excerpt of the linked press release from

Chaos-summer enters next round: flash floods and snow in sight!

Wiesbaden ( 11 July 2016 – Yesterday was the warmest Sunday of the year. At some locations temperatures of 35°C were reached. This week there could be snowfall. The southeast regions are threatened by flash floods and heavy rains.

Im Hochgebirge droht Schneefall!

Temperatures will plummet over the coming hours – especially in the Alps region. Instead of 20°C and sunshine at 2000 meters elevation, as seen yesterday, by Thursday values around 0°C will hit along with snowfall. Above 2500 meters we expect 30 cm of fresh snow. For July this is extremely unusual. As a rule there can be some cold snaps in June with snow at these elevations. But in July this is more an unusual exception. Travelers are advised not to drive to Switzerland this week. Under 2000 m elevation heavy rains, flooding and landslides are expected.

In southern Bavaria you have to be prepared once again for flooding. Here enormous rainfall amounts may occur. In the Bavarian Alps up to 14 cm of rain may fall, and directly in the Alps it could be up to 20 cm. Hiking in the high mountains definitely is not advisable.

By Thursday morning temperatures will be in the single digit Celsius range in some areas. This has absolutely nothing to do with peak summer.

Dominik Jung
Meteorologist and chief editor at”


Luckily by the weekend temperatures will rise back up to normal levels, Jung writes.

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11 responses to “Snow Forecast For Europe Later This Week …Meteorologist: “Extremely Unusual” For Mid July!”

  1. Ric Werme

    Le Tour de France is scheduled to climb Mt Ventoux on Thursday but will be in lowlands for a couple days on either side of that climb.

    1. ole jensen

      I guess they´ll have to give the riders a shot of antifreeze then 🙂

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  3. THX1138

    As far as I’m concerned, the word “forecast” is just a rebranding of the word “Prophesy”, and neither has any value.

  4. Bob Parmelee

    It also snowed in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming over the past few days. Many cold temperature records were broken in the Western USA including Oregon.

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  6. Glenn Meldrum

    This site is horse shit!

  7. Glenn Meldrum

    The information provided by this site is fraudulent and mis-leading.

  8. sod

    So what became of the July snow again?

    Here is the single picture i found this morning. A tiny layer of “sugar” at above 2500 m:

    And new reports are already more positive:;art4,2288701

    So will we, for once, revisit what really happened after this sort of forecast was being hyped so much?

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