COP24 In Large Part An Expensive Taxpayer Funded Junket For Third World Delegates

406 Guinea Delegates Make Junket To Katowice Climate Conference

By Die kalte Sonne
(German text translated/edited by P. Gosselin)

The climate conference in Katowice is in full swing and a variety of carbon-saving initiatives are being discussed: eating less meat, less heating and less air travel. In the latter case, of course, the conference itself is taking on great proportions of absurdity.

It would have been easy to turn the conference into an internet meeting with live streaming and online commenting. But then the long wonderful “business trip”  with all its receptions, daily allowances and pre-Christmas meetings with fellow climate rescuers would have been missed. This time more than 22,000 participants have made their way to Poland, most comfortably by plane. The largest delegations to the Climate Conference came from Africa.

Guinea is sending 406 delegates this year, the Democratic Republic of Congo is there with 237 participants, and the Ivory Coast is sending 191 compatriots to Poland. The list of participants is available on the homepage of the conference as a pdf and is 1084 pages long.

The list of delegates from Guinea starts on page 239 and goes to page 273. There are 406 names on it. In the previous year in Bonn the group from Guinea was even larger, 86 participants more, with a delegation size of close to 500 people.

The Ivory Coast has also “severely restricted” participation this year. At the COP23 in Bonn, the country was present with 492 participants. Maybe Bonn was a more attractive destination than Katowice? has compiled the numbers of climate conferences in recent years in an Excel spreadsheet, which is available here.

The obvious question: what is supposed to be the task of all these delegates? And who will pay for the travel costs? Let’s start with the first question, the role of the delegates. Here we can really only speculate, since we do not know the individual daily program of the participants. A look at the affiliation of the participants gives a first idea. Among other things, there are several employees of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation from Guinea.

There are also journalists, a large number of NGO employees, representatives of the water authority, etc. It remains unclear who really provides added value here, and who is only traveling as a tourist or on a daily travel allowance. Incidentally, this does not only apply to Guinea, but to all delegates.

Is Question 2 maybe easier to answer? Who pays the travel expenses and daily allowances? On the website of the Bonn COP23 we get some information on this:

Daily subsistence allowance disbursement and travelDelegates from Parties eligible for funding are kindly requested to contact the daily subsistence allowance (DSA) office located in the temporary structure in the foyer of the main building of the World Conference Center Bonn as of Monday, 30 April 2018. Delegates attending the pre-sessional meetings of the regional groups are invited to come to the DSA office in room H-030 in the Altes Abgeordnetenhochhaus building on the United Nations Campus from Tuesday, 24 April to Friday, 27 April. Please bring your passport, electronic flight ticket confirmation and boarding pass(es). After receiving clearance from the DSA office, delegates can proceed to the bank to collect their DSA.”

So there is a group of participants who are eligible for flight, accommodation and daily allowance. All you have to do is go to a booth at the conference with your passport and plane tickets, and then there’s cash from the bank. It can be assumed that the participants of most African countries are fully financed by the UN.

In view of the good daily allowances and travel opportunity, the incentive to participate in the climate conferences is great. The COP24 has its own website for ‘Funded Delegates Accommodation’. The minimum stay in Katowice is 12 days. What is the usual UN daily allowance? According to the ICSC website, Poland receives $194 per day outside Warsaw. For a stay of 12 days, that’s $2,328 per person. In Bonn, it was $272 per day in the previous year. This may explain the slight decline in the number of interested parties this year.

Is COP24 really only about climate?

31 responses to “COP24 In Large Part An Expensive Taxpayer Funded Junket For Third World Delegates”

  1. SebastianH

    Everyone is out to scam you into making them rich. All climate related opinions that oppose your own view of how stuff works are funded by billionaires and are made by people who are just in it for the money.


    1. Newminster

      Seb, even you can’t be so dim as to believe Guinea sending 406 people to a conference in Katowice (which 99.5% of people from outside Europe would be struggling to locate on a map) is going to make any difference to the earth’s climate.

      In fact you might explain why you are criticising us for criticising them since if CO2 is the climate driver you claim it is every annual wingding like this is only making the situation worse.

      1. MGJ

        When somebody manages to be the single most prolific contributor in the comments section, spanning a period of years, and yet never – not once to my memory – agrees with anything on the blog no matter how benign, it almost makes you wonder whether he could be a troll, does it not?

        1. Robert Folkerts

          Makes you wonder if Seb could be a troll?

          Yep, sure does!!

    2. JMS Martins

      Correction: funded by the UN.
      I have no objection to anyone who can going “just for the money” of any billionaire: that is a private question between that one and the financing billionaire, its not my business.

      The problem is, they are funded by the UN. That is to say, with _my_ money, because may country pays its fees to the UN. I would gladly pay for the expenses of climatologists, physicists, meteorologists going to a meeting of highly qualified people to discuss climate; it is a very complex matter, I doubt that there are 400 qualified scientists in this area in the whole of Africa, so financing such crowds from countries such as Ivory Coast is a scandal! If you cannot see that shows that you don’t know thw value of money and how much mitigation os social problems could be done would the financing of the COPxx be applied to solve real problems instead of serving but to secure the employment of thousands of bureaucrats.

      1. Henning Nielsen

        The UN should be self-funded. They can do this by engaging in co2-harvesting and selling the gas, lots of uses for it in various businesses. And there is a lot of co2 around as well. That way, the UN would not need to be sponsored by coal-companies as they are in Katowice.

    3. Kurt in Switzerland


      I’ll help you with your paragraph:

      COP attendees and promoters are first and foremost into it for personal motives:
      Western (donor) nations’ representatives seek ego-inflation and bragging rights.
      Developing (recipient) nations’ representatives are on a junket. All the butter if they can mange to keep the ‘Climate Guilt’ drums bearing for another decade, for the lion’s share of the climate guilt money will be lost in the soup of corruption.

      Nothing sarcastic, just blatant cynicism.

      Yet you are wiillfully being duped by this transparent charade. Do you have an explanation?

  2. oebele bruinsma

    It is mostly about ” Carpe Per Diem” .

    1. K. Pool

      Good one!

    2. Henning Nielsen

      UN = Carpe Lucrum.

  3. tom0mason

    “Guinea is sending 406 delegates this year, the Democratic Republic of Congo is there with 237 participants, and the Ivory Coast is sending 191 compatriots to Poland” Plus all the other usual Governments officials, NGO freeloaders, all off for a junket that will be worthless in just a decade or so. Wasters all!

    All done just to keeping the extremely rich and powerful in the lap of luxury they wish to maintain for themselves.

    Just a waste of public money for what amounts to a big party for the politically lefty, idiot classes of the world (and their illogical puppet clients like SH). All show and no substance. As worthy as banning plastic drinking straws. All while generating vast amounts of CO2 which they hypocritically say they are against. No it’s all about money, power and politics — How to shoehorn the UN in as the world government and the World Bank as the financiers — that’s all.

  4. bonbon

    It’s about Coal

    Look at the reception hall display !

    1. Yonason

      WOW! Only a “true artist” could have created that inspired decor.

      1. Yonason
        1. ewing caldwell

          So that’s why the Greenland ice cap is losing so much mass! Zillionaires plundering it for “Ice Sculptures” to raise awareness about Greenland Ice Loss” Now we know.

          Talk about a Space Cadet

          (for those not familiar with space Cadetship: it’s about learning (a cadet’s “job”) how to waste space/time … in other words, how to be totally useless)

  5. John F. Hultquist

    I wonder if the delegates from France carried bags of money to this Party to hand out to the delegates from poor countries.
    I also wonder if those French delegates were called home to help with the real destruction going on there.
    I hope they carried that money back with them, because now their boss wants to hand some out to the non-elites of France.
    And finally, where does France get all the money it desires to give away?

  6. ES

    Sheila Gunn Reid is a reporter for The Rebel in Canada who was banned two years ago but has gone to the Conference anyway. Her reports on this year’s Conference are here:
    Watch all the reports from The Rebel’s coverage of the 2017 UN climate conference in Bonn, Germany

  7. Bitter&twisted

    I wonder how many of these “delegates” will claim asylum?

    1. JMS Martins

      Good question!

      In my professional life I was involved in the organization of a few scientific meetings of scientists of my area of research. I keep an archive of the dozens of demands of “invitations” (to get visas to como to Europe) of “specialists” from several West-African countries. People that were completely unknow to me and the other colleagues engaged in the organizations. Upon asking them to send us some curricular information, demonstration of ties with the universities where they claimed to work, I have received a lot of gross forgeries and other fake documents.

  8. Yonason

    Patrick Moore has more common sense than the lot of the warmists put together.

    1. tom0mason

      And so has Steve Goreham

      1. Yonason

        Thanks, tom0. I watched that recently. He hit lots of points, and did a great job of summarizing where warmists go wrong on themn. I also highly recommend it!

  9. Mikky

    The $100 billion annual wealth transfer to developing nations, if it ever happens, will simply accelerate their economic development, which will allow them to buy more SUVs and flights to overseas holidays, which will cause CO2 emissions to rise, not fall.

    No wonder people no longer trust experts, when so many scientists, engineers and economists are part of this global scam to extract other peoples wealth via gullible politicians.

  10. Cop 24 : le voyage tous frais payés des 406 délégués guinéens | Contrepoints

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  11. Lasse

    The train from Africa must have taken days.

    Delegates from Sweden , at least some, pride themself of taking a environmental friendly train to Poland. Electricity from windmills they hope.

    1. Kurt in Switzerland


      Of course they didn’t take a plane, they came on sail before the wind (their own).

  12. Kurt in Switzerland

    I reckon the hoteliers in Katowice appreciate the windfall:

    It’s ALL about the money.

    The purported ‘climate crisis’ is a convenient pretense to continue ‘mining’ cash from the sustainable supply of gullible W. politicians, eager to give away the fruit of taxpayers’ labor.

    There exist not a smidgen of evidence that this virtue-signaling will have so much as a detectable influence on earth’s climate in 12, 22, 32 or 82 years.

  13. Kurt in Switzerland

    Reuters quoted a UN functionary who put the total number of attendees at 32’800:

    1. Yonason

      32,800? Wow, that’s some religious pilgrimage. I wonder how much “fossil fuel” could be made from all those “dinosaurs?”

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