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Germany’s Leading Late Night Comedy Show Harshly Mocks Germany’s Energiewende!

Awhile back I wrote about a harsh German late night parody of the country’s failed transition to renewable energy. Now the video appears on Youtube and is accompanied by English subtitles. Hat-tip Enjoy (and share it!): Now you can send the video to your lawmakers so that they can think again about following Germany’s […]

Pot Growers Now Using Energy-Saving, Climate-Friendly Lighting For Indoor Growing, German Daily Reports

Pot Growers Now Using Energy-Saving, Climate-Friendly Lighting For Indoor Growing, German Daily Reports

Berlin’s leftist, climate-cultie TAZ here reports on how indoor pot growers are switching over to LED lighting to grow their clandestine cannabis. Like, we’re saving the planet too, dude! Image cropped from Cheech and Chong film: Up in Smoke, Paramount Pictures. The TAZ article features a photo of a US grower with the caption: Indoor growing in Denver: […]

More Germans Getting Their Power Cut Off Because They Can’t Afford Paying Sky-High Green Electric Bills

Just a few days ago, the IPCC WG III report claimed that CO2 emissions could be curbed with little pain involved. Well, go tell it to the more than 300,000 Germans who have had their power shut off in a single year because they no longer can afford skyrocketing electric bills. And these people live in […]

German AfD Protest Party Calls For Complete Abolishment Of Green Energy Feed-In Act, Citing “Cost Burden”

Britain has the UKIP party; Germany has got the Alternativ für Deutschland (AfD) party, translated: Alternative for Germany. Both are equally hated by the establishment. The media do all they can to portray them as dangerous, right-wing, beer-hall populists. In a nutshell: they are a threat to the cozy establishment. Last September the AfD party barely […]

“100 Billion Euros For Nothing! Germany’s CO2 Emissions Haven’t Dropped In 10 Years!”

That’s the title Die Achse Des Guten here bears at its website. Few countries have spent as much as Germany on measures to reduce CO2 emissions. Today German website Die Achse Des Guten here links to a blurb appearing in German “intellectual” weekly Die Zeit here which unwittingly tells readers what Germany has gained for its 100-billion-euro […]

Zurich’s Leading Daily Calls EU’s Emission Trading Scheme “A European Debacle…2.2 Billion Surplus Certificates”!

Zurich’s Leading Daily Calls EU’s Emission Trading Scheme “A European Debacle…2.2 Billion Surplus Certificates”!

The latest Sunday print edition of Switzerland’s flagship Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) has a story blasting Europe’s failure in curbing CO2 emissions through the implementation of its CO2 emissions trading scheme (ETS). See right image. Hat-tip Hajo Smit The NZZ story bears the title: Why the dreck doesn’t cost anything. With its emissions trading, the EU wanted […]

Max Planck Institute Economist: Germany’s Energiewende “Bordering On Suicide”…”Unimaginably Expensive Folly”

Richard Tol tweeted here a link to an article appearing at the Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten (German Business News) about the country’s much ballyhooed Energiewende, in English: transition to renewable energies. The title: Max Planck economist: ‘Transition To Renewable Energy Borders On Suicide’ Leading economic experts are firing harsh criticism at the energy policy of federal […]

Stunning Absurdity From Germany’s Energy Feed-In Act…Wind-Park Operators Earn Most When Turbines Are Idle!

Rudolf Kipp at the skeptical website Science Skeptical here writes about one of the incredible (but very real) absurdities of Germany’s “EEG” renewable energy feed-in act, which forces power companies to buy all green power that gets produced, whether needed or not, and even power that doesn’t get produced. ===================================== When the wind turbine is idle… By Rudolf […]

Analysis Shows Solar Modules Cause More Greenhouse Gas Emissions Than Modern Coal Power Plants!

It turns out that because of the emissions of extraordinarily potent greenhouse gases NF3 and SF6 and energy during the manufacture of solar modules, solar energy ends up being worse for the climate than burning coal (assuming the global warming hypothesis is valid). A Swiss engineer has made a thorough analysis of the greenhouse gas emissions […]

German Renewable Energy Act “Is An Obselete Model” That Is “Headed For Failure” Says Energy Expert

Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt, co-author of best-selling climate science skeptic book Die kalte Sonne (German) and The Neglected Sun (English) writes an opinion piece at the site of the German Employers Association here. His conclusion: Germany’s energy-feed-in act is a failure. What follows are some excerpts: On the costs, Vahrenholt writes: …wind, solar and bioenergy sources […]

German Professor Fritz Vahrenholt Calls Claimed Green Jobs Wonder A “Labeling Fraud”!

I’m short on time today, so this post will be a bit brief. Germany’s Energiewende and renewable feed-in act are often touted as huge, jobs-creating success stories. But as the prices for electricity skyrocket into the stratosphere and renewable energy companies bite the dust all over Europe, it’s turning out that the green jobs wonder […]

Germany’s Vice Chancellor Starts To Get It…Gravely Warns Germany, Europe “Threatened By High Energy Costs”

Germany’s Vice Chancellor Starts To Get It…Gravely Warns Germany, Europe “Threatened By High Energy Costs”

A miracle may be taking place in Germany! A wave of sanity actually seems to rolling across the land! Yesterday I wrote how ZDF German television had produced a blistering parody of the country’s renewable energy project – dubbed the Energiewende. Well it seems that message may be even getting through to the country’s top […]

Gabriel Sees The Light!

) Explanation soon follows in my next post. First let’s rejoice!

German Mainstream Media Mocks, Fires Stinging Parody At Country’s Collapsing Renewable Energies Project

This is a first and quite possibly a watershed event when it comes to media sentiment towards green energies. It appears it’s no longer taboo in Germany to mock green energy. In the past German public television and mainstream media always kept the wagons circled around the anthropogenic global warming theory and the Energiewende (transition […]

EU Court Ruling Could Mean Yet Another Hefty Price Increase For Already Overburdened German Power Consumers!

The rich are mugging the poor – now in foreign countries, too. According to online Spiegel here, a general counsel to the European High Court has ruled that consumers in one country also have to pay green energy feed-in subsidies to producers in foreign countries as well. That means that heavily industrialized Germany may soon […]