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German Black Forest Wind Turbines Yielded Only 11.8% Of Rated Capacity In 2014! … “Frightening Results”

The European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) has a report here analyzing the 2014 wind energy output of the German state of Baden Wurttemberg (BW), home of the world famous Black Forest, which in turn is home to the cuckoo clock. Well, it turns out that not only the clocks in BW have gone […]

German Critic On Energiewende: “Megalomania Rather Than Mega-Project”. Now “At A Dead End”

What follows is a comment written at FaceBook by alternative energy critic Wolfgang Neumann on the plight of Germany’s “Energiewende” (national transition to renewable energy) and a documentary on German television: Energiewende at a dead end. What follows is the translation (with slight editing): ======================================== Energiewende – at a dead end By Wolfgang Neumann The world […]

75% Of International Experts View Germany’s Energiewende As A Threat To European Power Supply Stability!

For some renewable energy proponents, it simply doesn’t matter what hard facts showing wind and solar make little sense get put on the table, they’ll religiously insist that it’s the best thing ever in energy technology. Germany for example has invested massively in wind and solar energy in an attempt to replace its coal and […]

BP 2035 Outlook Foresees Only 8% Renewable Energy By 2035! No End In Sight For Fossil Fuel Growth!

BP 2035 Outlook Foresees Only 8% Renewable Energy By 2035! No End In Sight For Fossil Fuel Growth!

One of the biggest miscalculations that the global warming alarmists have made is claiming that global CO2 emissions must reach their peak by 2020 and then begin falling rapidly. If they don’t, there will be no chance of reaching the 2°C maximum warming target. Planetary catastrophe will ensue, the alarmists claim. British energy behemoth BP […]

Habitual Offender...Germany's Wind And Solar Power Go AWOL Third Time In Less Than 30 Days!

Habitual Offender…Germany’s Wind And Solar Power Go AWOL Third Time In Less Than 30 Days!

Wintertime is when people especially need reliable power for their homes, living and workplaces – especially in a northern country like Germany. Unfortunately wind and solar power just aren’t able to come through and deliver when the chips are down. The above chart shows German power supply by the various sources available and demand over […]

Analysis Shows Wind And Solar Power In Europe Is On Average 16 Times More Expensive Than Gas-Fired Power!

Charting the costs and effectiveness of renewable energy in Europe A comparison of both the capital cost and energy production effectiveness of renewable energy in Europe. By Ed Hoskins (Some editing by P Gosselin) The diagrams below show the cost and capacity factors of the major European renewable energy power sources: onshore and offshore wind farms […]

Germany 2014 Report Card Is In! Its 25,000 Wind Turbines Get An “F-“…Averaged Only 14.8% Of Rated Capacity!

Resistance to wind power in Germany is snowballing. And it needs to be noted that this resistance is grass roots and sustained almost entirely by volunteers and privately donated time and effort. In the latest wind energy critical site here has a report summarizing the performance of Germany’s wind turbines in 2014. Again the […]

THE CHART Wind Energy Proponents Fear You'll See...Offshore Wind Turbines Stay In Bed 4 Of Every 5 Workdays!

THE CHART Wind Energy Proponents Fear You’ll See…Offshore Wind Turbines Stay In Bed 4 Of Every 5 Workdays!

Yesterday I published a piece by Fred F. Mueller on Germany’s out-of-control renewable energy transition and how it is in fact transitioning over to a disaster. What follows below is a graphic that proponents of the offshore wind energy industry don’t want anyone to see. It tells the whole story about how (in)efficient and (un)reliable German […]

Germany's "Energiewende" Leading To Suicide By Cannibalism. Huge Oversupply Risks Destabilization

Germany’s “Energiewende” Leading To Suicide By Cannibalism. Huge Oversupply Risks Destabilization

The coming age of power cannibalism…Germany on the verge of committing energy suicide By Fred F. Mueller German politicians see themselves as the saviors of our climate. In the early 1990s German politicians started the policies that ultimately culminated in the “Energiewende”, which aims to eliminate nuclear power generation and some 76% of the fossil […]

Former German Minister Of Economics Calls Energiewende "A Disaster"..."Careened Completely Out Of Control"

Former German Minister Of Economics Calls Energiewende “A Disaster”…”Careened Completely Out Of Control”

Former German Economics Minister Wolfgang Clement of the socialist SPD party says Germany’s once highly ballyhooed “Energiewende” (transition to green energy) “has careened completely out of control” and has hurt the country economically. Germany’s former Economics Minister under Chancellor Gerhard Schroder calls the country’s “Energiewende” a disaster. Photo: The online Handelsblatt here reports that […]

German Citizens Have Had Enough…”Conflict Over Wind Turbines Escalating” …Against “Horror Landscapes”!

In Germany protests over a broad range of issues have been heightening. In Dresden citizens have been turning out by the thousands in “Monday demonstrations” to protest the perceived threat of the Islamification of Europe and the so-called “liar media”, which they no longer trust. Since the Paris attacks by radical Islamic terrorists, the protesters […]

Germany's Environment Minister Declares Energiewende "Mission Accomplished" In Stunning CNN Propaganda Op-Ed

Germany’s Environment Minister Declares Energiewende “Mission Accomplished” In Stunning CNN Propaganda Op-Ed

CNN recently published an online op-ed by Germany’s Federal Minister of Environment, Barbara Hendricks, titled: How Germany banishes climate myths, where she brazenly declares Germany’s Energiewende (transition to renewable energies) a success story. Nothing could be further from the truth. In reality her op-ed piece ranks right up there close to George W. Bush’s famous “Mission […]

"Energiewende" Takes A Massive Blow...Top Green Energy Proponent Concedes: "Blunder With Ugly Consequences"!

“Energiewende” Takes A Massive Blow…Top Green Energy Proponent Concedes: “Blunder With Ugly Consequences”!

German national weekly DIE ZEIT writes in its latest hard copy edition that one of Europe’s leading green energy thinkers now concedes Germany’s much ballyhooed Energiewende (transition to renewable energies) has been a “filthy blunder”. Page 4 of December 4, 2014, edition of DIE ZEIT. “Filthy Blunder” When the green movement itself makes such an admission, […]

Germany’s Electricity Price More Than Doubles…Electrocuting Consumers And Markets!

Michael Krüger of the German climate blog Science Skeptical here has an analysis of Germany’s electrical power cost development since its renewable energy feed-in act was enacted in 2000. Germany’s Feed-in Act, the so-called EEG Gesetz, requires power companies to buy at exorbitant rates all renewable energies produced. Result: sky-rocketing prices. I’ve shortened the text […]

German Renewable Energy Keeps Blacking Out! Supply Often Less Than 2% Of Wintertime Demand

German Renewable Energy Keeps Blacking Out! Supply Often Less Than 2% Of Wintertime Demand

My last post featured a commentary by renewable energy expert Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt, who forcefully conveyed the folly of Germany’s mad rush into renewable energy, and the country’s hysterical obsession with its suicidal fast-track shutdown of its stable base-electric-power generation. What follows are German electrical power supply charts that clearly illustrate in no uncertain terms […]