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Germany’s Green Crime Wave…Components Being Stripped Off Solar Parks By Mafia!

German NTV public radio reports that solar systems are being hampered by yet another problem: Mafia plundering German solar systems. It’s turning out to be a huge problem, and NTV writes that the solar industry is keeping very quiet about it in order avoid negative publicity. NTV describes how thieves equipped with just a few […]

Germans Resoundingly Saying "No!" To Clearing Forests To Make Way For Wind Parks

Germans Resoundingly Saying “No!” To Clearing Forests To Make Way For Wind Parks

A survey conducted by the German Emnid polling institute found that 79% of Germans reject the installation of wind turbines in forests. That’s the result of a survey commissioned by the Deutschen Wildtier Stiftung (German Wildlife Foundation). Not only are there plans to disfigure and destroy forest regions in Germany, it is already a sad […]

Minister Slams German Government’s Green Energy Reform Plan: “Nonsense…Little To Do With Reality”!

As more wildly fluctuating solar and wind energy is fed into the German power grid, the question of how to prevent blackouts has been elevated to urgent. Germany’s weekly Die Zeit recently published an interview with Franz Untersteller, Environment Minister of the state of Baden Wurttemberg. He claims “electrical power supply will be tight“. The […]

“Alarming Results” From Fraunhofer Institute Study On Grid Overloading From Wind, Solar Power…Crippled Cities

As Germany piles on more sporadic energy from wind and solar into its power grid, stability concerns are growing. Increasingly volatile energies like wind and sun are turning out to be more of an expensive nuisance rather than a benefit. Researchers at the Germany-based Fraunhofer-Instituts für Optronik, Systemtechnik und Bildauswertung, Institutsteil Angewandte Systemtechnik (IOSB-AST) have […]

Professor Blasts German Renewable Energy Policy! "Based On Naivety, Ignorance, Ideology, Illusions, False Incentives"!

Professor Blasts German Renewable Energy Policy! “Based On Naivety, Ignorance, Ideology, Illusions, False Incentives”!

Germany’s online business news magazine WirtschaftsWoche (business week) here has an interview with Professor Gonde Dittmer (right), who claims Germany’s transition to renewable energies so far has been a grand failure. The title of the WirtschftsWoche piece: “Doubts over the government’s climate policy. The true aim of the Energiewende is not environmental protection.” An illusion…not a single […]

Calamitous Planning: German Wind Parks Overload Power Grid ..."At Its Limits" ...Record 50,000 Grid Interventions In May!

Calamitous Planning: German Wind Parks Overload Power Grid …”At Its Limits” …Record 50,000 Grid Interventions In May!

Online German NDR public radio here wrote last week how northern Germany’s power grid had suffered a major bottleneck that led to the overload of the Flensburg-Niebüll power transmission line in Schleswig Holstein last week. North German transformer stations constantly overloaded by wind power. Photo image cropped here (not a German station, for illustration only). The overload […]

Bill Gates Dismisses Solar And Wind Energy, “Can’t Do The Job” …Cost “Beyond Astronomical”!

Another prominent thumbs down against wind the current renewable energy craze, this one from Bill Gates. The UK online Register here reports that the technology guru is not impressed by fad renewable energies wind and sun: “Renewable energy can’t do the job. Gov should switch green subsidies into R&D“. Moreover Gates thinks they “aren’t a […]

Energy Expert Issues Warning On “Carbon-Free Society”: “Destruction On An Astronomical Scale”…”Cost Avalanche”

This too will be a sticky post for at least a day or more. Germany’s leading renewable energy expert and climate science critic Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt warns of an irrational and panicked rush into renewable energies. In a penned opinion piece in Germany’s Manager Magazin titled: “Why a Phase Out of Coal Would Be Damaging“, the […]

Germany's Anti-Wind Energy Elements Morph Into A Massive Network Of Protest Groups... Call Wind Energy "A Lie"

Germany’s Anti-Wind Energy Elements Morph Into A Massive Network Of Protest Groups… Call Wind Energy “A Lie”

The last two posts were getting a lot of traffic, and so yesterday I decided to take the day off and let them run. Today I’m back with the next post, which is also about the wind energy folly. Resistance to the junk green energy is growing in Germany. Last month a print edition of Germany’s […]

Shocking Before-And-After Photos: How Wind Parks Are Devastating Idyllic German Countryside!

Shocking Before-And-After Photos: How Wind Parks Are Devastating Idyllic German Countryside!

Note: Most, if not all, of the “before” photos were produced by airbrushing away the wind turbines from the real “after” photos, as some readers have pointed out. This is the most effective way of accurately showing the real extent the turbines have blighted the landscape. ================================================= Wind energy is supposed to rescue the planet from an […]

Major North Sea Offshore Wind Park Outfitter Files For Insolvency Amid “Considerable Uncertainties”!

German financial daily Handelsblatt here reports that a former shipyard which later turned to building offshore wind turbine sub-structures has filed for insolvency. According to the company’s Managing Director Thierry Putters, the filing is due to “a looming inability to pay” its creditors. The Handelsblatt writes that 188 employees will be impacted. They already had been working […]

Top Automotive Engineer Calls Tesla “A Failure”…Demand For Electric Vehicles “Has Reached An Absolute Low Point”!

UPDATED 13:52 CET As part of the 35th Vienna Motor Symposium, German online financial daily Handelsblatt here has an interview with leading automotive engine design expert Prof. Fritz Indra, who says that much of the talk about electric vehicles is “hype” and calls the Tesla “a failure”. Indra, 75, is now retired after a long career in […]

Scandal: Wind Energy Law Written Directly By German Wind Lobbyists, Enercon and GE!

Though regional, what follows is a scandal that illustrates just how energy laws and policy are formed today in many developed countries: by green activists and lobbyists who have an extreme agenda or narrow, self-serving interest. German national daily Bild here reports how in Hannover the new energy law for the state of Lower Saxony was […]

Leading Industry Expert Slams Germany's Wild Foray Into Green Energies: "Unaffordable" ... "Absolute Imbecility"!

Leading Industry Expert Slams Germany’s Wild Foray Into Green Energies: “Unaffordable” … “Absolute Imbecility”!

The Germany-based European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) held another conference on climate and renewable energy last March. One of the speakers was Prof. Dr. Dieter Ameling, an expert in heavy industry. EIKE has posted his presentation. In the presentation Ameling calls Germany’s Energiewende (transition to renewable energies) a real threat to industry, warning […]

Top Econ Professor Says Germany’s Renewables “Already Reached The Limits”…Country Risks “Gambling Away Its Prosperity”!

German online here reports on the opinion recently expressed by Prof. Hans-Werner Sinn, Director of the renowned Munich-based ifo-Institute for Economic Research, regarding Germany’s attempted move into renewable energies, primarily solar and wind power. Currently about 25% of Germany’s energy supply is “green”. At a conference of experts in Berlin Sinn is quoted by […]

Shambles…Energy Professor Declares Germany Energiewende “A Failure”, …”Population Left Disillusioned”!

The editor-in-chief of the Iserlohner Kreisanzeiger und Zeitung daily Thomas Reunert dedicated an entire page on the topic of wind energy last Sunday, bearing the headline: “The Norwegians Are Giving Us The Finger!” It is an interview with a former professor from the University of Bielefeld, Dr. Kurt Gehlert, 75, an expert in mining. It […]

German Climate Physicist: Alternative Energy, Climate Are A "Religious Creed"..."Miles Away" From Openness

German Climate Physicist: Alternative Energy, Climate Are A “Religious Creed”…”Miles Away” From Openness

Yesterday approximately 15,000 coal miners turned out to protest the German government’s energy policy. German Economics Minister Sigmar Gabriel announced earlier he intended to levy a CO2 surcharge on older coal power plants with the aim of shutting them down. Prof. Dr. Horst-Joachim Lüdecke. Photo EIKE. Before yesterday’s demonstration, German physicist and climate scientist and […]

Solar Bubble...New Solar Installations Reach Low in Germany...Wind Turbine Loses Its Screws

Solar Bubble…New Solar Installations Reach Low in Germany…Wind Turbine Loses Its Screws

The German renewable energy bubble has collapsed since the government rolled back subsidies for a variety of green energy sources such as solar and biogas in 2014. Especially for solar. German alarmist website here reports that solar energy installations have reached a new 8-year low. According to the BDI German Federal Power Agency, in […]

Beleaguered Industry: Wind Parks Coming Under Fire Due To Health Impacts From Infrasound…Danish Permitting Halts!

The debate on the effects of infrasound on the health of people and animals living near wind parks has been raging on with more intensity than ever – especially since Denmark unexpectedly halted the permitting of new wind parks due to “health concerns” from infrasound. Infrasound is defined as low frequency sound under 16 Hz – below […]

German Energy Industry Group Sounds Alarm Over Energy Policy, Warns Of Future Power Shortfalls

There was a lot of emphasis on energy technology at this year’s Hannover Industrial Trade Fair, which took place just last week. Fossil fuel plants unexpendable Days ago German flagship daily Die Welt here reported that Germany’s energy industry is not happy about the recent developments in the electricity markets. Industry representatives warn that the Energiewende […]