El Niño 2016 Now History… “La Niña Coming: The Earth Is Cooling”

La Niña is coming: the Earth is cooling! By Schneefan. (Translated and condensed by P. Gosselin) The warming El Niño weather phenomenon has been history since June 2016. The cool La Niña started in mid July 2016. The daily anomalies in sea surface temperatures (SSTA) in the main Niño region 3.4 are now updated. In mid […]

Another Doomsday Climate Prediction Gets Postponed …Effect On Gulf Stream “Smaller Than Expected”

Germany’s Geomar Research Center recently published a press release (see below) concerning the latest on the Gulf Stream. Hat-tip: DkS. Some leading scientists have claimed that melting Greenland glaciers due to “man-made global warming” will lead to a disruption of the Gulf Stream and cause the North Atlantic region’s climate to change dramatically. However, the […]

Meteorologist Bastardi: S. Hemisphere Surface Temps "Really Tanking" As Globe Cools

Meteorologist Bastardi: S. Hemisphere Surface Temps “Really Tanking” As Globe Cools

Meteorologist Joe Bastardi tweeted at Twitter the latest surface temperarture developments. I posted on this here yesterday. Joe tweeted the following chart by Dr. Ryan Maue: It shows how the surface temperature for the southern hemisphere is well into the cooler-than-normal territory, now close to a full degree Kelvin cooler than April’s peak. The black […]

Powerful Natural Oceanic Factor Confirmed ….Global Surface Temperatures Continue Their Fall!

Schneefan at his site here writes about the unusually wet weather Europe has been experiencing lately. This has to be upsetting to global climate modelers and scientists, who years ago claimed Europe would have to expect hot, dry summers involving severe periods of droughts. That prediction has turned out to be totally wrong. The very […]

Alarmist "Real Climate" Scientist Stefan Rahmstorf's "Bitter Defeat" As Theory Gets Falsified

Alarmist “Real Climate” Scientist Stefan Rahmstorf’s “Bitter Defeat” As Theory Gets Falsified

Dr. Sebastian Lüning writes at the Die kalte Sonne site that alarmist climate scientist Stefan Rahmstorf has been shown to be wrong with his idea of a weakening Atlantic Current. It turns out that natural factors are dominating. Image: NASA (public domain) ================================================ Bitter defeat for Stefan Rahmstorf: Weakening of the Atlantic Current from 2004 […]

Global Satellite Temperature Plummets As Surface Cooling Makes Way Into Lower Troposphere

German meteorological site wobleibtdieerderwaermung.de here presents the latest developments on surface temperatures. Today I’m focused on the part dealing with the rapidly declining global temperature (TLT). ===================================================== Cold June spell about to hit Europe – more heavy summer rains in 2016 will lead to more flooding. By Schneefan (Translated, edited by P Gosselin) The current […]

Low Solar Activity And Oncoming La Niña: “Only A Question Of Months Before Pause Resumes”?

Snowfan at wobleibtdieerderwärmung.de features a spotless sun and quite possibly the start of cooling now that the planet is well past the peak of the recent El Niño event. What follows are some excerpts, with some editing to shorten the text to save a little time. ============================ The sun goes on strike: First spotless day […]

Veteran Meteorologist Forecasts "Epic Cold Temperatures" Over 2025 - 2060, Slowing Sea level Rise

Veteran Meteorologist Forecasts “Epic Cold Temperatures” Over 2025 – 2060, Slowing Sea level Rise

Sea Level Prediction By David Dilley – Global Weather Oscillations As many are familiar, the warm peak of the interglacial cycle occurred about 7 thousand years ago, with progressively cooler 1,500 year warming cycles since then as the earth trends toward the next long-term glacial period. Figure 1: Temperature of the Holocene Period. Because the […]

Global Cool-Down In The Works ...Latest U.S. Scripps Institute Data Indicate Super-Charged La Niña!

Global Cool-Down In The Works …Latest U.S. Scripps Institute Data Indicate Super-Charged La Niña!

Meteorologist Joe Bastardi at Twitter posted a chart from Scripps Oceanography Institute, which does put out some excellent work despite a fair amount climate science activism from a few of its scientists. According to the Weatherbell meteorologist, Scripps has forecast a La Niña under -2.0 over five consecutive month, as the following chart shows: While […]

North Atlantic Heat Content Plunges… Meteorologist Warns Of “Serious Implications” On US Climate, Sea Ice!

Paul Dorian of the excellent weather science site Vencore Weather here brings us up to date on the latest on one of the most powerful natural cycles driving our North Atlantic climate: North Atlantic sea surface temperature (SST) cycles. Here I’ll sum up the main points. Of course do read the entire post at Vencore for all […]

“Powerfully Cold La Niña” Coming At Us Like An Express Train …Could Set A New Record!

Schneefan (snow fan) at German climate science critical site wobleibtdieerderwaemung.de here presents the latest analysis of the current ENSO, which shows a powerful La Niña in the works. Three-Year Super La Niña with Global Cooling? – April 2016 ENSO Update Based on an array of data, Schneefan tells readers to expect a La Niña already early […]

Global Sea Surface Temperatures Have Fallen Sharply …”Cooled Surprisingly” …Negative Global Temperature Anomaly By End Of 2016?

Snowfan at wobleibtdieerderwaermung.de here recently reported on solar activity and ocean cycles. Today we will focus on the ocean cycle part of his post. ==================================== The oceans (SST) have cooled surprisingly over January to February 2016. While during other El Niño events like in 2015/16 led to a time-delayed warming of the Earth’s atmosphere – […]

Huge NOAA Correction! 2016 Likely Will Not Even Be Close To Setting New Temperature Record As La Niña Kicks In

NOAA/CFSv2 strongly corrects ENSO forecast Schneefan at German climate science site wobleibtdieerderwaermung.de writes here that the NOAA’s ENSO model CFSv2 saw considerable deficiency with its recent forecasting, which not long ago foresaw ongoing global warming El Niño conditions for 2016. What follows is the BOM Climate Model Summary from 16 March 2016 with the NOAA/CFSv2 […]

Analysis Of Literature Shows Hansen's Recently Published Sea Level Paper Is A Scientific Outlier

Analysis Of Literature Shows Hansen’s Recently Published Sea Level Paper Is A Scientific Outlier

Guest author and analyzer of climate science literature Kenneth Richard presents an essay on sea level rise and James Hansen’s latest alarmist paper. Mt. Herschel Antarctica. Photo by Andrew Mandemaker, CC BY-SA 2.5 Only science deniers don’t believe in catastrophe By Kenneth Richard Now that the latest James Hansen catastrophic sea level rise paper (Hansen […]

Precursor? ARGO Measured Data Show Record Breaking Indo Pacific Subsurface Cooling Underway!

What follows is the second part of today’s post appearing at German climate science critical site: Die kalte Sonne. ===================================== Temperature records falling By Frank Bosse and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt (Translated/edited by P Gosselin) The global February temperature reported by GISS is 1.35°C above the 1951-1980 mean. That’s an impressive record and is 0.8°C (!) warmer than […]

Claimed 3.2 Millimeters Per Year Sea Level Rise Seriously Challenged By Recently Published Scientific Papers!

Challenged: 3.2 mm/year sea level rise since 1993 By guest author Kenneth Richard Source data studies indicate recent only 0.8 – 1.6 mm/year sea level rise. According to the IPCC (2013), sea levels rose at a rate of 1.7 mm/year (6.7 inches per century) for the 1901 to 2010 period, but 3.2 mm/year (12.6 inches per century) […]

The MISSING COLD ...Scripps Institute Now Projects Major, Powerful La Niña To Surface Late This Year

The MISSING COLD …Scripps Institute Now Projects Major, Powerful La Niña To Surface Late This Year

Yesterday I posted on how weather models have been forecasting a bitter cold mid March for much of Europe. This has now been confirmed by Joe Bastardi at his latest Saturday Summary here beginning at about 3 minutes into the report. Not only does the GFS show bitter cold for mid March taking hold across […]

Andes Have Seen No Warming Over The Past 65 Years! Powerful Natural PDO Cycle Dominates

No warming in Andes Mountains since 1950 By Dr.Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt (German translated by P Gosselin) The unpopular hiatus just keeps coming up. But climate activists are remaining defiant and continue to deny it exists. They continue to claim that temperature is rising. Yet, the scientific community has long since accepted the pause and […]

Solar Report January 2016 …Current Solar Cycle Quietest In Almost 200 Years As “Triple Whammy” Approaches!

The Sun in January 2016! By Frank Bosse and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt (Translated/edited by P Gosselin) The largest mass of our solar system (99.8% of the total mass) was also rather quiet in January. The determined solar sunspot number (SSN) was 56.6, which is 71% of the mean this far into the period, calculated using […]

Two German Scientists Say GISS Has "Squandered Much Credibility" ...Playing A "Shady Role"

Two German Scientists Say GISS Has “Squandered Much Credibility” …Playing A “Shady Role”

By Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt (Translated/edited by P Gosselin) Photo: Vahrenholt/Lüning; Source: DkS The GISS-Institute of NASA is playing a shady role in the climate debate. For years it was directed by creedal climate activist James Hansen, and has since squandered much credibility. Now his years-long colleague Gavin Schmidt is at the […]