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Gore Has No Clue About Science

Here’s a worthwhile piece by David Deming: The ancient Greeks encouraged free thought, debate and critical analysis.  Pupils were encouraged to criticise their teachers.  Today we know that in science scepticism is the heart of progress; without it everything stops. The objective of science is not to prove existing theories, but to disprove them. […]

The Attraction Of The AGW Religion

Jo Nova found this jewel of a parody (mentioned in my previous post): Life is beginning to lose all meaning and purpose for some, as their religion collapses. For the AGW alarmists, it was so good despising and feeling superior to all the unenlightened flat-earthers and the rest of the planet-destroying humanity, and punishing them […]

Big Pile Of Steaming Hoo

Life has lost all meaning: h/t:

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