The Attraction Of The AGW Religion

Jo Nova found this jewel of a parody (mentioned in my previous post):

Life is beginning to lose all meaning and purpose for some, as their religion collapses. For the AGW alarmists, it was so good despising and feeling superior to all the unenlightened flat-earthers and the rest of the planet-destroying humanity, and punishing them for their behaviour.

Sadly, the infliction of punishment is one primary element that makes the AGW religion so attractive for some, especially its leaders. In this religion it’s actually a virtue to seek ways to punish and control people instead of loving them. Those who join it are promised rescue, esteem and acceptance.

Inflicting punishment is a position of power. And when it comes to inflicting punishment, there’s an eerie thing about how people just queue up to do it – especially if there’s a social mechanism in place to reward it. Psychological experiments have confirmed this time and again, just as a recent French experiment on inflicting torture on pleading victims shows:,8599,1972981,00.html

In the experiment, those who inflicted the punishment eventually came back to their senses and were later horrified to see how they had been duped into taking it to such extremes. They even had to be psychologically debriefed.

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