Action Hero Lewis Gordon Pugh

Super Pugh

Faster than a speeding bullet…more powerful than a locomotive…able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! Look, it’s a bird! No it’s a plane! It’s Super-Pugh!

When evil threatens the planet Earth, then it’s Super Pugh to the rescue.

Now Super Pugh is in Nepal, where he just completed a 1 km swim across an icy 2″C lake to save the planet from, yes, you guessed it, manmade global warming read here.

One or two summers ago, publicity-monger and Mr Save-The-Earth Lewis Gordon Pugh attempted canoeing to the North Pole to draw attention to the problem of AGW (not to himself). He didn’t make it, probably too much kryptonite up there.

But now, in Nepal, according to his Hero Website, this was a “Swim for Peace. It is a plea to every nation, to do everything it can, to put a stop to climate change.”

Who knows, maybe Super Pugh will get the Nobel Peace Prize this year.

How did he get to Nepal? Like everywhere else his expeditions take him, it’s up up and away – in a jet! (Surely he offsets his super carbon footprints).

Action hero Pugh is concerned that AGW is not being taken seriously enough. According to the Daily Planet, er, the Beeb: 

He urged governments to make tackling climate change a priority and said he was disappointed the issue did not feature more prominently in the UK election

It’s not easy being an action hero when nobody cares. Finally, here’s a video of Super Pugh in action!

My hero.

2 responses to “Action Hero Lewis Gordon Pugh”

  1. Brian H

    Truly as lumb as he dooks.

  2. williek1

    WHEN is it going to end????- Even the obamessiah seems to have accepted this by now. PULEEEZE!!- DON’T wake me when it’s over–Unless it’s for ALGORE’s epitaph- Thank you- ZZZZZZZZZZZ–

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