Update: Google Ungate !

Yesterday in my Googlegate! post I wrote how the powerful Google search engine appeared to be burying a post critical of Ms Consensus, Naomi Oreskes, and possibly sceptic sites in general.

Well today I again  googled Naomi Oreskes Denial and, lo and behold, I’m back on page 1 in the number 3 spot!

But I’m online here in Germany, and Google by default delivers a different set of search results, depending in which country you’re searching from.  I don’t know what the search results are in the USA or UK. Perhaps someone could let me know.

16 responses to “Update: Google Ungate !”

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  2. Ed Caryl

    Right now, you’re #1!

    1. pgosselin

      Shhhhh…an alarmist or Naomi might hear you!

  3. Woodsy42

    Here in the UK using quotes round the phrase the first result on page 1 of a Google search is actually the posting where you said the rank had changed. The original article comes second.
    If no quotation marks are used the youtube video as reported on your blog comes fourth and I see no other links to this blog in the first 10 pages.

    1. pgosselin

      Thanks Woodsy
      I got rid of the quotation marks.

  4. Bob of Castlemaine

    The Australian Google (au) has the original post at number one when quotes are included, and at number three if not.

    1. pgosselin

      Thanks Bob
      That’s nice to know. I wonder where it will be tomorrow.

  5. Sunsetheel

    I googled your search Naomi Oreskes Denial and it was the first post showing in the list. I did the search on Sunday, June 6 at 7:45 est from Pittsburgh, PA USA

  6. rechauffementmédiatique

    Same results in Canada (.ca):
    #1 with quotes
    #3 without

  7. Heber Rizzo

    Spain Google:

    1º with quotes

    3º without quotes

    1. pgosselin

      Thanks Heber Rizzo
      It seems you have to add quotation marks if you want to get a search result that corresponds exactly to what you’re searching for. If you don’t then Google thinks it’s okay to deliver oranges even if you’re searching for apples.
      I still find it a mystery that a couple of days ago they had the post buried, and now they don’t.

      1. Catalina

        Similar results in Spain today (4º without quotes)

        I went a step further and searched for “googlegate” in Wikipedia The term still doesnt exit but, while spanish version allows you to create a page for it, the english version does not. It would be interesting to know what is happening in other languages (maybe “their” Achilles heel).

        “Googlegate” in google: only results for dec 09/jan 10 C.Booker/J. Delingpole s “thing”.

  8. Edward Longshanks

    In the UK you are in at Numero Trois Pierre at 14.55.

  9. Jacques

    Today you’re the very first post for “Naomi Oreskes Denial” on Google’s Search Result Page; No. 17 on Yahoo (down from 12 yesterday) and Page 6, No. 10 on Bing. I think you need to beat up on Bing as well. Maybe Google got the message.

    1. pgosselin

      I ought to, but you can’t fight everyone. You have to pick your fights – the ones who deserve it and are easy to pound on.
      I think you’ll like my newest post: Journalism for Dummkopfs

  10. Ed Caryl

    In the US, as of 1:30PM MT, your original May 31st post is still #1 without quotes. It has been there since the first time I looked. I’m Googling with my iPhone if that makes a difference.

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