First Snow in Almost 20 Years. 500 Penguins Die Of Cold

"Where's the warming?"

Watching some World Cup soccer, now taking place in South Africa, I’ve noticed fans have been attending the games wearing some pretty serious winter gear. Indeed it’s been awfully cold in South Africa. According to South African News24: 

Winter has struck with a vengeance in the Western Cape with some towns recording their first snowfalls in almost 20 years. 

The unusually wintry weather is causing traffic havoc too. 

The cold has also taken a heavy toll on penguins, killing 500 at Algoa Bay in the Eastern Cape, SA National Parks (SanParks). 

According to SanParks spokesperson Megan Taplin: 

 The chicks, aged between a few weeks and two months, are covered only with down feathers. They succumbed to the cold and wet weather that has hit Bird Island. 

Well, at least penguins would have nothing against a little warming.

4 responses to “First Snow in Almost 20 Years. 500 Penguins Die Of Cold”

  1. Ed Caryl

    One of the things (of many) that convinced me that AGW was a crock, is the slow but steady increase in Southern Hemisphere ice over the last thirty years, which has markedly increased in the last four years, nicely offsetting the decrease in Northern Hemisphere ice. It looks like that colder “weather” (not climate, of course) is moving north.

  2. Dave L

    Its about global warming. freezing to death does’nt count. Cold is just weather, heat is climate

  3. Brian H

    Next, polar bears will be dying because the ice gets too thick, and the seals are too hard to find.

  4. Brian H

    And penguins will fly.

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