Nutrition For Dummkopfs – From The Potsdam Institute For Climate Impact Research

The German online Die Zeit has a report today, Climate Scientists Advise Eating Less Meat, admonishing westerners not to eat meat and not to drink milk, otherwise climate catastrophe will strike us violently.This of course is all based on “science” from the alarmist, government-funded Potsdam Institute For Climate Impact Research (PIK) in Germany, where activists like Stefan Rahmstorf and Dr. anti-scepticism Hans Joachim Schellnhuber busily examine and analyse each and every negative  impact of each and every western lifestyle sin (at PIK there is nothing positive in western lifestyles – everything is negative).

One potentially mortal sin is the human enjoyment of meat and dairy products. This unforgivable transgression has been carefully scrutinised by PIK climate-impact researcher Dr Alexander Popp, who says:

With a return to Sundays-only meat and reduced consumption of dairy products, Germans can become healthier and do the atmosphere a big favour.

Die Zeit reports, based on PIK science:

The culprits foremost are two climate-gases: methane and nitrous oxide. The first is produced by the digestion of cows and the manure they excrete. The second, and even more potent gas, nitrous oxide, results from fertilising fields.

Popp and his colleagues have calculated that emissions of the two above-mentioned gases will increase by 76% compared to 1995 if meat and dairy product consumption continues to rise at the current rate.

Only with a  changed lifestyle, one that more often refrains from meat and milk products, and one with a climate-friendly production, do the researchers say 1995 levels can be reached.

Shaking a finger, Popp admonishes that:

Today’s emissions levels of the western lifestyle are to blame, and for that reason it is to be expected that people in rich countries be the first to make lifestyle changes. ‘It’s about fulfilling the function of setting an example.’

Popp singles out the real culprits:

The lifestyle of Americans and Europeans acts as a model in developing countries, where meat and milk are status symbols, which is how it should be again for industrial countries, says Popp. For that reason, meat and milk ought not be on the dinner table every day.

So there you have it. Our tax dollars used to fund a bunch of eggheads who have nothing better to do than to gripe and moan, and to constantly nag the rest of society.

Guess what I’m having for dinner today!

3 responses to “Nutrition For Dummkopfs – From The Potsdam Institute For Climate Impact Research”

  1. DennisA

    The Potsdam crew are already signed up for the new transparent IPCC for AR5.

    They will also have more people from developing countries in their expanded numbers, (who need to push this to keep getting the money) and more women, to comply with gender diversity.

    What are your qualifications? Oh, sorry, Fraulein, yes you’re in.

  2. JimBrock

    Government seems to be the haven for megalomaniacs. As RR said, government isn’t the answer, it is the problem. And the bigger the government entity (vide UN) the bigger the problem. We need to defund all of them back to the minimum required for law and order.

  3. BargHumer

    Unfortunately, “global” problems naturally need “global” management, and to do this requires “global” government. So, calling any problem a “global” one adds more justification to the cause og “global” government. “Global” food problem; “Global” water problem; “global” energy problem; “Global” disease problem; “Global” drugs problem; “Global” people traffiking problem; “G……..” etc.

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