Wanted: Readers As Guest Writers!

Help the sceptic troops!

Readers often provide good leads and write interesting comments. I’m sure some out there have interesting things to write.

If you’re a reader at this blog and would like to post something here as a guest writer, then please send it in to me by e-mail. If it’s interesting enough I’ll post it here, with you as the guest writer. If English is not your mother language, but can write it to some comprehensive degree, send it in and I’ll clean it up for you.

I’m particlularly interested in climate/weather stories from other countries. Stories that have to do with green energy policies are welcome too.

Some guidelines:
1. The stories should be kept to less than 500 words.
2. Stories should be original, and not repeat something posted at another climate blog.
3. It has to be referenced – provide links to the sources.
4. Be careful with photos! Use only photos that are permitted to be used,  i.e. press release photos, Wiki, or your own.
5. You’ll have to provide your full name as an author.
6. Don’t take it personally if I decide not to post it. A number of my own drafts never see the light of day.

So who’s going to be the first guest writer here?
Hope to hear from you!

2 responses to “Wanted: Readers As Guest Writers!”

  1. carol smith

    I receive NASAs newsletter on space and science and yesterday they had a story that in 2005 most of the trees that died did so because of a huge thunderstorm with lightning that moved right the way across the whole rainforest. They even said there was an earlier story, blaming it on a severe drought. Yes, a drought did occur but only in a limited part of the rainforest, yet environmentalists asserted the trees that died in that year were all due to stress as a result of drought – when in fact the major die-off was due to the massive storm. Does this spike Amazongate?

    1. Christian

      I guess an environmentalist would say, the huge thunderstorms only exist due to global warming.

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