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Enviro-Taliban? Is Europe Proposing to Criminalise Scepticism?

The blogosphere has started to buzz about alleged proposals in the European Parliament in Europe to criminalize climate science scepticism. Science progresses through scepticism and rigorous testing of hypotheses. Criminalising scepticism would be the same as criminalising science. It would be a going back to the Dark Ages. Lubos Motl wrote a piece at his blog on […]

Watch Joe Bastardi’s Monday Morning Sea Ice Reports

I’ve been following Joe’s forecasts here in Europe for about 2 years. At first I thought he was just another weatherman and didn’t put too much stock in what he said. Then I noticed his 3 to 6-month general forecasts were pretty darn accurate. Back in 2008 he predicted a cold winter for Europe – […]

Die Welt: Earth Could Become Like Venus, 875°F

12°F warming and 20 ft sea level rises over the next 100 years?  Yawn – how boring. That doesn’t scare anyone anymore. Boring, boring, boring.We need shock and awe. It’s time to get drastic and bury the needle, time to roll out the mothers of scare stories. For the warmists it’s Hail Mary time.  The “”unless-we-announce-disasters, nobody-will-listen” […]

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