Watch Joe Bastardi’s Monday Morning Sea Ice Reports

I’ve been following Joe’s forecasts here in Europe for about 2 years. At first I thought he was just another weatherman and didn’t put too much stock in what he said. Then I noticed his 3 to 6-month general forecasts were pretty darn accurate.

Back in 2008 he predicted a cold winter for Europe – and it panned out. Last fall 2009 he predicted a harsh winter for central Europe, and Germany got its worst winter in 46 years. Late last winter he predicted a hot summer – and bam! Hello hot summer.

Meanwhile, the Met Office, equipped with its monster-size, mega-million dollar super-computers, was not even able to do better than flipping a penny.

They’ve since given up issuing seasonal forecasts, yet still insist their 50 and 100-year forecasts will be correct because of the dubious “undisputed CO2-temperature correlation”. (If that’s so, why waste your money on a super-computer?)

Here’s the latest Joe Bastardi clip: Monday Morning Sea Ice Report,  which I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Tune in everyday. You’ll love his anecdotes and easy going attitude. I’ve added a direct link to Joe, along with my leading climatic indicators at my homepage. Check ’em out!

2 responses to “Watch Joe Bastardi’s Monday Morning Sea Ice Reports”

  1. John McCullough

    I have been following Joe Bastardi’s long range forecasts for several years and have found them to be very accurate. He accurately forecast the cold winter in 2009-2010 over the British Isles, months before the event. Being almost 60 years old, I know that it was the longest spell of below-normal temperatures since 1962/63. I like Joe’s style of presentation and his open-mindedness with regards to the climate change debate.

  2. stuart elliott

    I, like John McCullough, am interested in and have great respect for Joe Bastardi’s weather forecasting accuracy and i just love his presentation style. Keep breathing Joe as i feel you are the one and only weather forecaster who we can trust to get things right 90% of the time.

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