Judith Lean Forgets Clouds, Water Vapour And Longer-Term Ocean Oscillations As Factors

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Some of you will recall this pretty face we saw a couple of months ago.

We got to know her herehere and here. The IPCC based solar impact on climate on the “consensus of a single astronomer, who agreed with herself”.

In March, 2008, Dr. Lean made a presentation on global warming, see the following video link:


It kind of surprises me (and yet it doesn’t) that she doesn’t even mention water vapour as a greenhouse gas. She neglects to mention the PDO as well, looking only at the small timescale El Ninos and La Ninas.

She also completely ignores clouds as a factor effecting the temperature of the earth.

I guess the models are getting simpler and simpler (I mean the climate models).

Okay, it appears this video is not complete, and so I’ll hold back judgement.

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4 responses to “Judith Lean Forgets Clouds, Water Vapour And Longer-Term Ocean Oscillations As Factors”

  1. Ian Mott

    Don’t you just love it? The “consensus of a single astronomer, who agreed with herself”. I guess we can call this “climate onanism”.

  2. DirkH

    Didn’t watch the entire video. But one would have thought water vapor would have to feature prominently right at the start. Nowhere to be seen in her lists. Hm. Ridiculous. Prof. Nasif Nahle has this to say:

  3. Brian H

    Simpler sometimes means smarter, sometimes stupider. This is the latter.

  4. Pethefin

    Amazing gap between her views and the views of this CERN scientist:


    who is opening doors for new explations for climate variations.

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