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Video: Putin Asks Each Scientist Point Blank: Is Climate Change Caused By Man? Answer: We Don’t Know!

Share this… Facebook TwitterRussian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin arrived Monday on Samoilovsky Island in the western Siberian Arctic to visit a joint Russian-German scientific expedition, Lena-2010. Lena 2010 is conducting studies on the Russian Arctic permafrost, which is 1.5 km thick at the Samoilovsky Island┬álocation and estimated to be 40,000 years old. The German page […]

Major Media Too Lazy To Check Sources: Outdated Observations Passed On As “News”

Share this… Facebook TwitterIt appears that major media outlets took reports based on old observations and passed it on to the public as breaking news last week. H/T: Reader Dirk H. Last week a number of major media outlets reported on how a large plume of oil had been spotted in the Gulf of Mexico, […]

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