Video: Putin Asks Each Scientist Point Blank: Is Climate Change Caused By Man? Answer: We Don’t Know!

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin arrived Monday on Samoilovsky Island in the western Siberian Arctic to visit a joint Russian-German scientific expedition, Lena-2010.

Lena 2010 is conducting studies on the Russian Arctic permafrost, which is 1.5 km thick at the Samoilovsky Island location and estimated to be 40,000 years old.

The German page of Ria Novosti has a video up (sorry – only in German) which reveals an interesting comment, one not reported in the western media. The video shows Putin visiting the study site, and even helps the scientists bore into the permafrost.
Update: English video click here

At the 1:15 mark of the video, Putin is reported to have asked each scientist the same question:

Is climate change caused by man, or not?

To which the video gives the reply at the 1:24 mark, the reporter says (translated from German):

The scientists, however, could not give an exact answer. The heat wave in Russia resulted from a combination of factors.

Well that’s a long way from meaning “yes”. So much for consensus and the science being done.

When asked about plans in the Arctic, Putin explains at the 1:09 mark:

We are planning to extract natural resources from the ground in Western Siberia. We have to understand the entire eco-system and how it will respond.  

The Russians obviously are getting ready to mine and drill in the region.

Reuters presents an interesting politically correct view of Putin’s visit, and completely ignore the answer the scientists gave to Putin’s question. Read here:

5 responses to “Video: Putin Asks Each Scientist Point Blank: Is Climate Change Caused By Man? Answer: We Don’t Know!”

  1. DirkH

    Interesting. But it’s a typical Northern German attitude. Rather swallow your tongue than purporting something you are not 100% certain about.

  2. plazaeme
  3. Putin pregunta a los científicos por el calentamiento global. Respuesta: NPI «
  4. R. de Haan

    They should have stated that there was no indication for Climate Change, let alone an anthropogenic factor for climate change.

    Now their answer keeps the “precautionary principle”, an integral part of the Lisbon Treaty alive which in fact provides our politicians with a blank cheque to make any decision and get away with it.

  5. Doug Proctor

    Who but a self-destructive fool would tell the Russian Prime Minister something that could well explode in his face when politically expedience required? Of course they would say they were uncertain. Not just North Germanic caution. If it were obvious he wouldn’t be asking. If he had a solid position he wouldn’t be asking. Any answer but “I’m not sure”, would be foolish.

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