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The Enviro-Sleeper Cells Are Waking Up

What a day!First Greenpeace storms and shuts down a drilling platform, demanding we stop drilling to save the planet, and now this. The enviro-sleeper cells are waking up! Now who was it at NASA that had encouraged and called for civil disobedience? I wonder if Hansen will testify on Lee’s behalf, you know, like he did for […]

Scientists Forced To Revise Arctic Sea Ice Projections Upwards

The September Arcus Sea Ice Forecast, August Report, is out, and quite naturally, the doom and gloom projections of a death spiral have returned to the closet, at least until next June. The mean of the 16 projections provided by scientists is 4.9 +/- 0.51 million square kilometers, which is likely to be lower than what the final […]

Militant Greenpeace Activists Recklessly Raid Platform, Put Workers At Risk

Greenpeace activists, in yet another reckless stunt to get on TV and in newspapers, stormed an oil drilling platform off the coast of Greenland, reports Der Spiegel here.  According to Der Spiegel, the intrusion forced an unplanned stop in drilling operation. Whenever a drilling rig is forced to stop operation, it’s expensive. I can’t imagine what […]

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