Von Storch On The IAC and IPCC. And Lead Author Edenhofer Is Lying, Says Richard Tol

I’m alerted by Tom Nelson’s blog of a ZDF German television clip featuring Hans von Storch and Ottmar Edenhofer.  Edenhofer is a researcher at the Potsdamer Institute for Climate Impact Research, which is headed by Prof Doom & Gloom Hans Joachim Schellnhuber and his underling Stefan Rahmstorf. Need I say more?

ZDF clip here (in German)

The ZDF starts out by introducing the 100+ page IAC report, which was critical of how the IPCC worked and how fundamental reforms are required, and also on how other scientific views have to be included. Hans von Storch’s first comment:

Time and again there have been cases where the complete range of scientific knowledge was not included. The task of the IPCC is not to declare the truth about climate change, but the truth about the knowledge on climate change.

Ottmar Edenhofer on the other hand, sees the situation as far less serious, and attempts to play down the IAC’s findings.

I simply do not agree with the claim that the IPCC knowingly kept out knowledge that it found inconvenient, that didn’t fit the overall narrative. For that, also the team of authors was simply too heterogeneous in the past.

Already the first comment out of Edenhofer’s mouth provoked a harsh reaction from Richard Tol here:

The first remark by Edenhofer is a lie. Edenhofer was a lead author in AR4 WG3. That chapter does not reflect the literature. Papers that were at odds with the IPCC authors’ viewpoints were omitted or cited incorrectly.

Here’s the background on why Tol accused Edenhofer of lying. Edenhofer selected gray literature over peer-reviewed literature.Edenhofer does admit that the Himalayan glaciers blunder was embarrassing and regrettable,  and that the use of gray literature has to be restricted to a minimum. Hans von Storch adds (paraphrasing):

I would ban all literature that comes from interest groups like environmental organisations, re-insurers and energy companies.

On The IPCC getting involved with political advocacy, Edenhofer agreed that it has happened in the past, and that it should not occur. He recommends that a code of conduct ought to be followed.

That’s an understatement. How about just bringing in new personnel?

The IPCC has at least taken the first step in an attempt to reform, says the ZDF clip. It has invited von Storch to be a lead author for the next IPCC report.

Hans von Storch is a luke-warmer to warmist scientist, but we can expect him to be, as his website claims, an “honest broker”.

7 responses to “Von Storch On The IAC and IPCC. And Lead Author Edenhofer Is Lying, Says Richard Tol”

  1. DirkH

    The entire Potsdam Institute needs to be dismantled.

  2. R. de Haan

    Thanks DirkH you took the words out of my mouth.
    The Potsdam Institute and the IPCC.
    We an do very well without it.

  3. Bruce of Newcastle

    It will be fascinating if Dr van Storch accepts the lead authorship offered as he keeps “bad” company like Dr Roger Pielke Snr (at least as some in the warmist community might characterize him, including most likely the IPCC).

    His interview with Roger Pielke Snr is well worth reading: link.

    Dr Pielke Snr by contrast has now been treated rather badly by the Skeptical Science blog:

  4. R. de Haan
  5. R. de Haan

    Feeding the press: Aren’t editorials expected to be factual

  6. Quixote

    Let’s go one further. Dismantle the U.N. completely! This “Global Governance “wantabee ” should actually be charged with “Crimes against Humanity” for their destructive agendas in poor countries and their insane push for a Global Carbon Market which would basically eliminate the Industrial Society in the West.

    Of course without the U.N. as an example to the world of how really bad humans can act, we wouldn’t have a gauge on how to act.

    “Set a Bad Example so No One Will Follow!”

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