Gore’s “Unprecedented And Irreversible” Decline

Last week, I think it was, I remember reading something about Al Gore’s The Climate Project having slumped to an all-time low with the number of Climate Crisis presentations delivered.

The French sceptic climate website Changement Climatique has compiled a graphic showing the number of presentations given each month. I’ve posted it below.

Using complex Mannian statistical techniques, I’ve fitted a curve (red line) to the chart (sorry, code is not available). Conclusion: Al Gore’s TCP is headed for a crisis. He really needs to dramatically cut back his hot air emissions.

Probably the only 2 things performing worse are the all-but-defunct Chicago Climate Exchange and Obama’s Economy.

Changement Climatique describes Gore’s project situation as follows:

 The number of presentations reached a peak of 193 in October 2009, just before Copenhagen, but then went on an “unprecedented” and “irreversible” decline to a total collapse in the last few months.  At the moment, not a single presentation is scheduled for 2011, which bodes ill for future of the project. It’s a sure sign that “climatic fatigue” has struck the warmist movement.

Quelle misere.

4 responses to “Gore’s “Unprecedented And Irreversible” Decline”

  1. wIlliam Dress

    Delighted with your “complex Mannian statistics”!

  2. Red Jeff

    Perhaps Manniacal statistics could be used!!

  3. kenneth

    -The science behind this is very Robust.
    -The ordinary Trick from Nature has been implemented.
    -But the decline cannot be hidden.
    -Because it is worse than we thought.
    -And it is a Travesty that we cannot explain the decline.

  4. Corrinne N

    ROTFLMAO – I love it. It could not happen to a “nicer” guy. We Farmers in the USA hate the guy. Traitor to the USA would not be to harsh a word. I wish he could be brought up on charges.

    This comes from the Ag Journal, Billings, Montana: “At a recent ceremony at the White House, Vice President and presidential candidate Al Gore let slip what many have long believed was his real intention as regards to U.S. agriculture.

    “While presenting a national award to a Colorado FFA member, Gore asked the student what his/her life plans were. Upon hearing that the FFA member wanted to continue on in production agriculture, Gore reportedly replied that the young person should develop other plans because our production agriculture is being shifted out of the U.S. to the Third World.”

    Definition of traitor: One who betrays one’s country, a cause, or a trust, especially one who commits treason. A person who is guilty of treason or treachery, in betraying friends, country, a cause or trust, etc.

    Someone who works toward wiping out the USA’s “Food Sovereignty” leaving us victims of imports at the whims of other nations, (Russia has put a freeze on food export) should surely be considered a traitor. Especially when food is the fastest growing export market for the USA. He and Clinton also did a good job of wiping out US owned businesses too. In 1990, Foreign ownership of U.S. assets amounted to 33% of U.S. GDP by 2002, after Clinton ratified the WTO treaty this had increased to over 70% of U.S. GDP.

    Then there were leveraged buyouts.This is where bankers loaned money for mergers and acquisitions. For mergers and acquisitions each costing $1 million or more, there were just 10 in 1970; there were 94 in 1980; and 346 in 1986. Clinton then completed wrecking the economy on November 2 ,1999 with the repeal of Glass-Stegall which tore down the wall between investment banks and S&Ls. The Glass-Stegall was put in place to prevent leveraged buyouts from causing a repeat of the 1929 crash. Barney Frank (D-Mass) completed the economic downfall with his Community Reinvestment Act requiring lenders to make risky loans to low-income minorities to purchase housing.

    US taxpayers are picking up the tab for all of this while the bankers get bonuses and bailout money and the economy tanks.

    If there was any justice we would be seeing charges of treason brought against these people, instead they get Nobel prizes. Who said crime does not pay, it pays millions and billions to the right people.

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