Austrian Der Standard: No Chance For US Climate Bill – Blames “Unprecedented Propaganda Machine”

What is Europe to do? The old continent wants to save the world but it seems no one wants to play along.

Before the summer, there seemed to be some hope the USA could pass a climate rescue bill with President Barack Obama and the Democrat-held Congress. But that hope has all but completely disappeared.

So writes the very green Austrian Der Standard here: Europe Should Focus On China For Climate Protection, Not USA.

With the Democrats getting voted out of office in Congress, the respective concepts for protecting the climate will wind up in the trash can. Europe should quickly search for willing partners.

All together now: Ohhhhh! How dreadful!

But hope is the last to die, and not quite everyone has lost it. Yet, Der Standard sees the writing on the wall:

While there are still a few NGOs who have hope in the good of people and Obama, there’s no one left in the USA who is ready to bet even a single cent on a US climate law could get off the ground.

Jeffrey Sachs, Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University in New York, and occasionally a columnist for Der Standard says:

There’s nothing left to salvage!

According to Der Standard:

In an interview conducted via Skype with participants of a Climate Workshop in Brussels, Sachs stated that people in the United States have practically zero interest in climate protection. At least for the next two years, but likely it’ll be much longer before any real kind of initiatives on the issue of climate protection can be expected.

Der Standard mopes that the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico had no impact on the public’s opinion, and that a wide majority of Americans favor offshore oil drilling. Now come the old conspiracies and paranoia. Der Standard:

The reason is fear of losing jobs and an unprecedented propaganda machine that was put into motion by the oil industry and its allies.

These allies include a number of evil European corporations like Eon,  BP, Bayer, Basf, Arcelor oder GDF-Suez. Now the enviro-malcontents in Europe and at Der Standard say Europe has to shift its focus to China. Der Standard writes that China has become a “high flyer” in wind and solar energy. Partnership there must be enhanced.

Europe has to accept that there is nothing more to gain from the USA, except frustration. It makes much more sense to work on mutual interests with China.

Consider this a major milestone. Cap & Trade is dead for good in the United States. Even Europe sees it.

13 responses to “Austrian Der Standard: No Chance For US Climate Bill – Blames “Unprecedented Propaganda Machine””

  1. DirkH

    Ah, those were the frightening campaign contributions by “foreign” companies that the Dems talked about. Here’s a report about CAN’s revelations:

    Surprise, surprise, industrial companies prefer candidates who will not shut them down…

  2. TinyCO2

    They have to believe in the “unprecedented propaganda machine” or otherwise they’d have to accept that nobody’s listening to them.

  3. dave ward

    “It makes much more sense to work on mutual interests with China.”

    That will only work as long as China makes some money from the deal…
    Get them to stop building coal fired power stations? – No Way!!!
    Reply: Europe is just slutting itself. It’s: “If you don’t do what I want, then I’ll shack up with China!” – PG

    1. DirkH

      No, no, Pierre, by now you don’t have proof that the Eurocrats are as dumb as the Standard writer wants them to be! (I fear the worst…)

      BTW, if you didn’t already do it, go and check out “The Rally To Restore Sanity And/or Fear” on youtube. It’s so bad it makes an intelligent metastatement about comedy and/or American liberalism. Oh the poor dems…

  4. Robin Pittwood

    What! China! China buys megatons of coal and churns out even more megatons of CO2. What a wierd world this is.

  5. Ed Caryl

    What Proganda Machine??? What we have is about 50 completely independent voices yelling, “What??? Are you talking about”? Which gives me an idea. Perhaps we should organize teams to take on the warmists topic by topic. There is no “propaganda machine” now, but let’s put one together.

    1. TinyCO2

      I know what you mean. There are often points I want to make but I can’t find the appropriate reference. It would be nice to have arguments to pluck from. However, part of our power is the randomness of our arguments and largely personalised answers we give.

  6. m white

    Will be on in the UK on channel 4 Thursday 21:00hrs

    What the Green Movement Got Wrong

    “A group of environmentalists across the world believe that, in order to save the planet, humanity must embrace the very science and technology they once so stridently opposed.”

    By saving humanity I assume they mean from Global Warming?

    1. TinyCO2

      Sounds interesting. Should cause lots of gnashing of green teeth.

  7. m white

    “Leading environmental campaigners support nuclear and GM”

    “Environmentalists did harm by being ignorant and ideological and unwilling to change their mind based on actual evidence. As a result we have done harm and I regret it.”

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  9. Quixote

    Work to change China?…………….Good Luck with that one!.maybe if we are lucky the NGO’s and Clean Green Idiots will end up in a Chinese prison and never be heard from again!

    They can all rally at Maurice Strong’s house and have a cheer leading contest before the Chinese Army locks them up!

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