Climate Change Dis-Education At German Primary Schools

I’ve mentioned at least a couple of times at this blog how the German public school system is pounding the climate protection religion in school classrooms.

For example former minister of environment Sigmar Gabriel of the SPD socialist party was so impressed by Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth propaganda film that he procured 6000 copies and had them distributed to Germany’s upper secondary schools for viewing by university-bound students.

Environmental groups like Germanwatch make the rounds through schools to spread panic by grossly exaggerating climate change scenarios (German port cities will be under water).

Greenpeace is even petitioning the German government to have Climate Protection” adopted in its Constititution:

‘Climate change is the most dangerous threat to our natural existence, yet it is neither mentioned in the Constitution nor in the UN Charter. The German Parliament must therefore anchor this as one of the most important duties of the state,’ says Stefan Krug, leader of the political representation of Greenpeace in Berlin.

But that doesn’t go far enough. Let’s take a page out of the Pyongyang playbook and start early – real early.  The German education system has assigned itself another new function beside education – environmental indoctrination. Germany’s sceptic site Readers Edition here has a piece today on the latest indoctrination program at schools called: klima on… s’cooltour 2009, again delivered by alarmist organization Germanwatch.

This program is initiated by the manufacturers of energy saving lights, like Philips – see video (in German).

These big greedy corporations are behind scaring kids in order to boost the sales of their poisonous, mercury-laden lights.

As the film shows, all kids are in uniform, dressed in “s’cool tour” T-shirts. and fed the junk science and environmental propaganda of rescuing the planet. First the kids are explained in simple terms “why the earth has a fever”, and, using an inverted glass jar, shown how heated air turns into storms.

And of course, they are taught that energy saving lights will rescue the polar bears in the Arctic.

The clip says: “thanks to the program, kids now better understand why storms are caused and that each person can make an “enormous contribution in reducing the earth’s fever”.  Indeed. In fact, Germany cutting its CO2 emissions by 80% by 2050 will lead to the enormous temperature reduction of 0.0072°C.

Says Lena Haller:

We are trying to change the behaviour of the kids and thus improve it.

It doesn’t matter what the science turns up. The enviro-brainwashers aren’t interested in it. They are into changing behaviour – getting everybody to believe their phoney doomsday scenarios and have them behave in fear accordingly. It hardly can get worse. Their target with the little ones is to turn them into greenshirts – like this:

11 responses to “Climate Change Dis-Education At German Primary Schools”

  1. Bob Malloy

    This is world wide, this from The Independent yesterday.

    ‘Daddy, where will the polar bears live?’

    Chilling: the polar bear’s habitat is threatened by global warming children learn

    Some of the boldest eco-warriors are those with the most to lose – our children. Nick Duerden argues that when it comes to getting parents to go green, pester power is a force to be reckoned with

    After her second day at school, my four-year-old daughter sat me down at the kitchen table for a conversation. She wanted me to explain exactly how I take her to school each morning.

    “It’s not by car, is it?” she said.

    I confirmed to her that, no, it wasn’t by car.

    “We go by bicycle when daddy is running late; otherwise we walk,” I told her.

    “Good,” she replied.

    I asked why.

    “Cars are bad.”

    read more:

  2. Ike

    Its really a shame how the greenies use our kids for misinformation and spreading fear amongst them. I remember the early 80´s where we were tought at school about cold war, forest is going to die in Germany and will be gone by 2000, ozone and so on. The worst thing I remember was watching the film “The day after”….boy, I couldn´t sleep, had nightmares, was crying and worried we are all going to die. The 80´s were not my favorite years in my life. Now it happens again. Panic and fear is amongst the society….

    Its the worst some1 can do…using angst and panic to educate kids into right behavior. Just like this snuff video from 10:10.

    I don´t have kids, but if I had and would learn, that he or she is tought at school something about man made GW, poor icebears and other BS….I bet, that I would give the teacher a nice phonecall.

  3. Quixote

    ATTENTION PARENTS!: If your child comes home from school with even a “hint” of this crap in their school bag then march over to your child’s school and go right into the Principal’s Office and threaten him/her with bodily harm if they ever ever scare your child again with this Bullshit!

    Anything less than this is called “spineless!”

  4. Peter

    Congratulations to your great project. The “klima on… s’cooltour” is a very good example how change can happen! I wish the project the best of luck!

  5. Günther Vennecke

    @P Gosselin,

    “Even the teacher, who had accepted it as fact, became a sceptic and bumped my daughter up a grade for the semester.”

    Which proves that there are some silly teachers around who let themselves be fooled by a child that has been brainwashed by her father. I bet your daughter’s “presentation” was prepared by you.

    Children tend to be very gullible and if something is presented in a seemingly professional way they mistake the quality of the wrapping for the quality of the content. A lot of adults do likewise.

    Your anecdote does not say anything about the reality of AGW but it tells a lot about how easily people are led into believing anything you want them to believe. Just give them a “nice” presentation.

    I am fully convinced that another presentation debunking the fraudulous activities of people like Singer or Kirstein would quickly show the same children that climate denial is crap.

    1. DirkH

      From personal experience, i see no decrease in gullibility with age. I know loads of warmists personally who still rever Mann’s hockey stick, and not one of them knows or even cares how it was fabricated.

  6. Andy

    “Children tend to be very gullible and if something is presented in a seemingly professional way they mistake the quality of the wrapping for the quality of the content. A lot of adults do likewise.”
    Sounds a lot like Al Gore’s ridiculous error-riddled film, doesn’t it Gunther?
    Seems you’re just as gullible.
    Show me the empirical evidence for AGW, not just a dodgy theory or climate model ‘projections’. Also, explain to me why those wretched models fail to take account of the most important GHG – water vapour. Finally, explain to me why, if global warming is so out of control, the past few winters where I live have got successfully colder and colder?

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