Another One Makes It Through!

A top East European climatologist, who shared the Nobel Peace Prize with UN global warming colleagues, jumps a sinking ship as ocean data signals a cooler climate.

Dr. Lucka Kajfež Bogataj left cold clear water between herself and her former UN shipmates by declaring that rising levels of airborne carbon dioxide probably don’t cause global temperatures to rise. The news scuppers hopes for a change in fortune for the beleagured UN climate agency. Their doomed ‘ship,’ the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has been sailing on an ill wind ever since it was struck by that Climategate ‘torpedo’ last year.

The Slovenian climate professor made the chilling announcement last month…read fully story at Climate Realists here


7 responses to “Another One Makes It Through!”

  1. Pointman

    CRU Orders Removal of Climate Realist Article From the Express Newspaper.


  2. R. de Haan

    tuesday, november 23, 2010 …
    DDR stole 40,000 little heatballs

    During communism, people had to smuggle lots of basic things if they wanted to have them. For example, my father had to smuggle Commodore 64 twice for me. 😉

    The communism collapsed by 1989 – in most of the socialist Europe. However, DDR has actually swallowed West Germany, updated its socialist ideology a little bit, and continues to terrorize the people who exchange goods and ideas in between the nations.

    Mr Siegfried Rotthäuser and his brother have sold about 4,000 heatballs in the past. See
    What is a heatball? It is a miniature source of heat – clearly a perfectly legal device according to the existing law. In order to guarantee that you won’t heat your room when you don’t want to, it also emits light to inform you that the heatball is turned on. An advantage of this piece of operational art is that you can use the sockets for (fluorescent) light bulbs. I am using several 100-Watt heatballs in my apartment, too.

    Because the first packages of 4,000 heatballs – sold for EUR 1.69 or USD 2.30 per piece – were instantly sold out, the entrepreneur ordered 40,000 additional heatballs. However, they were immediately confiscated by the DDR custom apparatchiks at the Cologne International Airport and the engineer was actually arrested for a while: he became a kind of dissident in the DDR.

    To be honest, they authorities are still investigating what the products actually are used for – by polls etc. Why don’t they ask a physicist instead of random consumers what is the primary purpose of the product? As a physicist, I can assure them that a vast majority of the energy in the product is used for heating, so it should be considered a heating device and the regulations invented for light sources shouldn’t apply. 😉

    This point doesn’t seem obvious to them and they’re unfortunately in charge. You just can’t import miniature sources of heat to the DDR, stupid! The message is Don’t mess up with arrogant totalitarian ideologies. The DDR and EUSSR comrades have apparently forgotten the weather that German soldiers experienced near Stalingrad so they want to deny their citizens their right to possess heatballs.

    1. DirkH

      I use a 500W Halogen lamp in my flat. Nice blackbody radiation. And a lot of convenient heat. I know, it’s decadent, given German electricity prices.

      I only resort to the ghoulish light of energy saving bulbs when we have one of the few hot summer nights.

  3. R. de Haan

    The 100 and 75 watt light bulb ban becomes even more idiotic if you look at the plans to promote the use of electric cars.

    It takes about 11 Mw (yes MEGAWATT) to fill up a car battery to deliver the power to drive 15.000 km)

    Effectively the battery power performance is 6 Mw.

    The difference of 5 Mw is power loss due to the transport of the electricity.

    For all this “Power” you haven’t changed the range problems because the power density of the current batteries still is too low and the price is too high. So like wind and solar the introduction of the electric car will be sponsored again with massive amounts of tax payers money.

    In Germany most of the electric power is coal and brown coal generated.

    This really shows how crazy these people are and how stupid, yes, how stupid the public.

    Just continue to walk the walk, talk the talk. It won’t take long before you’re all under totalitarian control again.

    Germans must be political sadomasochists (LOL).

    1. DirkH

      You mean MWh not MW. – but your numbers are about correct. I saw a video where somebody test-drove the Chrysler Volt (about 3750 pounds weight) in California and recharged it for a tariff of 30 US cent a kWh (some Californian tariff…). After doing similar distances al-electric and with gasoline (for American prices – meaning low fuel taxes compared to Europe) it turned out that it was more expensive to run on electricity. Duh.

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