Extreme Cold To Grip Europe. Forecast -38°C in Switzerland…Will Be Even Colder Later…Pattern Not Seen in 70 Years.

Computers have been forecasting a wicked cold winter for Europe this year. Looks like it’s shaping up to be just that.

Later this week a blast of Arctic air is set to sweep across northern and central Europe, as a huge high pressure zone off in the Atlantic combined with low pressure system Gundula to east over the Baltic pump frigid air over the continent.

One meteorologist says such a weather pattern was last seen 70 years ago.

Wetter.com writes here:

Cold air will clash with moist air and, as a result, we will get more and more snow in the days ahead. But that’s not all. By and by the cold will tighten its grip, and by Friday temperatures will not get above freezing.

That is still not the end of it. This weekend temperatures nationwide [Germany] will be between 5 below and 13°C below at night. But hang on tight. Next week will be even colder – especially at night, where for example, the temperature in the Black Forest will drop to 26°C below!

And if that is not enough, then drive out to the Swiss mountains. 38°C below is the forecast during the night from Sunday to Monday!

German tabloid Bild newspaper reports here, quoting meteorologist Dominik Jung of wetter.net:

The weekend will be bitter cold. Daytime highs will climb to only -8°C to -2°C . Nighttime temperatures will drop to -10°C. But in areas with clear skies and snow cover, especially in the central mountain regions, temperatures of -25°C will be reached.

Jung says such a weather pattern can stay around a long time before it goes away. He tells Bild newspaper:

When cold polar air is really there, than it’ll stick around for awhile. At the moment weather models show no end in sight for the coming cold wave. Quite to the contrary, the first weekend of December is going to be even colder, and there’s the threat of heavy snowfalls.

We’ll be getting temperatures like we would only expect in the dead of winter. A similar weather pattern led to the extreme winter in 1939/1940.”

And it’s still autumn officially!

Strange how the leaders of the world’s most climate-activist countries will be discussing ways to prevent warming in balmy Cancun Mexico just when their respective countries will be struggling in bitter cold. The Gods have a sense of humour.

19 responses to “Extreme Cold To Grip Europe. Forecast -38°C in Switzerland…Will Be Even Colder Later…Pattern Not Seen in 70 Years.”

  1. DirkH

    Let’s see how renewable energy will steer us through the cold. Will the wind turbines withstand the cold? Will people clean the snow off their rooftops every day in the morning to maximize energy production? I hope nobody breaks his bones.

  2. M White

    In Britain they keep telling us that the future will bring hot dry summers and mild wet winters. What do they shove down the throats of the German people?

    How long will it take someone to come out with the cold winter was caused by global warming?
    Will it be accepted?

    1. DirkH

      Green followers here simply say “This is only weather; Germany is least affected by climate change, the rest of the world is warming, and going down the tubes”. They’ve learned their lesson well. But they are not smart enough to look at the Unisys SST or anything like that. They just parrot what they learned. Not one of them has heard about the Grand Solar Minimum we are in; not one of them has heard of the La Nina.

    2. DirkH

      Oh, and the media here is even more apathic than in the UK. Think a hundred BBCs.

  3. Mike

    Sorry, but reputable climate scientists have conclusively proved that this winter will be even milder than the last winter.

    There will be no snow (again). Deserts will continue their march towards Europe.

    Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

  4. TinyCO2

    This reminds me of the winter of 1990/1991 in the UK.


    It was noteable for me because I was in my first job and was house hunting in Coventry during the December snow and moving in during the February freeze/snow. This year has a similar feel.

  5. TimiBoy

    Hello from Brisbane, Australia, where Climate Change (or was that Disruption?) is making it hotter and drier. No, wait, it’s nearly Summer, and we haven’t had a 30 degree day yet (VERY unusual) and we have had record rainfall in some areas of South East Queensland, as well as significantly above average rainfall in Brisbane. The 3 month forecast is for 75% chance of above average rainfall for much of the State. For the record, Queensland is nearly 5 times the size of Germany, so we are not talking “localised effects” here…

  6. R. de Haan

    It’s great to see Mother Nature perform her “trick” in a much better way than Michael Mann will ever do.

    Hopefully this winter will shut him up for good.

    For the sake of our economies and the well being of the people we must abandon our “Green” energy policies as soon as possible before it bankrupts us.

    Lubos Motl explains how in his country the Government is ending it’s solar power policies:


    Roy Spencer hopefully brought some sense into the quest for useless and expensive energy solutions pushed by government grants.

    In the mean time the recent bail out of Ireland has opened and possibly emptied Pandorra’s Box.

    First of all the complete short term failure of the Euro followed by the EU has become a daunting reality as Portugal and Spain are heading the same way.

    The countries involved in a bailout lose their autonomy to the EU and the IMF read UN.

    Pandora’s Box comes to question in the fully unpredictable backlash of such events which will be massive.

    Prepare for a future which ingredients contain armored cars murder- and firing squads among other inconveniences.

    This winter will be a remarkable winter for other reasons but the upcoming cold and snow.

    And I am an optimist.

  7. Laakbaar

    Yeah DUH-mmm-asses, if you payed attention, this was foretold when the conveyerbelt would collapse. Lets see if the conveyerbelt is slowing down and see
    if it gets colder now. God, some people are just so narrowminded and have absolutely no clue.

    1. DirkH

      Do you win lots of friends with your gentle and outgoing nature? Oh, well, i guess it’s just the way climatologists talk. So Mr. Climatologist Sir, do you have a link to a study showing a slowdown of the “conveyor belt”?

  8. Casper

    Hey folks, don’t panic! You won’t freeze [-snip]. It is just a mathematic model…

  9. Gator

    It’s a good thing the Germans have all those solar panels to keep them warm!

  10. Don Brown

    The cold is due to the collapse of the north Atlantic drift which was probably caused by the gulf oil spill and the dispersants used.




    Potentially, we could see a winter in northern Europe similiar to that in the scifi film ‘The day after tomorrow’.

    Dress up warm

  11. Dan

    Coldest winter in 1,000 years on its way…FOXNews: 30 Years of Global Cooling Are Coming, Leading Scientist Says… Life on this Earth Just Changed: The North Atlantic Current is Gone… National Geographic (December 24, 2009): North Magnetic Pole Moving East Due to Core Flux… PENTAGON: GLOBAL WARMING might suddenly trigger a massive GLOBAL COOLING… Now the PENTAGON TELLS BUSH (Guardian.co.uk., 22 February 2004): climate change will destroy us… BRITAIN WILL BE ‘SIBERIAN’ in less than 20 years:

  12. Kerry

    Please do at least one thing: Take a look at a world map or the globe of the Earth. Start with London, for example, and follow its latitude around the globe. See what climates it would resemble without the warming influence of the Gulf stream. Climate scientists have long stated that a general warming of the oceans (already happening) could disrupt the Atlantic conveyer of currents, making the ice melt in Greenland (already happening), and potentially throwing northern Europe into a mini ice age. ??????? There are many questions and answers are not easy, but I think it is unwise not to listen to those who make it their life missions to find these answers.

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