Extreme Winter Weather…-36°C…Sweden Calls In The Military!

The winter has even overwhelmed winter-hardened Sweden. So much so that the military has been called out to assist.

Temperatures as low as -36 degrees Celsius have been recorded in Sweden as snowfalls and storm winds play havoc with transport services.

Sweden’s main meteorological agency, SMHI, noted that the winter continued its march south across the country as strong winds from the Baltic Sea brought heavy snowfalls in eastern areas of Svealand and Götaland.

The snow is expected to remain on the ground in many parts of southern Sweden as temperatures are set to remain well below zero.

“There has been a lot of snow overnight,” Lisa Frost at SMHI said.

Kalmar county was obliged to call for military help on Wednesday to aid in the battle against widespread flooding which had caused damage to property in the area.

Read more: http://www.thelocal.se/30396/20101124/ (The Local).

The Independent got half of it right anyway. Maybe not “rare”, but at least “exciting”.

7 responses to “Extreme Winter Weather…-36°C…Sweden Calls In The Military!”

  1. R. de Haan

    Sweden is a profound supporter of the AGW scam so it’s only reasonable for Mother Nature to serve them with the brunt of the cold serving them with a lot of “rotten” ice and dirty snow.

    I am sure they continue to convince themselves that the cold and the snow is all due to Global Warming because it’s too embarrassing for the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences to admit they have been handing out Nobel Prices to a bunch of data fiddling clowns and free loaders.

  2. Carl

    As a swede and a regular follower of The Climate Scam blog (and through that of this one too) I must say that the views of the establishment and media here in Sweden regarding AGW aren’t very well rooted in the masses. Us hoi polloi don’t generally believe in stuff like that. We have an almost 800 year long tradition of mistrusting and distrusting our leaders when they are trying to impose their views on us. We tend to believe only in things that concerns us directly in our everyday lives. The climate is not one of these things.

    Where I live (Malung in western Sweden almost at the border to Norway) the middle to end november usually has a temperature of + 4-6 C. This year it has not gone above -5 C! Now I know it has no bearing on a world climate or anything like that but it certainly isn’t normal. Thanks for a very interesting blog!

    BTW, the meteorologist at SMHI has a very fitting name, Lisa Frost.

  3. TinyCO2

    Extreme snow and cold temperatures are getting hard for them to explain away and since it looks like 2010 isn’t going to be the hottest on record they’re emphasising how it’s almost the hottest on record.


    Lots of references to the warmest decade on record, as if it was unusual in a rising trend. Of the 16 decades since 1850, I work out that 8 of them were the warmest on record (including the first decade ending 1859) and only 3 of them were the coolest (again including the first decade).

    They were predicting significantly higher temperatures by now.


    To get back on track, temperatures have to go up about a degree in the next ten years. More, if there are to be any further natural plateaus or falls. Harsh winters weren’t part of picture they painted.

  4. R. de Haan

    Tiny CO2, thanks for your view but I think you are wasting your time on 100% propaganda.

    You can only call out “the warmest year” when the year has ended and the temperature data is reliable.

    Neither is the case.

    We are cooling since 1995 and non of the summer or winter temperatures have been exceptional in any way.

    When we make a temperature anomaly map and take the lowest temperatures during the Maunder Minimum and the highest temperatures from the Medieval Warmth period we will find that the temperatures over the period between the second World War and today are well within the parameters of the set extremes.

    If we look at the development of temperatures from a longer series starting with the Minoan Warm period, the Roman Warm Period and the
    warm period responsible for the warmest year of the past century that took place between 1917 and 1940 (1934) and the warm period that took place between 1979 and 2002, the temperature trend shows COOLING

    This publications provides you with some idea of the concept I sketched above:

  5. Juraj V.

    Hi Ron, I believe that “no warming since 1995” is BS. Of course, it depends which dataset you use and which start-endpoint you select. But everyone uses the one which at the moment supports their case. I use HadCRUT now, since it shows nothing like warmest year evah, but hey, it is an official IPCC dataset 😀


    Warmists suddenly are full of satellite ones, since the tropospheric measurmement always emphasizes El Nino much more than surface data. And GISTEMP/NCDC is not much reliable, being managed by ones like Hansen.

  6. Nonoy Oplas

    Good reason now for Sweden to discontinue, even temporarily, its many wind farms and use coal and other carbon-guzzler power plants. C02 causes warming, so Sweden and the rest of Europe will need more CO2 emission. There is still time to move the UN FCCC meeting from Mexico to Stockholm.

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