Predictions Of Warm Winters Get Buried In Ice

With the bitter cold and snowfall forecast for the days ahead in northern and central Europe, this winter is truly shaping up to be the 3rd consecutive hard winter to batter Europe with snow and cold. This of course all flies in the face of projections made 10 years ago and even less. I thought now is a good time to bring up what the consensus and settled science told us 10 years ago.

The Independent brought us an infamous story that has become a favorite of the climate realists, click here, titled:

Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past

Britain’s winter ends tomorrow with further indications of a striking environmental change: snow is starting to disappear from our lives.

According to Dr David Viner, a senior research scientist at the climatic research unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia,within a few years winter snowfall will become ‘a very rare and exciting event’.

‘Children just aren’t going to know what snow is,’ he said.”

And what gets printed by The Independent in March gets used for April Fools Day by Der Spiegel, read here, article dated 1 April 2000:

Snow never again?

Influenced by man, temperatures will continue to rise here with a certainty of 95%. In Germany the bitter cold winters belong to the past: ‘Winter with deep frosts and a lot of snow like 20 years ago will no longer occur at our latitudes”, says scientist Mojib Latif of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg”

Damn that 5%! To be honest, it seems like Der Spiegel has April Fools climate stories every day.

Finally, WDR German public television talk show “Hart aber fair” (Hard but fair) featured the following topic on January 17, 2007, i.e. less than three years ago!

Warmer winters, broken climate – welcome to the hot future?

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to locate the video clip of that show. But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to imagine what that discussion was like.

Today things are indeed very different. Suddenly all the talk of warm winters in central Europe has disappeared from the media radar. Instead all the talk is now about hard winters coming to Europe – due to global warming, of course.

10 responses to “Predictions Of Warm Winters Get Buried In Ice”

  1. R. de Haan

    Very good work Pierre.
    Please spend some time to e-mail the zealots and remind them of their

    Great work.

  2. Juraj V.

    IPCC AR4 Synthesis report, chapter 3.3.2. “Impact on regions”:
    – Mountainous areas will face …reduced snow cover
    and winter tourism, …


  3. Steve Koch

    Really like the 2007 IPCC comment.

    Re: weather forecasts for specific regions, the CAGW climatologists are at an extreme disadvantage WRT to meteorologists with geographical domain specific knowledge. For example, el nino or la nina has much, much more impact on USA weather than does CO2. Since the forecast of the meteorologists is bound to be much more accurate than CAGW climatologists, they have much more credibility.

  4. Nonoy Oplas

    And now Europe is freezing. If the UN FCCC meeting is held in Europe next week, not in Mexico, hundreds of climate bureaucrats from many countries would possibly experience flight delays or cancellations due to thick snow on runways. I wrote a short note on the above story on Sweden chilling,

  5. Casper

    “And what gets printed by The Independent in March gets used for April Fools Day by Der Spiegel, read here, article dated 1 April 2010:”
    😆 What a coincidence? Was it published consciously? Or was people taken for a fool?

  6. M White
  7. Ingemar

    The Der Spiegel article should be dated in year 2000 (not 2010), shouldn’t it?

    Thanks a lot for this funny posting Pierre!

  8. Douglas DC

    I remember reading an article sitting at the Redding Ca. Airtanker (fire Retardant)
    base, in Sept,1994 The article by the Sierra Club in the San Francisco Chronicle
    Basic Story line:”I isn’t going to snow, or rain at any time in the near future.”
    Snow in the Sierra’s forget it. No rain for crops or grapes, forget it.”
    Then the next day the skies opened. We went home to Medford, Or.
    As for today, I think there is a bit of snow in the Sierra….

  9. sunsettommy


    Just days ago I got 10″ (24cm) of snow.

    That is about 95% of the winter average snow total.

    Now I just learned that late next week.The forecast highs is around 5-10 degrees F (-12 to -15 C) The average high for that time frame is about 45 degrees F (7 C).

    Yup the joys of that AGW backed climate they keep telling us is going to roll over us.Never seem to gain traction.

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