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Bastardi Forecast: “Severe Event” For Europe

Hat tip Ron de HaanSo far it’s been a really cold winter for much of Europe, and so you’d think we’d be due for a little relief. Think again! Although western Europe will enjoy some milder temps this weekend, it isn’t going to last long. Already next week the bitter cold will be back. This […]



Punyai suatu website dgn technologi sesuai tren sebab itu ringan pada dibuka oleh seluruhnya pemain baik itu pakar atau yg tengah pemula, bersama-sama kemudahan akses keseluruh website bersama-sama memanfaatkan fitur seperti mobile phone androud/ios dan masih computer jelas dapat mengambil kenyamanan solo pada semasing pemain pada rasakan kejayaan dimanapun mereka beruang. yg tak pasrah diri […]

Major Shift: Germany Now Views Climate Change As Positive!

Major Shift: Germany Now Views Climate Change As Positive!

Reaching an agreement in Cancun is out of reach. Representatives are desperate, and so they will go through every motion to give the appearance they are doing something  – anything. They are obligated to go through the formalities of trying, after all. Der Spiegel reports here that Germany’s Environment Minister Norbert Röttgen is now singing a […]

“I Have A Nightmare!” Activists Searching For A Climate Martin Luther King

Der Spiegel reports here on the latest ideas from climate activists to revitalize the stalled climate movement, which has run aground over the last year – thanks to Climategate and gross errors in the 2007 IPCC report. Hat-tip Yawn – a “loser topic” Surveys have found that the population is bored by the issue as a whole, and […]

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