Bastardi Forecast: “Severe Event” For Europe

Hat tip Ron de HaanSo far it’s been a really cold winter for much of Europe, and so you’d think we’d be due for a little relief. Think again!

Although western Europe will enjoy some milder temps this weekend, it isn’t going to last long. Already next week the bitter cold will be back. This is just the kind of winter weather that not only paralyzes economic activity, but also wreaks havoc on streets and highways – freeze-thaw-freeze cycles that rip asphalt surfaces apart. Expect major damage this winter and huge potholes later on.

Joe Bastardi’s latest video Europe Gets Hit by Extreme Cold is not good news. By Tuesday night the cold will spread over Central and Western Europe. Bastardi:

By the time we get to the latter part of next week and on into the Christmas week, this is a severe event, no question about it.

We’re looking at a top 5 or 10 cold December.

I feel we should warn you, things are going to be real nasty in the next 2 weeks, and perhaps 3 weeks.”

To me this is okay. All them warmist representatives thinking they were going to enjoy sun, beach and warmth in Cancun found themselves shivering there in 100-year record cold. And now they can come back and disembark from their planes and into the cold reality in Europe, and wonder where all the warming is.

Hint: it’s in the models and your dumb heads, and nowhere else.

17 responses to “Bastardi Forecast: “Severe Event” For Europe”

  1. Nick Mabbs

    Hmm, Met Office only hinting at this at the moment, they won’t even stick their necks out for a White Christmas !

    Seems that most of the European delegates won’t be landing at all if they leave it too late. Check out the 18-26 Dec map from NASA.

  2. Edward.

    Thanks PG ….. plus Joe (the best……………ye’r both [of you] are great)………………….. I don’t like it.

    I went out this morning in my boots (new!), melting snow (?) – is the (!) worst of all, I, was lucky to keep my feet (I ain’t 20 – no more – only twenty three [ I wish]?), there (is going to) will be – a long (very cold) winter.

    Lord help us all!…………….. (I wish the Politicians ‘got it’).

    Waiting for the sea to freeze,………… did in 1940. + 47.

  3. R. de Haan

    The essence of the message is to prepare.
    Take care to stay warm even if the electricity grid goes down, stock up on fuel, food stocks and bottled water, prepare your vehicles and if you go for a longer trip take sufficient food, water and warm blankets with you.

    I returned from a visit from Berlin to Osnabruck in 1997 when it started to snow.
    I ended up on the highway for 24 hours without moving a single meter.
    Just be prepared for such events.

    A long period of sustained cold and snow could quickly lead to a collapse of public transport and distribution as we see in Scotland and the North of England right now.

    Especially in the big cities people could be confronted with energy and food rationing very quickly.

    Severe cold comes with a major stress on the power grid and blackouts always occur at the coldest moment.

    So take care to have sufficient back up, a generator for electricity and light, wood and a kerosine burner for heat.

    Today modern supermarkets only hold small stocks and depend on just in time delivery of goods and products.

    Just stock up to at least bridge a period of three weeks.

  4. R. de Haan
  5. Juraj V.

    “Russia has repeatedly stated, including at the highest political level, that the adoption of commitments for the second commitment period under the Kyoto protocol as it stands now would be neither scientifically, economically or politically effective.”

    So Russkies kill the wannabe Kyoto ancestor. Love the remark “scientifically”.

  6. R. de Haan

    From Joe Bastardi:

    A break is coming a break is coming and not just some 3 day let up in the northwest. In the wake of what will be a severely cold period for much Europe through the 20th ( again the cold is coming back into the northwest in a few days, I see a chance for warmth in larger scale, one that could leave us with a break before there is any reloading, once we get to and beyond Christmas. As is my habit, I just want to give you a heads up on what is coming after a period of cold that will be something to be hold… and if you be holding something, make sure you have your gloves on or your hands may freeze on contact

    thanks for reading ciao for now

    In the mean time the Temperature Outlook for Europe looks like this:

  7. R. de Haan

    Success at Cancun, prepare for man made death and disaster

    In the mean time Germany takes the lead in the distruction of Europe’s economies including it’s own.

    Lord Monckton in Cancún Warned: ‘The decisions to be made here this week signal nothing less than the abdication of the West’
    ‘The governing class in what was once proudly known as the Free World is silently, casually letting go of liberty, prosperity, and even democracy itself.’

    The next step in defense of the Euro is made in check with the Cancún Agreement.
    The creation of a fiscal union without democratic control is the final step in the destruction of the former free Europe.

    Our political establishment must be very proud of themselves for restoring the Iron Curtain only 20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

    The big gorilla in the room will be the question if the people of the EU and the former free world including the USA, where a similar power grab takes place, will continue to behave like sheep on their way to the slaughterhouse.

    Those who decide over the faith of billions are in total control of our financial system, our resources, our health care and our freedom but they represent no more than 3% of the World Population and they are all mortal.

    For those of you who have the opportunity to jump ship, leave Europe
    and migrate to a better place I tip South America.

    The climate in Europe is about to turn cold and deadly.

    1. DirkH

      “The creation of a fiscal union without democratic control is the final step in the destruction of the former free Europe.”

      While i wouldn’t call it the final step in destruction, i see the problem – unfortunately Europeans have never understood the sentence “No taxation without representation”. Oh well – actually they never heard that sentence.

    2. Casper

      I think the EU will be dead long ago before it takes effect.

  8. DirkH

    Die Welt correctly characterizes the wandering circus of climate conferences in the last sentence of their article about Cancun:

    “The congress dances around the globe; the apocalypse can wait.”

  9. DirkH
  10. R. de Haan

    No DirkH,

    They have reloaded the system with 100 million US dollar until 2020.
    This means that they will continue their propaganda machine and at the same time crack down on any decent.

    The Copenhagen Climate meeting was severely undermined by ClimateGate and the skeptic blogsphere.

    They won’t run that risk again.

    Most people exactly know the principles of democracy.
    Especially those who were invaded by foreign powers.

    The EU is set to introduce taxation without representation and I really think this will cause a public fury.

    The EU strategy similar to that of the UN.

    Take your cut from every mishap that takes place and use any opportunity to grow your power what ever the price.

    The fact that Angela Merkel and her Government now have taken the lead to follow the track of the defaulting nations over the cliff is telling.

    If the monetary union crashes, the EU and the UN IMF will be the only body of control left.
    And they have the power to call in foreign troops to suppress opposition and restore order.

    Welcome to the brave new wold.

    1. Casper

      I hope the EU will be dead due to euro crash!

  11. R. de Haan
  12. R. de Haan

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