Maxeiner’s Satirical Piece On The Absurdity of Climate Science

Here’s a brilliant satirical piece on German radio by journalist Dirk Maxieiner on how the state thinks it can regulate weather and climate.

Unfortunately the audio and text are only available in German. To all German readers here, if you have yet to hear it, then you really ought to do so.

Dirk Maxeiner is the author of: Hurrah, wir retten die Welt. I’ve read it, and can only recommend it.

First he focuses his satire on the contradictory predictions made by climate crystal ball forecasters. Stefan Rahmstorf recently declared that cold winters are now a sign of global warming, while Mojib Latif claimed that winters will get warmer. No matter what, it’s proof of man-made climate change. Maxeiner:

Even a new ice age would not refute the theory of unstoppable global warming, rather it would be claimed that it confirms it. Climate debate strongly reminds us of the joke about the four enemies of Soviet agriculture: spring, summer, fall, and winter – as well as the two auxiliary enemies: day and night.”

He points out that even weather normalcy is now viewed as indisputable evidence of man-made climate change. When North Sea storm Kyril hit Germany in 2007, the media was shocked that the storm surge predicted the coast never materialised, and so was thus some sort of surreal extreme event.

Today, says Maxeiner, “Germany is in the grips of ‘Immerschlimmerismus’ (things are always getting worse), even though Germans today are more prosperous and healthier than ever.

People no longer accept taking responsibility, he says. When something goes wrong, it’s never your fault – it’s always the fault of someone else. For example “if you crash your car, it’s not because of poor driving skills, but rather it’s the fault of the Road Commissioner who failed to make traffic conditions safe enough”.

The peak of stupidity, and/or arrogance, is the State’s belief that it can now control our weather, and thus keep the menace of extreme weather at bay. The truth is that the State, the great protector, cannot even control its own spending. Maxeiner describes the State’s policy to regulate climate as:

A type of politics that is not even able to stop health insurance premiums from rising, yet pretends it can regulate the temperature of the globe to 2°C. The climate is thus viewed by the public as a system that can be brought into a state of calm simply by switching off human-made influences.”

Some of us of course ask how is it that some people can be brought to the point of believing such absurdity? A new standard of public-dumbing-down has unquestionably been reached.

Indeed Maxeiner makes us realize that one has to be quite gullible on a variety of issues to believe the State can regulate climate. It’s official:

The State is now responsible for our weather”.

But accountable for bad weather, however, will always be the citizens and their lifestyles. Get ready to sacrifice.

4 responses to “Maxeiner’s Satirical Piece On The Absurdity of Climate Science”

  1. ArndB

    Dirk Maxeiner is brilliant; Fred Singer is excellent; and who states that:
    “The peak of stupidity, and/or arrogance, is the State’s belief that it can now control our weather, and thus keep the menace of extreme weather at bay.”, is doing a very good job!

    However, that is not the full story: IMO. I insist that “ocean and climate is the same matter” (see e.g. my essay from 1993 at:, and the weather and average weather can be only understood if the oceans can be thoroughly monitored, and are reasonable understood. I regard Fred Singer’s notion and book title: „Nature, Not Human Activity, Rules the Climate” as very unfortunate. See my article from June 2008: „Who Rules the Climate”? at:

    Is there any evidence that human activities in the marine environment do not cause change, which subsequently influence atmospheric processes? Screw driven vessels and fishing boats that sail the seas since the end of the Little Ice Age can have had an impact, and two naval world wars coincide with the only two climate shifts 1919-1940 and 1940-1975, if the trend since 1975 is only a recovery from the pervious cooling (

    Not nature rules climate, but the ocean rule climate, and if it will take much longer to understand the atmospheric process in this way, it could be one day to late to do anything. The oceans are definitely completely out of human control.

    The best what he can do is to understand, and protect and preserve the marine environment, that THE STATES are anyhow obliged to do as required by the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (Art. 192). YES, in this sense: “The State is responsible for our weather”.
    But the main fault is with science, which is not even able to define and work with reasonable terms and definitions: .
    Regards Arnd Bernaerts

  2. R. de Haan

    Great peace Pierre.

    The EU now in control of weather climate and volcano’s is a reality that must be abandoned right away.
    Just like the fact that we are no longer free people if the principle of taxation by representation no longer exists.

    People have to wise up, the farce has been going on far to long and they are spending our money on 100% nonsense + their own pockets.

  3. R. de Haan
  4. Mindert Eiting

    Thanks for this piece. Although I have no sound on my computer, the message is clear. I think we cannot blame common people for believing scare stories. The real scandal is the role of science. AGW now predicts warmer and colder winters, which is a contradiction, implying that AGW is inconsistent. What else should we expect from a theory at odds with thermodynamics? Even journalists understand this. We need several years to figure out how this could happen, how scientists promoted a hoax which we call in Dutch ‘Broodje Aap Verhaal’ (‘Monkey Burger Story’). Hopefully, Montfort will write a book about it after his succesful The Hockey Stick Illusion.

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