German Church of Climatology Releases Survey Results Of The Faithful (And Unfaithful)

The push towards Green Fundamentalism. This is one of the most dangerous surveys the German government has ever commissioned. 

What do you do when the global warming dogma is collapsing all over the world and people in Germany start expressing doubts, as they shovel snow almost daily and battle the icy cold? You produce a bogus study that shows otherwise. Of course you make the survey look scientific and authoritative (an old trick practiced in climate science).

German government releases its latest environmental survey, which suggests citizens want the government to step in even more.

The online Handelsblatt reports here on a new survey titled Environmental Consciousness in Germany 2010 – Results of a representative survey commissioned by the German Ministry of Environment.

The text was written by Dr Fritz Reusswig of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and Dr. Silke Borgstedt of the Sinus Institute. Consider the whole thing as the Church of Green doing a survey of the faithful, and looking to see if they are worshipping and practicing the green religion enough.

Moreover, the survey is designed to legitimize further government intrusion into people’s lives and their choices in order to make sure they live “green”. That’s the dangerous aspect of the survey. The target is to acheive 100% green intellectual purity in Germany.

The overall result is: People are more environmentally religious than ever, but it’s still not enough! And the survey alleges that the majority of the citizens want the government to step into their lives even more. The survey suggests that people want the government to do more to make everybody green.

The enviro-friendly Handelsblatt provides us with some of the results. But be warned – this study has PIK fingerprints all over it.

85% of Germans believe a changeover to renewable energy is needed, (only 8% actually use it).
34% buy organic food, down from 43% in 2008.
58% want a speed limit of only 30 km/hr in cities.
62% want the government to do more for the environment.

Poor people and conservatives are stupid

They don’t come out and say it, but we know damn well what they are getting at. The survey marginalises conservatives, and de facto declares war on people with other beliefs. That’s the impression the Handelsblatt gives:

The study suggests that well-educated, liberal, young people, who use the internet daily, are more environmentally conscious. But poor and conservative groups see environment and economy as opposites, and take the environment less into consideration.”

Yes, conservatives have the same thinking as those you find in the squalor of the lower social strata, the Handelsblatt suggests. In general, people who aren’t environmentalists aren’t hip. They’re like tea partiers.

But Jochen Flasbarth, President of the Federal Ministry of Environment has some quaint things to say about the poor and the narrow minded conservatives in German society:

Although the traditional postwar generations don’t care so much about environmental protection, they have s smaller ecological foot print.”

That’s because they fly less, shop less, and drive less. So in that sense, we have to applaud them. Is this how people are going to be measured by the state in the future? This is pretty damn scary. Since when is it the the state’s job to dictate how people live. German democracy and freedom are taking a gigantic leap backwards.

According to Section of the survey: “Liberal-intellectuals and social ecological persons look closely to see products have the “Blue Angel” environmental seal.”

A majority are calling for more government and higher taxes

And stricter regulations, too. At least that’s what the Church of Climatology survey claims.

62% says the government isn’t doing enough for climate protection.
89% believe industry is not doing enough.
54% say the citizens aren’t doing enough.
61% say Germany should be the global leader in climate protection.

Handelsblatt writes that between 72 and 89% are in favour of better insulation for homes, more environmentally friendly production, more environmentally friendly cars, higher taxes on products that damage the climate, tougher laws or curtailing subsidies that damage the climate.

But Flasbarth thinks there’s a lack of willingness in contrast:

There’s gap there that is interesting for the state because it shows where we can get started. For me this is a clear mandate for environmental policy not to hesitate in implementing the law.”

Talk about a guy who wants to be an environmental Napoleon!  In Flasbarth’s view it’s: the people want us to regulate them – so give us more power! Handelsblatt writes:

In the rankings, environmental protection ranks third with 20% behind economy and financial policy (24%) and jobs (51%). It moved up one position.”

I find it a bit strange that such a survey was not conducted by an independent polling institute, like Infratest or Emnid. Why is the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research involved? I expect other such bogus studies to be used as the next propaganda tool in other countries – soon.

10 responses to “German Church of Climatology Releases Survey Results Of The Faithful (And Unfaithful)”

  1. M White


    Is this the German dream.

    Here in the UK, we’re so screwed

    1. Bernd Felsche

      The marvel of all history is the patience with which men and women submit to burdens unnecessarily laid upon them by their governments. — George Washington

    2. Casper

      What did you expect? The end-user will always pay for everything.

  2. M White
  3. Marco

    The problem with some Germans is that they think they are so right, soo perfect, so scientific.
    Now we have the same problem with the government and many politicians.
    When this happens everithing (I mean really everything) could happen.
    As it has already happened in the past.
    In Germany.

  4. DirkH

    “A majority are calling for more government and higher taxes”

    Unfortunately, this is exactly how i would characterize my fellow Germans. When calling for higher taxes, they usually want “taxes for the rich”; but as we see with the 45% top income tax tariff (the “Reichensteuer”) the bracket for which it is applied is lowered or proposed to be lowered all the time, an obvious strategy that my fellow Germans just can’t foresee – like a budgie that just can’t understand that a mirror only shows a mirror image, not another budgie.

    They go especially socialist when being overtaken on the Autobahn by a big fast Audi. It’s an inferiority complex.

  5. Bernd Felsche

    Did they survey anybody outside the asylums?

    People are going to die this winter as a result of such cognitive disonance. Unfortunately, it’ll be people least able to defend themselves against the advice of dangerous kooks.

  6. Jean Demesure

    The Germans are so easily conned by totalitarians.

  7. Quixote

    First of all these Eco Religious Idiots have the nerve to even “think” they can have mastery over CLIMATE!

    Climate has been, is, and always will be a dynamic unpredictable force of nature that makes us humans look like insignificant pieces of sand on a beach! Yet these idiots actually “believe” they have some type of control over Climate’s behaviour!

    Secondly who are these wee little fat greasy men who “think” they can “dictate” how us common and of course, “unclean and uneducated” poor-class folks MUST live?

    Here is the answer: These idiots are gutless psychopathic narcissistic rich little inbred freaks who have nothing better to do than try and turn OUR world into one of their “playrooms” where they can feel powerful and not the way they actually are and that is “IMPOTENT!”

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