Aturan Permainan DominoQQ utk Pemula

Aturan Permainan DominoQQ buat Pemula! Domino QQ, pun dikenal yang merupakan Qiu Qiu atau Domino Indo yaitu wujud poker yg amat sangat terkenal di Indonesia. Ini terkait dgn pai gow, yg yakni permainan judi domino Asia.
Kadang-kadang, ini mampu sedikit membingungkan utk mendalami permainan dominoQQ ini tapi demikian kamu melakukannya, itu menyenangkan & menciptakan ketagihan! Aturan buat game ini tercantum di bawah ini maka kamu sanggup membacanya & meraih pemahaman yg lebih baik menyangkut bagaimanakah gameplay terjadi & bagaimanakah total game bekerja.
wujud perjudian ini berikan kamu peluang buat menempatkan duit kamu kepada hasil permainan dominoqq yg dapat datang. Taruhan cuma mampu ditempatkan kepada hasil total dari kejuaraan, atau terhadap beraneka situasi yg berlangsung selagi turnamen. Biasakan beraneka ragam type taruhan sebelum kamu menyimpan duit kamu di telepon.
Aturan DominoQQ
juga sebagai permulaan, game ini dimainkan bersama 28 domino double-enam. tak seperti AS, domino di Indonesia kebanyakan card mungil yg dibuang sesudah sekian banyak dikala lantaran menunjukkan tanda-tanda aus & bermain.
kepada kebanyakan, seluruhnya pemain mesti memasukkan taruhan dgn jumlah tertentu ke dalam pot yg disediakan. Jumlah ini bakal bervariasi tergantung di mana kamu main-main & itu mampu jadi taruhan rendah atau tinggi. sesudah seluruhnya orang memasang taruhan mereka, tiap-tiap pemain diberikan 3 card domino.
sesudah seluruhnya pemain telah menonton domino mereka sendiri, mereka sanggup laksanakan 1 elemen dari 4 pilihan. kalau tak ada yg lebih baik pada awal mulanya mereka sanggup bertaruh namun apabila ada yg pada awal mulanya lebih baik sehingga mereka mampu menelepon, menaikkan, atau melipat.
tatkala putaran perdana, jikalau cuma satu orang bertaruh sehingga mereka membawa pot kemenangan tidak dengan mesti menunjukkan tangan mereka. kalau ada lebih dari satu orang, sehingga tiap-tiap orang yg tak melipat dapat dikasih card ke-4.
sesudah card dibagikan, babak final taruhan berjalan. sebahagian akbar disaat, ke-2 putaran mempunyai batas taruhan & babak ke-2 kebanyakan mempunyai batas yg lebih tinggi. Di akhir babak final ini, seluruh pemain yg tak mundur mesti menunjukkan tangan mereka. Orang bersama tangan teratas atau paling baik membawa pot kemenangan.
bagaimanakah Aturan basic dalam Permainan dominoqq?
card dimasukkan berpasangan & pips ditambahkan bersamaan & cuma digit ke-2 yg diambil. yang merupakan sample, keseluruhan pip 23 jadi 3 & keseluruhan pip 17 jadi 7. bersama begitu, pasangan paling tinggi merupakan 9, yg memberikan nama Qiu Qiu. Ada 3 tangan yg dapat berikan kamu score lebih tinggi dari sepasang angka 9. Yaitu:
• Tinggi – keseluruhan pip kepada 4 card domino sama bersama 38 atau lebih tinggi
• Rendah – keseluruhan pip kepada 4 domino sama bersama 9 atau di bawah
• Double-4 domino bersama ganda
Satu tangan lain yg di atas tangan non-khusus tapi di bawah ganda 9 yakni lurus. Di sinilah seluruhnya 4 domino mempunyai pips berturut-turut. Kita contohnya seperti ini, apabila pips sama dgn 4, 5, 6, 7. Tangan special yang lain yakni dikala kamu mempunyai 3 ganda & itu dinamakan sbg anak-anak & ke-4 sendirian.
apabila 2 pemain hasilnya mempunyai straight atau double, sehingga orang bersama double doubl menang. bila keduanya mempunyai straight tapi tak double, sehingga orang bersama straight straight dapat menang.
sekarang ini sesudah kamu tahu aturannya, kamu bakal mampu memainkan game ini dalam ketika singkat! Seperti halnya permainan apa serta, mungkin saja butuh sedikit latihan namun enteng utk menguasai & gampang buat dimainkan. kamu bisa menunjukkan pada sahabat kamu version dominoQQ baru & menunjukkan terhadap mereka trik bermain!

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  1. Mas

    Meanwhile back on Planet Earth …

    “NEW YORK (AP) — Schools closed, governments sent workers home early and planes were grounded Wednesday in an all-too-familiar routine along the East Coast as another snowstorm swept over a region already beaten down by a winter not even half over. “I fell three times trying to get off the steps,” commuter Elliott Self said after leaving an elevated train in Philadelphia. “I just want the snow to stop. I want the sun again. I want to feel just a little bit of warmth.”

    Millions of people got that oh-no-not-again feeling as the wet and sloppy storm engulfed the Northeast, where snowbanks in some places were already so high that drivers couldn’t see around corners. In Washington, D.C., hundreds of thousands of customers lost electricity, as heavy snow toppled power lines.
    Classes were called off and commutes were snarled from Tennessee to New England as cars and buses slipped and slid on highways. The New York area’s three major airports, among the nation’s busiest, saw more than 1,000 flights canceled. Pedestrians struggled across icy patches that were on their way to becoming deep drifts.

    In Pennsylvania, residents hunkered down as a one-two punch of a winter storm brought snow, sleet, freezing rain and then more snow, ….
    (Read more at the above link.)



    You are quite rightly pointing out the drastic change in US winter temperatures. They have cooled about 6 degrees F since 1998 as shown below. They could go down another 3-4 degrees over the next decade similarto the late 1970’s when it went down to about 27 degrees F. There are regions of US which border Canada, where the change is even greater. Similar cooling took place in the Canadian Prairies between 2006 and 2009 where the winters cooled some 7.1 degree C. We are expecting temperatures to again hit -40 to -45 C this coming week in Ontario[like last week ]

    Contiguous USwinter temperatures
    2010 31.16 F
    2009 33.70
    2008 33.31
    2007 33.90
    2006 36.11
    2005 35.91
    2004 33.61
    2003 34.20
    2002 36.35
    2001 31.69
    2000 37.17
    1999 37.02
    1998 36.69

    When I hear AGW supporting climate scientists say that there is no evidence to support that the planet is cooling or will cool in the future, I often wonder if they even live on the same planet.

    think US is laready


    Further to my previous post here is a table showing the winter cooling in the East North Central part of US

    2010 16.8 F
    2009 14.3
    2008 15.7
    2007 20.1
    2006 22.2
    2005 20.1
    2004 19.1
    2003 18.1
    2002 26.1
    2001 14.5
    2000 22.4
    1999 22.1
    1998 26.2

    EAST NORTH CENTRAL region of US is just south of CANADA and west of the Great Lakes. The temperatures are in Fahrenheit. There has been a 10 to 12 degrees F cooling already and the cool cycle is just getting underway. In the late 1970’s it went down to about 9 degrees F or about 7.8 F degrees further colder than now. That is why there was all the flooding in the Red River Valley and the Fargo area in recent years after a fast spring melt and the pattern could set up again this year if there is an early spring melt. [A lot of ice accumulates] As the planet cools the inland areas cool more first as the moderating effect of the oceans is less. As the oceans cool too [as they are now], the coastal areas will start to cool too[ Eastern US Coast and Western Europe ] but the inland areas will cool even more like is happening now in central US and Canada and Eastern Europe and parts of Asia .

  4. salvatore del prete

    Matti Vooro, it is like being in a movie theater,shouting fire and nobody will listen.

    As long as the atm. circulation remains mostly meridional, the N.H. will continue to cool this decade.

    The two main factors that will determine if the atmospheric circulation is going to remain meridional will be solar activity, and high latitude volcanic activity.

    That is the correct explanation of what is happening with our climate, and this is echoed by a few, such Piers Corbyn and Joe D’Aleo.


    1. Rob Honeycutt

      Translation: Any conclusion that doesn’t agree with what I want to hear is BS!

  5. Stephen Wilde

    Just a thought but wonder whether more meridional jets is a transition phase between zonal poleward jets (for strong warming) and zonal equatorward jets (for strong cooling).

    I suggest that because during the MWP both Greenland AND Europe were warmer and during the LIA both were colder.

    In contrast, with the current meridional jets, we generally see Greenland and Europe going in opposite directions depending on the positions of the jetstream loops.


    stephen wilde

    The jet stream pattern is different . It seems to go further south and even southeast in North America. Thus Canada and US are cold all over but AO is positive . Europe is warmer as La Nina patterns seem to give Europe milder or normal winters ?

    1. Stephen Wilde

      Possible. I don’t think we’ve yet seen enough real world situations to sort out all the available combinations. I’m aware of the La Nina/warm Europe link which is probably why we have shaken off the record cold of a few months ago.

      AO still goes a bit positive from time to time but we are in a general negative phase at present and no sign of going anywhere near the persistent positivity of the late 20th century.

      Ther’s a lot of chaotic variability in the system so one can only really get a grip by looking at multidecadal trends or longer.


    European [land +sea] winter temperature departures from the 1961-1990 base have been dropping the last three years also. I have estimated the 2010 winter anomaly.It is bound to be negative as UK 2010 winter temperature dropped by 1.57 C over 2009 .

    European Winter TEMPERATURE departures from 1961-1990 base
    1998 1.23 C
    1999 0.45
    2000 0.63
    2001 1.12
    2002 0.67
    2003 -0.06
    2004 0.65
    2005 0.60
    2006 0.12
    2007 1.54
    2008 1.34
    2009 0.52
    2010 -1.0 [EST]
    The 2010 estimate is mine. Data not available until April/May 2011

  8. CPT Wayne

    I thought the warming effects of CO2, being logarithmic, flat lines out at 100-200 ppm, after which there is negligible atmospheric warming. This would explain the NOAA/NCDC dataset graph shown at this site:

    The annual global temperature changes have been within normal variability despite the rising levels of atmospheric CO2. So, one can readily see that CO2 has had little impact on global temps. Unprecedented global warming has not occurred, and those claiming this are reading from a page of the book of scientific stupidity.

  9. Dan Pangburn

    From 2001 through Dec, 2010 the atmospheric CO2 increased by 21.8% of the total increase from 1800 to 2001 while the average global temperature has not increased significantly and the average of the five reporting agencies has been declining steeply since the peak of the last El Nino in about March 2010. The 21.8% CO2 increase is the significant measurement, not the comparatively brief time period.


    The contribution of added atmospheric carbon dioxide is between small and insignificant. The time-integral of sunspot numbers (a proxy which correlates with the average altitude and thus average temperature of clouds) and effective sea surface temperature are the main contributors.

    A simple equation, with inputs of accepted measurements from government agencies, calculates the average global temperatures since 1895 with 88% accuracy (87.6% if CO2 is assumed to have no influence). See the equation, links to the source data, an eye-opening graph of the results and how they are derived in the pdfs at (see especially the pdfs made public on 4/10/10 and 6/27/10).

    The future average global temperature trend that this equation calculates is down.


    Further eveidence that global cooling is well underway .


    I first saw the picture on the CLIMATE REALISTS web page , but the original source is the Daily mail . It shows the northern half of the entire Northern Hemisphere covered in snow and ice . If one were to add the southern edge of the previous glacier boundary , it may have looked similar.

  12. The Climate is Changing Alright, But It’s Getting Cooler at US Action News

    […] Signs Of Strengthening Global Cooling […]

  13. Gail Combs

    DirkH @ 23. Januar 2011 at 02:22

    I have the opinion that it will go LOWER than the 1945-1977, much lower. It will take decades, though. The reason is the quiet sun. 1945-1977 had the highly active sun of the 20th century. We don’t have that anymore. It’s the big game changer…..
    What is interesting about the sun during the 1970’s is Dr. Svalgaard’s N/S solar polar magnetic field strengths ( Think Svensmark’s Cosmic Theory)

    Notice what happened in the 1970 decade compared to the other 9 decades in the Koppen Climate classification. The other cool decade was 1910. Solar cycle 14 (1902-1913) was weak
    And Solar Cycle 15 did not get off the ground floor until 1918

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