DIE WELT: “Certainly: Global Warming Stopped”

That’s what one of Germany’s leading national dailies, DIE WELT,  writes here at it’s online site.Who knows! Maybe parts of the German media are beginning to see the the big block-letter writing on the wall and are now slowly taking baby-steps towards acknowledging the claims and science behind catastrophic global warming are not all what they are cracked up to be.

Maybe the far-fetched, cockamamie explanations on why all the cold is caused by warming has led the less zealous among the media to reconsider the science. Maybe all the phony predictions that keep turning out to be wrong are finally raising suspicions.

DIE WELT writes (emphasis added):

Forecasts made by many climate scientists, shortly before the year ended, prophesizing that 2010 would be the hottest on record have – once again – proven to be false.

According to CRU data, 2010 was in third place behind 1998 and 2005, and almost exactly tied with the year 2003. Certainly: The last decade was the warmest since records started being kept 130 years ago, but during the decade the warming – at least for the time being – stopped.”

 Colder winters are forecast for the future

The 4th cold winter in a row is also causing some people to wake up from their global warming trance and prompting them to ask questions. DIE WELT writes:

We are now experiencing the 4th cold winter in a row.”

And adds:

The climate scientists who are most loudly warning of global warming now say Central Europe must expect colder winters.”

The reason for this, writes DIE WELT, is because of a change in the NAO, which in the 1980s and 1990s supplied Europe with mild winters with winds from the Atlantic keeping the temperature on the mild side. DIE WELT also writes that Europeans ought to get used to long cold winters because that’s pretty much what is now forecast for the years ahead.

Global warming causing cold winters – just another theory

And Die Welt seems a bit annoyed by all the changing science, and so explains that the colder winters caused by global warming, all triggered by a lack of sea ice in the Arctic, is just a theory and reminds us that:

During the especially mild winter of 2006/2007 a completely different story was told: Namely that climate change would be more noticeable in milder winter months and less so as hot summer periods and that this one particular mild season would be typical for winters in the future.”

and then adds later in their report:

The very climate scientists who are warning of global warming now say Central Europe must expect colder winters.”

Thanks, DIE WELT, for reminding readers of that. PIK; GISS and Hadley scientists would like to have everyone forget all those now embarrassing computer-model-based forecasts. It’s encouraging to see journalists start wondering about the new theories that keep popping up when things turn out differently.

Spring 2011 forecast to be cold

Finally, DIE WELT tells us that this spring in Central Europe is not going to be warm either, quoting meteorologists. Unfortunately it has been a long brutal winter for much of Europe. And with the end of February upon us, many Europeans are really getting itchy for spring and some real warming. Unfortunately, it’s going to take (quite) awhile longer, so reports DIE WELT.

But all that has changed, and this winter looks like it is about to get a long extension. Although temperatures are forecast to get above freezing by the weekend, meteorologists are forecasting that March and April will remain on the cool side.

How much cold is it going to take to make the rest of us doubt the bogus warming?

36 responses to “DIE WELT: “Certainly: Global Warming Stopped””

  1. Edwin_Adlerman

    4th coldest winter in a row…in a land mass that constitutes .069 % of the world’s surface area?!
    That definitely proves GLOBAL warming is done for.

    1. Jimbo

      You forgot Russia which has gone through its the hardest winter in the last 27 years. You also forgot China, Norway, Sweden, Finland, UK and the USA. Need I go on.

    2. DirkH

      Edwin, warmists often use a heatwave in Russia, rains in Pakistan or floods in Queensland to bolster their claims. These places constitute only a small percentage of the globe’s surface as well – did you complain about that as well?

  2. Peter Hartmann

    dear pierre,

    you mistranslated “gewiss” with “certain”. in this context, a better translation would be for example “sure” or “allowedly”. your headline is a misrepresentation of the text. the text alleges the warming had “stopped” within the decade, which is of course irrelevant as we’re concerned about multidecadal means here.


  3. Jimbo

    “Global warming causing cold winters – just another theory”

    But in 1999 we were told by Gavin Schmidt et. al.:
    Warmer Northern Hemisphere winters due to global warming

    Then in 2010 we were told by Vladimir Petoukhov et. al:
    Colder Northern Hemisphere winters due to global warming

    Here is a recent scientific report on the snow in the USA:

    “The CSI Team’s analysis indicates that’s not likely. They found no evidence — no human “fingerprints” — to implicate our involvement in the snowstorms. If global warming was the culprit, the team would have expected to find a gradual increase in heavy snowstorms in the mid-Atlantic region as temperatures rose during the past century. But historical analysis revealed no such increase in snowfall. Nor did the CSI team find any indication of an upward trend in winter precipitation along the eastern seaboard.”

    When will Warmists accept that it’s natural causes?



    I agree that “gewiss” can translate as “certain” or “sure ” . To me they have the same meaning in the context of this article .

    The message of global cooling is now coming in from all parts of the Northern Hemisphere

  5. R. de Haan

    We have to stop all the EU mandated green ecology madness immediately.

    A Government that forces a doctrine upon us based on lies is not your Government. It’s our enemy.

  6. R. de Haan

    We have snow underway and it is cold.
    And it will stay cold.

  7. Juraj V.


    This picture gets never old. Northern extratropics in Hadcrut data.

  8. NikFromNYC

    Why on earth do media sources keep claiming that “records started being kept 130 years ago”?!?!?

    Records go back a whopping 350 years, damn it!

    I plotted the name recognition ones here, in single postcard size format:


    There is no hockey stick.

  9. Steve Koch

    The trend for the contiguous 48 USA states since 1998 through 2010 is just under minus one degree F per decade. This info/graph is from the USA federal government National Climatic Data Center web site:

    Great news that Germany is getting over global warming alarmism.

    Good new from the USA is that USA House of Representatives has voted to defund IPCC, reduce climate science funding for NASA and lots of other good budget cuts. Negotiations underway now to see which budget cuts survive, should know the results in a couple of weeks.

  10. Edward

    Latest weather forecast for Mongolian Capital Ulan Bator:

    Feb 24th, High -10C, Low/min -25C, how’s about that for a bit of AGW?

    Not being an expert on the German ‘Fourth Estate’, I would say, that like in England, this type of admission for Die Welt must be painful – ha ha ha!!!

    When will Angela get it? Mind you, she’s getting a tonking/stuffing in the Polls at the moment, is this something to do with AGW [and Merkels’ absolute faith in MMCO2e=global warming] – PG??

    1. DirkH

      No. The German public remains absolutely convinced that rising CO2 warms the planet ever more. For most, it is as solid a fact as gravity. They have been brainwashed for 30 years now by their TV sets. When i tell them that CO2 is not the cause of any significant warming their usual reaction is nervous laughter – they can’t believe that a German can be as ignorant as me.

      The fact that Angela is dropping in the polls has to do with a rise of neosocialist feelings and an ever-increasing number of green voters. A lot of greens are engineers, and ideologically green. They love the German renewables scheme and hate Angela – her government has reduced the renewable feed in tariffs faster than originally planned.

      Oh, and 70% of the Germans are rabidly anti-nuclear, so the lifetime extension for the nuclear plants didn’t go down well with them.

      1. Edward.

        That is a profoundly depressing reply Dirk, I always find – [well the Germans I’ve met anyway] that they seem to be pragmatic and sensible folk, though we rarely ‘josh’ about science – mainly money matters……………same thing tho’?!

        Must be meeting the ‘wrong’ Germans.

        1. DirkH

          Edward, there’s a big difference between the decision-makers and the R&D foot soldiers. I’m meeting members of both castes; and also unemployed or low-income people. The more economically savvy people are, the more they are open for new evidence. A lot of the upper echelon are riding the renewables gravy train without believing in AGW. They are playing the AGW card or the peak oil card as the political situation requires.

          The simple engineers and the population at large: they’re believing the propaganda. They’re all being played… It also has to do with the fact that the lower castes get their news from the German media only.

        2. DirkH

          Oh, and about “depressing” – remember, it gets worse before it gets better. The kids are very pragmatic and, i might say, hedonistic – much less fanatic than the Atomkraft Nein Danke movement in the early 80ies.


    It should be no surprise to Germans that global warming has stopped. Even two of their own climate modelers who believe in global warming predicted coooler weather during the next decade at least. I reported on this in an earlier track under COOLING on this blog and I repeat this below.

    3. Prof. Mojib Latif, Professor, Kiel University, Germany
    He makes a prediction for one decade only, namely the next decade [2009-2019] and he basically shows the global average temperatures will decline to a range of about 14.18 C to 14.28 C from 14.39 C [eyeballing his graphs].

    He also said that “you may well enter a decade or two of cooling relative to the present temperature level”, however he did not indicate when any two decades of cooling would happen or whether the second decade after the next decade will also be cooling. Read here and here.

    4. Dr. Noel Keenlyside from the Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences at Kiel University. The BBC writes:

    The Earth’s temperature may stay roughly the same for a decade, as natural climate cycles enter a cooling phase, scientists have predicted.”
    A new computer model developed by German researchers, reported in the journal Nature, suggests the cooling will counter greenhouse warming.”
    Read here news.bbc.

  13. Staffan Lindström

    24. Februar 2011 at 06:07 … Sorry Edward, but that is quite normal in UB this time of the year… UB is at 48N and 1350 m ASL the coldest capital of the world. I just checked WIKI and TuTiempo and they may be in error of course but 2010 was about 0,5C warmer than normal, but yet if the reference period is 1961-1990, that was a mini ice age of course, we had it here in the Stockholm, Sweden, area too.
    So what were the numbers? 2010: -1,9C “normal”: -2,4C…I DID NOT FIND UB at Nasa Giss…!!?? Best regards from SL {27 m ASL…-17C last night in Solna but some places in the province of Uppland [N of Stockholm around -30C…actually half a dozen nights now in February…]

    1. Edward.

      Thank you Staffan, your reply is duly noted.

      UB is an extremely cold place……… and! – too hot in summer – so I hear.

      It is the AGW idiocy, I was having a dig at [the BBC] had quite a few pic’s of Mongolia/China last year (winter 09/10) when the northern provinces + Mongolia, had appalling weather………….the BBC is always talking of, “China getting on board the AGW train”…………..BS, BS, BS! – why? Because they’ve [the Chinese] seen it all before, 5,000yrs of history and no doubt weather records/tallies. The Chinese do not believe in AGW, they will say they do to appease/inveigle/hoodwink/make a buck/humiliate, us – in the gormless WEST [sorry EU].

      It is the cognitive dissonance at the BBC and in the MSM, they will not believe the evidence of their own eyes and will persist with: “AGW is real!” All the time, whilst still reporting on viciously freezing weather all over the NH – last year and this year and next bloody year.
      Even though, T’s are still rock bottom [presently] and will remain so deep into April in the NH.

      All together now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – MMCO2e= all the potential of…. a p*ss in the ocean!

  14. Jim Simpson, Sydney Aust.

    At long last the clothes around the great Global Warming debate are progressively being removed to show it for the gigantic scam that it truly is!


    While Europe taken collectively has only showed serious winter cooling the last three winters, some countries like Germany further in land areas have had 4 cold winters in row. For the record some regions in Germany still further inland and at higher elevations like Zugspitze[47..4N ,11.0E] and Saentis [47.2N, 9.3E] both near Stuttgart or Munchen have had winter cooling starting already in 2007 or 5 years in a row. Also the mean winter temperatures were close to the late 1970’s. This kind of winters will spread through out Europe as the Atlantic cools. We in North America are already experiencing the impact of both colder north Pacific and now colder north Atlantic Ocean along our east coast. We are already having winters similar to those when PDO and AMO were both negative and cool [1964-1976]. The 2010 winter was the 16 Th coldest in US since 1895. The winter 2011 could be even colder. No amount of science seems to convince the European Green party . Mother nature will soon change the mind of the most dedicated warmists if they do not freeze before.

    1. DirkH

      Matti, it was the same with winters in Northern Germany. In Braunschweig, we regularly reached minus 10 degrees all through the past decade – at least that’s how i remember it. Braunschweig has flat country to the North so we are, like Berlin, under the influence of North-Eastern winds from the Baltic Sea in winter.
      The winters in the 90ies were warmer.

    2. DirkH

      The Green parties in Europe are more about “sticking it to the man” than they are about science or reason… There’s no point in trusting their numbers (for instance about efficiency of renewables) or arguing with them. As soon as a technology becomes economic without subsidies, it will fall out of favor with the Greens – they are protest parties and against economic success; they are anti-capitalist. This also means that they are the enemies of their own success.


    Dirk H

    The winter temperatures for the Berlin area have been dropping after 2007 [4 years now if 2011 is included] The December 2010 temperature of -4C was the coldest since 1969[ -5.6C ] or the next one in 1890 [-4.5C] Annual temperaures have been dropping for 3 years and 2010 was the coldest in about 13 years and 1.88C colder than 2007

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