Piers Corbyn Blasts Met Office: “Bunkering, Self-Serving – Delusional As Gaddafi”

When you have an institution that can longer function because of incompetence, corruption, or whatever human element, it is impossible to repair it without first replacing the bad personnel behind the problem. Anything else is like trying to cure someone with a bad liver by treating everything else except the liver itself.That’s the case at the Met Office. If you truly want to reform it, then it has to be purged of its rotten apples. Piers Corbyn reports on the UK parliament transport select committee, click here, into the December cold & snow, and concludes:

THE MET OFFICE’s submission is, I would say: a Mubarak-style, bunkerish, self-serving, denial of reality.”

He then lists the points why, among them is a comment on the usefulness of seasonal forecasts, which, as we know, their own have been completely wrong. Piers writes (emphasis added):

They say ‘accurate regional forecasts on a monthly scale have proved to be useful. Perhaps they are talking about someone else’s forecasts (eg WeatherAction’s). The observed FACT is Met Office seasonal forecasts have demonstrably negative skill. They have consistently – with zero success in all the last 6 unusual (extreme) seasons – misled the public, emergency services and Councils and led to deaths on unsalted roads consequent on ill-advised Council’s believing MetOffice warmist winter forecasts.”

Piers then writes on the Met Office’s commitment in developing forecasting science, calling it “as delusional as Colonel Gaddafi”. To top it all off, the Met Office then has the temerity to expect the British taxpayers to cough up many more millions for super-computers to “improve their forecasts”.

Everybody knows that no matter how good your computers are, if you feed them with garbage, then you get garbage out. I’d rely on Piers and his laptop long before I’d call the clowns at the Met Office.

In its submission, the Met Office does promise to take the steps needed for generating accurate monthly forecasts for the public, adding:

The extent and speed of this development is, of course, dependent on the availability of resources – particularly in supercomputing power to enable modelling to incorporate new science and understanding…..”.

Never let a crisis go to waste.

Indeed the Met Office needs a good house-cleaning. They are attempting to screw the public yet again. And unless the house does indeed get cleaned, more Bitish lives will be put at risk.

3 responses to “Piers Corbyn Blasts Met Office: “Bunkering, Self-Serving – Delusional As Gaddafi””

  1. Alex the skeptic

    Evil is falling down like a pack of cards, Tunisia, Egypt, imminently Libya, Algeria, Morocco, maybe Iran and this morning it was on thenews even North Korea ahs seen some protests.
    Climate Change politics is in an analogous situation. It may take a bit more than a while, bit it will fall.

    The Met office asking for more money to increase its computer power is analogous to Geddafi asking for more money to buy more bullet power. But like Geddafi, AGW will fall, crash, soon.

    1. mindert eiting

      Yes, and don’t forget the role of the internet in these events.


    The warming bias at the Met Office has been well publicized internationally and it is difficult to take their forecast seriously any more. It is not that their seasonal forecasts were warming biased but also their decadal and their famous 4C rise by 2060 forecasts are even worse. The latter forecast implies temperatures to go up at an average rate of 0.08 per year or about 18 times faster than the last 10 years average of about 0.0044 C per year

    Here is what BBC reported recently
    “The Met Office has now admitted to BBC News that its annual global mean forecast predicted temperatures higher than actual temperatures for nine years out of the last 10. “

    This organization is supposed to be one of the flag ship of AGW science now that CRU has lost credibility as well

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