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German Physicist Slams Climate Science, Says “Climate Politics Is Grand Déjà Vu Of Communist East Germany”

Prof. Knut Löschke, a solid state physicist, who conducted research until 1986, founded PC-Ware AG, and then turned it into a European IT company before leaving in 2009, had some harsh words about climate science and policy in an interview with the magazine Smart Investor.  This is reported in the German realist blog Ökowatch. Dr. Löschke: What is […]

Cult For Climate Action Disbans – Pledges Metamorphosis To…?

Various blogs and alternative media outlets like PR Week today are reporting on the disbanning of the anti-capitalist, anti-carbon radical environmental cult campaign known as the Camp for Climate Action. This is the crazed campaign that attempted to storm the Drax coal-fired power plant and blockaded the British Airports Authority. According to Wikipedia the campaign’s overall puprose was […]

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