Cult For Climate Action Disbans – Pledges Metamorphosis To…?

Various blogs and alternative media outlets like PR Week today are reporting on the disbanning of the anti-capitalist, anti-carbon radical environmental cult campaign known as the Camp for Climate Action.

This is the crazed campaign that attempted to storm the Drax coal-fired power plant and blockaded the British Airports Authority. According to Wikipedia the campaign’s overall puprose was to…

…act as a base for direct action against, major carbon emitters, as well as to develop ways to create a zero-carbon society. Camps are run on broadly anarchist principles…”

In a statement appearing at its website, the Climate camp is calling the step a “metamorphosis”.

The reason for the metamorphosis is:

The near-collapse of the financial system; droughts in the Amazon, floods in Pakistan; a new government in the UK; a violent programme of unprecedented cuts; food prices rising and real incomes eroding; revolutions across the Middle East… This is all very different from 2005 when the Camp for Climate Action first met to spark radical action on the greatest threat to humanity, climate change.”

The Camp for Climate has apparently grown tired of its civil disobedience and squatting out in nature. Their new mission:

…we will launch new radical experiments to tackle the intertwined ecological, social and economic crises we face.”

Wonderful. That’s exactly what the world needs right now: bored kook activists performing “radical experiments” on society for the pupose of avoiding imagined social and economic crises. Has the British healthcare system deteriorated to the point that it can no longer care for its mentally ill?

Obviously the movement has now been taken over by more refined, sophisticated lawyer-type activists, who see an opportunity to capitalise. Its leaders will probably get offices in London, Paris, Berlin, etc., a staff of legal advisors, and will criss-cross all over the world in jets to every type of UN-sponsored save-the-planet-conference with the rest of the environmental NGO leaders  – all funded by the EU, UN and other special interests.

Expect it to bully corporations into making donations, and threaten to send out its thugs if they don’t. The Climate Campaign ends its statement with (emphasis added):

Now is a chance to team up with the anti-cuts and anti-austerity movements and play a crucial role in the revolutionary times ahead. Anything but co-ordinated action is doomed to fail.

See you on the streets.”

Lovers of democracy and freedom – beware!

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9 responses to “Cult For Climate Action Disbans – Pledges Metamorphosis To…?”

  1. Edward

    Disbanding what?

    It was just an excuse to drink beer and live in a tent.

    Mind you, the EU will have us all living in refugee tents soon, trying to escape the EU tyranny and massive unemployment caused by the de-industrialisation of Europe due to the AGW carbon emissions targets, trouble is, the US is a long swim/boat trip too.

  2. pointman

    I think there’s an extremist element to the cult which will never get disenchanted with the demise of eco-fascism as a chic political posture and indeed will just resort to more extreme measures as the recession bites and it falls further out of mainstream politics. What I’m talking about here is real terrorism. I hope I’m wrong.

    They’re fanatics and nothing is too extreme in service to Gaia.


  3. Harry Dale Huffman

    The famous science fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein wrote many stories and books all set within a general “future history”, within which he posited an anarchist period later called the “Crazy Years” (as I recall) — followed, of course, by a period of harsh, tyrannical rule. I am sometimes reminded of those stories when I read examples of current cultlike hysteria around the world, as of Islamic jihadists or “runaway global warming”.

    It should be remembered that the culprits for the global warming hysteria are the scientists (James Hansen foremost) who originally conceived, however incompetently, the scientific details of it, and who based their careers on their biased belief in the idea of a “runaway climate”, rather than on dispassionately getting to the truth with a robust, trustworthy science. At least one whole generation of students was miseducated (and a new one being inculcated with the muddled and wrong-headed “greenhouse effect” right now), and all of our scientific institutions suborned to the incompetent science of those passionate, politically connected believers in their own nonsense.

    Behind the political, ideological nonsense was first scientific nonsense, that will have to be rooted out, however difficult the task now seems. Climate “science” currently rests on sand, not solid foundation.

  4. R. de Haan

    Our entire EU and the UN agrees with them including Angela Merkel

  5. R. de Haan

    EU Climate Tax Czars faux pas in Australia
    Ms Jill Hoggan of the U.K., EU’s Climate Czar doesn’t have a clue what she’s talking about. But she’s still exporting the EU madness.
    This is a typical apparatchik.
    100% ideology, 0% knowledge.
    That’s the kind of people who run the EU. … as-in.html

  6. Jimbo

    Slowly but surely the Co2 madness is receding. It’ll take a few years more as the movement gradually fades into the background and ‘climate science’ funding is cut back gradually. The only thing that’s kept this scam going for so long is the good funding backed by power hungry politicians.

    The US Republicans have already started their attempts at curtailment. Soon the only countries that will be left to prop up this hoax will be those in the EU.

    1. R. de Haan

      You’re wrong.
      All measures are in full swing and nobody can stop them unless we clean up the UN, the EU and our own Governments.

  7. M White

    A bit cold to go camping this winter, a nice centally heated house a lot more inviting.

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