“It’s Okay – No Pressure” 10:10 Campaign

Pressure to march to the eco-beat? Don’t be bloody ridiculous! Marc Morano’s website Climate Depot just had a headline about Britain softening up its stand on climate science. He wasn’t kidding!

I thought the Green Police video was a bit dark, but this latest video takes British dark humour to a whole new level. Warning: surreally graphic! (clip is morbidly sarcastic).

Don’t be disturbed by this dear readers. Really, there’s no pressure in the message here. Just a friendly little remnider from your friendly http://www.1010global.org/ that we can all do our little part to save the planet. Of course you don’t need to.

Seriously, looking at the reactions at the other sites and comments, I see a lot of people using this to put thenselves high up on the moral pedestal, overdone indignation and grandstanding. Heck, you’d think the exploding people in the video were real people reading some of the comments. Sure the clip is in bad taste. But it’s just heavy, dark humour. Arguments could be made about the underlying message.

Will the video backfire? Definitely yes.

I think the Greenpeace hooded punk video is far worse. Here we have a kid that is brainwashed and trained to really hate (no humour there at all – pure hatred). Anyway, we see an emerging pattern of violent eco-activism.

Now that’s a clip to get upset about.

9 responses to ““It’s Okay – No Pressure” 10:10 Campaign”

  1. DirkH

    I won’t post a youtube link as i’m sure there will be repeat takedowns but try these search terms in youtube if you need to find a copy:
    “no pressure campaign whippersnapping”

    Curtis (the writer) took the money from this campaign group and made them look like smug psychopathic murderers. Great stunt. That’s what i see… YMMV.

  2. TinyCO2

    This is a Russell Brand moment for them. Where humour amongst friends gets a public airing and they get a sharp lesson in how unfunny they were really being.

    I’m a Brit with a fairly dark sense of humour but this is just violent. There’s no irony or word play or even slapstick. Perhaps if the people had exploded into puffs of butterflies or feathers it would have been acceptable but blood and guts splattered over kids or terrified employees. It would have worked far better if all the pro 10:10 supporters including the button pushers had exploded.

    They’ve gauged their audience appallingly. The Americans will be largely horrified and the Brits will be pissed off that they’re being targeted by yet another heavy handed black mail attempt. Those who will find it funny are probably the least likely to cut their CO2 footprint in the first place.

    The third part with the footballers was ok, ditto Gillian Anderson. The thing with the employees rings a sour bell for me because I have family members being lightly (as yet) bullied into joining the 10:10 style bandwagon. I suspect there’s a fair bit of it going on. The first sketch though is obscene.

    I’d describe myself as an AGW agnostic (don’t know what to think) and things like this make me wonder ‘how can CAGW be right if it’s thought up by dumb gits like this?’

  3. TinyCO2

    I don’t really go with the ‘so bad it’s good’ idea and not everybody watched horror movies, good or bad.

    I’m not horrified by this (I have watched too much gore on tv) but I am cross. Partly because it’s moral blackmail but mostly because it’s bloody stupid.

  4. Mindert Eiting

    As I have already commented elsewhere, I consider this video too stupid to be considered serious propaganda. I have seen a lot of horror movies better than this tomato ketchup version. If it is dark humour, it does not compare with Monty Python. Lubos Motl does not agree with me. Perhaps he is right but I am still guessing what’s behind it.

  5. anon

    No, the film is not “dark British humor”, it is a direct threat to murder people who disagree with environmentalists.

    In Britain there would be nothing the people could do about it because you turned in your guns to the government “for your own protection”.

    If they try this in America, their brains will be the ones that splatter.
    Reply: A threat from who? Some kooks who are playing out their twisted fantasies? Go out a get yourself a couple of pints, mate, and relax. -PG

    1. TinyCO2

      Gun ownership in the UK was never that big even before the ban.

      The movie isn’t really a threat, though the film makers may have let their private frustration fantasies go a little far. The main shooting has been footward. It’s good propoganda but for the other side.

      Brits main form of protest is ignoring things. We’re really good at it.

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