Germany’s Spring Could Arrive Already In January After 2030, Says Die Welt

I’m beginning to wonder if Germany’s online Die Welt daily is still a serious publication. Certainly not its fiction fantasy alarmism science section, which has become an outlet for every wildly imaginable climate catastrophe scenario.

It’s become sort of a laughing stock, along with much of the rest of Germany’s established media.

Yesterday Die Welt reported here on how scientists at the University of Giessen’s Institute For Plant Ecology, based in the central German state of Hesse, have conducted experiments that have yielded “surprising and worrisome” results.

For 12 years scientists have been simulating climate change in a time lapse by pumping CO2 over a green pasture area at levels that are expected to be reached in the year 2030 (bought-and-paid-for junk science).

The results showed that the added CO2 did not lead to higher CO2 concentrations in the ground. Moreover, it led to higher emissions of nitrous oxide. The scientists found it “alarming”. In addition, the times at which plants blossom and foliage changes colours have changed. Plants have a phenological clock says Christoph Müller, Director of the Institute For Plant Ecology. He says:

One sees: The clock has shifted a little.

A little? Die Welt does not define how much “a little” actually is, but it must be enough to allow it to write:

The winters have shortened, the springs are starting earlier. According to projections, spring could begin already at the end of January after 2030.

According to Müller:

The climate in Hesse has changed. The vegetation has responded to climate change.”

That itself should not surprise anyone, unless of course one is among those who are ignorant of climatic and oceanic cycles, and who happen to believe that climate stagnation is the natural norm (when humans are not around). Maybe Müller believes this. In the Die Welt report he says 0.7°C temperature increase is something that took thousands of years to occur in earlier history. Today this is occurring in just 100 years!

Perhaps all those ice-bore proxies are wrong now. Maybe the earth needed thousands of years to come out of the ice age, and not hundreds as is thought to be the case.

And so it is in the “science” section of Die Welt.

And what can we do to avert this coming climate catastrophe? Christopher Müller demands we handle energy in a different way, and calls for another way of living.

One reader calling him/herself Impfstoffel commented at the end of the article:

This year (2010) spring 2010 didn’t not get started until the end of May – at least where I live!!

And living in northern Germany, allow me to add to that: Fall this year started already in August!

I wonder if the media and scientists realise how stupid they are making themselves look before the educated public. The Die Welt readers who have felt comments are laughing at the story by the usual 10 to 1 margin.

I’ve filed this post under a new category: “Stupid Predictions”.

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