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Kekeliruan yang Kerap Dikerjakan Ketika Live di BandarQQ Online

Sesudah sebagian peregangan bermain BandarQQ, banyak pemain yang dapat memahami regulasi dan taktik dasar dan menetapkan untuk menjelajah ke permainan segera dan menuju ke kasino atau kartu bandarq online kamar lokal mereka. Live play menawarkan pengalaman poker yang lebih besar di mana Anda dapat duduk di depan pemain lain dan berupaya untuk membendung syaraf Anda […]

“It’s Okay – No Pressure” 10:10 Campaign

Pressure to march to the eco-beat? Don’t be bloody ridiculous! Marc Morano’s website Climate Depot just had a headline about Britain softening up its stand on climate science. He wasn’t kidding! I thought the Green Police video was a bit dark, but this latest video takes British dark humour to a whole new level. Warning: surreally graphic! […]

Germany’s Spring Could Arrive Already In January After 2030, Says Die Welt

I’m beginning to wonder if Germany’s online Die Welt daily is still a serious publication. Certainly not its fiction fantasy alarmism science section, which has become an outlet for every wildly imaginable climate catastrophe scenario. It’s become sort of a laughing stock, along with much of the rest of Germany’s established media. Yesterday Die Welt reported here on […]

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