Tropical Storm Activity Hits A 40-Year Low – Possibly “Unprecedented”!

Florida State University scientist Dr Ryan Maue has an update on global tropical storm activity.

Now if global warming causes more, and more intense storms, then there must be some serious cooling going on right about now. Storms are practically off the radar! Here’s the chart for the last 40 years.

Dr Maue writes, adding his own emphasis:

Global Tropical Cyclone ACE does not show an upward trend in communion with global temperatures.”

Where’s the media? He also writes (emphasis added):

The March 21, 2011 00Z ECMWF deterministic 10-day forecast does not indicate another TC developing during the month. This will bring the previous 12-month total of global TCs down to 63 — by far the lowest in the last 40-years or more.”

Dr, Maue also says that this level is possibly “unprecedented”.

So what should we start expecting from the “climate scientists? First they said global warming would lead to warmer temperatures. But then they changed their minds and said that it leads to colder winters. That means we can expect them to reverse on tropical storms and claim that warming will cause tropical storm inactivity.

But don’t count on it. For that to happen, the global warming “scientists” would first have to jump out of the pockets of reinsurers and into the pockets of those with interest in no storms, whoever that could be.

23 responses to “Tropical Storm Activity Hits A 40-Year Low – Possibly “Unprecedented”!”

  1. mindert eiting

    May be something for an experiment: we offer them all kind of fake statistics and see how they adapt their theory.

    1. carbon-based life form

      Sorry, they prefer to fake their own statistics.

  2. DirkH

    “the global warming “scientists” would first have to jump out of the pockets of reinsurers and then into the pockets of those with interest in no storms, whoever that could be.”

    Tropical Island tourism?

  3. Jimbo

    Gore! Where are you?

    Global Warming causes milder winters and colder winters.
    Global Warming to cause an increase and decrease in tropical cyclone activity.
    Global Warming causes plants to move uphill and downhill.
    Global Warming causes the earth to spin faster and slower.
    Global Warming causes less snow and more snow in the Great Lakes.

    AGW is unfalsifiable therefore it is not science but a religion.

  4. Colin Henderson

    Hello Skeptics – the alarming increase in severe storm activity is being masked by the cooling produced by greenhouse gas induced global warming. DUH

  5. Juraj V.

    So Dr Maue is back at FSU? I heard he left to Naval Lab.

  6. Dr. Killpatient

    This is a chilling development.

    Surely, the inability of massive storms to form is a result of humans disrupting normal climate…whatever that happens to be, of course.

  7. R. de Haan

    Look out, snow in the east sinking south ( back to back spring snows NYC)

    The big news: NOA is collapsing negative.

  8. Olaf Koenders, Wizard of Oz?

    Hardly surprising, but when will we find a politician/scientist that’ll readily enlarge this chart, along with many others and show them on prime-time TV..? Gutless, I say. Well, probably not. It may be that “props” in interviews aren’t allowed? If not, why not?

  9. RexAlan

    As an Ex Futures Trader that chart looks like consolidation to me. But consolidation for what.

    Looking at the Sun I would initially suspect a down move, but maybe I’m wrong as it’s the temperature differential between the pole and the tropics that drive cyclones. Thus a cooling climate should bring more cyclones.

    Oh what the hell.

    Thermal under-ware futures look good right now!

  10. Svenn Korseth sr

    This is a quite interesting aticle.


  11. R. de Haan

    The insurers are crying. All those additional premiums comming in without damage to pay for. You must be very sorry for them.

    For me they are scam artists of the worst kind.

  12. co2hound

    These are only tropical storms.

    We know that the tropics are affected very little by Global Warming at the present time compared to the poles which are taking the hit now. So look at Extra Tropical storms which occur between roughly 30 and 60 degrees. How’s that rate?

    Actually what was found in this paper is to be expected using our current understanding of the way Global Warming works.

    1. DirkH

      Similar to heavier snowfall. It’s all perfectly consistent.

  13. Edwin_Adlerman

    It’s a shame that you are trying to misrepresent the actual conclusions of
    previous research and present a false dichotomy:

    E.g., “Explicit simulations of tropical cyclones using
    global climate models as well as a variety of down-
    scaling techniques all show a general tendency toward
    decreasing tropical cyclone frequency and increasing
    intensity and rainfall rates, although there is much
    variability from model to model and from ocean”.

    Yes, that says “frequency decreasing”. You were saying….???

    1. DirkH

      The warmists prepare one paper for every possible outcome so they can always say “told you so”. Not a big problem when one has all the funding in the world. The Eternal Righteousness. A true religion of the 21st century. With supercomputers – much more modern than old pagan cults.

  14. FromCanada

    Less storms is consistent with global warming theory. The poles will warm more than the equator, reducing temperature differences, thus reducing storms.
    This is the opposite to Al Gore’s more, and worse, hurricane theory.
    This inconsistancy is consistent with climate change theory. If the models are wrong, then the climate must be confused (as well as those who question the models). This proves the theory of global climate disruption. Scientists said so.
    Here in Canada, we take no pleasure in your EU green misery. Our economy likes doing business with your economy. The EU green agenda is making that more prohibative.
    Nice to see climate science debate in Germany. The EU and UN just want your money. Cheers

  15. Edwin_Adlerman

    >The warmists prepare one paper for every possible outcome so they can always say “told you so”.

    So, you can’t actually respond with anything of substance. I’m not surprised.

    1. DirkH

      Edwin, i’d just love to, but it’s pointless… even if i could refute 5317 of them, they’d produce another 11542…. i have a life, you know.

  16. Global warming causing more tropical storms and hurricanes? Not exactly - Orange Punch - The Orange County Register

    […] Tropical Storm Activity Hits A 40-Year Low – Possibly “Unprecedented”! is the headline over at the German blog, No Trick Zone. […]

  17. Kirt Griffin

    Perhaps I could offer a quick point on your post. If you look at the chart it is for ACE. That is the total of tropical cyclone energy world wide. So maybe the frequency is so low that the total energy is that low. I do not believe that is the case.

    Of course you are aware of Piers Corbyn who does a fair job of predicting major weather event from the Sun and Moon. His success is clear evidence that the Sun causes our weather and climate. Not to mention the works of Mackey, Fairbridge, Charatova, Landscheidt, Archibald, Niroma etc.

    Most solar deniers seem more interested in paying off third world countries and keeping needed energy away from people who need it. Sorry but I can’t support that agenda.

  18. Jeffrey Eric Grant

    I have been seriously studying the global climate for four years. In that time, I completed my own analysis of Tropical Storms in the North Atlantic. The year 2005 was a whopper, and yet, it was still within the statistical norm! And now, only five years later, here we are at a minimum.

    In 2005 the AGW crowd was forecasting more frequent and higher (much higher) damage due to hurricane strength. They were even postulating an increase in hurricane categorizations, so we could identify more easily those with wind speeds greater than that of a Category 5…..

    I am looking for intelligent answers to my questions. I am seeking knowledge (and maybe even ‘truth’). I have tried writing to the experts (to no avail). I have tried some college courses. I have tried the Internet. Most of the time I get responses more consistent to campaign rhetoric that you would get from a sound bite in the afternoon political news.

    Maybe it’s too much to ask for… just a little honesty, please.

    I find this report consistent with the declining storm activity since 2005. Maybe next year it will be the quitest season for the past 41 years. What I want to answer is: “WHY”

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