Attention Muggers, Thieves, Rapists And Hooligans! Tomorrow Evening Is Earth-Hour – Cities Switching Off Lights

And attention morons, drones, and other like-minded believers in superstition and ritual behaviour.

At 8:30 p.m CET tomorrow evening it is Earth Hour. It’s that time again to participate in yet another useless collective ritual of madness, by switching off the lights along with all the other drones, in a bid to get the climate gods to bestow nice weather upon us (and even stop bush fires – to and solve all the other world’s problems. Let’s call it: Be Like North Korea Hour.

Here’s one example drone-controller spokesperson, treating Australians like a bunch three-year-olds, asking them to take part in this ridiculous embarrassment of a modern rain-dance:

Now that we are all done throwing up, let’s continue.

In Germany, parents tell their toddlers to finish their food on the plate, otherwise it’ll rain tomorrow. Well now it’s live in the dark, or else it’ll rain a lot, or not enough, or whatever. “Let’s all turn off our lights altogether now so that we can have a better future. Aren’t we all just good little boys and girls! Hooooray!”

Yes, it’s time to call the doctor. Personally, they can ram this retardation where it’s permanently dark.

I guess some creatures and criminals of the night will especially like this. Women stay home (and leave the lights on outside and inside).

Hungary International Airport to switch off tarmac lights!

And get a load of this craziness: A bunch of moron officials at the Budapest Hungary International Airport are going to play around with the tarmac lights! Talk about making the world a safer place to live. Read here.

Of course, we can counter all this madness. For example I’m going to upgrade my light bulbs.

This is better. Osram 200-watt incandescent bulb. (Photo credit: C. Kemme)

The 500-watt flood lights work well too.  Do your part to light up the world. Make your neighbourhood safer tomorrow. Light it up!

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26 responses to “Attention Muggers, Thieves, Rapists And Hooligans! Tomorrow Evening Is Earth-Hour – Cities Switching Off Lights”

  1. DirkH

    Germany will celebrate Earth Hour by switching off seven nuclear plants. The best electricity is electricity never produced! Never produced, never abused – for decadent activities like questioning the IPCC on the internet!

    I’m starting to sound like The People’s Cube…

  2. mindert eiting

    The question is, Pierre, how do we stop a fascist movement? Giving the public information about their tactics is an important contribution. Shed light on them, while they are sitting in the dark. McIntyre just added a new chapter to climate gate.

    1. DirkH
    2. DirkH

      Oh, another thought. The warmists/”sustainable lifestyle”/Gaia protection/AGW folks here in Germany are exactly the same persons who are now panicking about the Fukushima accident, comparing it with Chernobyl. A lot of them really believe it (the followers, not the leaders). They trust the panic-spreading German media, and don’t notice that the insular German media landscape plays its own very specific game. Which tells us something about their IQ.

      And stupidity is self-defeating (You also see that in Julia Gillard). Which brings me back to The Batttle Of Britain, the film i linked to. The Brits defeated the overwhelming force of the Luftwaffe with intelligence – by devising a nation-wide radar system to coordinate their forces, and by some smart changes in the way they did formation flight (not shown in the movie; they started to use pairs of fighters who would swap positions when doing a turn; enabling both of them to go full speed throughout the turn).

      So i wouldn’t worry too mch. The enemy has big numbers but no brains.

  3. Carl

    I’m celebrating Electricity Day tomorrow by keeping all available lights on and as many other appliances needing electrons that flow to work as I can. I came up with that idea because I don’t see a day in the calendar for this life saver. And if it helps us realists to forget the insanity tomorrow join in. Next year I hope to bring the word out to more folks around the world.

  4. Nonoy Oplas

    I wrote to the top 2 EH leaders of WWF Philippines and showed my article “Earth Hour lunacy”. As usual, WWF officials have one standard reply — silence. I shd ridicule them more often, lol

  5. DirkH

    Australian sustainabilists argue Earth Hour is a sham.

    “It’s not about one hour of darkness it’s about a whole lifetime of sustainability.”


  6. DirkH

    “In Germany, parents tell their toddlers to finish their food on the plate, otherwise it’ll rain tomorrow. ”

    Never told my kid anything like that. Logically, it’s a non-starter, as it will rain anyway. You end up with an obese kid that thinks you’re a liar. But you’re right, other Germans do that.

  7. Sparks

    Celebrate Human Achievement DAY!

  8. M White

    “What is climate change?” The Metoffice have an explanation.

    “Met Office climate change guide”

  9. Beano

    Jooliar Gillard is the Prime Minister of the Australia. – Federal government.
    Australia also has state parliaments. Today Jooliar’s compatriots in the state of NSW were annihilated at election.
    Part of the blame for the defeat was the carbon tax that Jooliars party want’s to instigate next year.

    Interestingly the losing parties chief publicly declared the election loss during “Earth Hour”. It had been previously arranged not to disrupt “Earth Hour” with political notifications.

    1. Bernd Felsche

      `tis with wonderment that I gaze upon our Australian PM.

      A demonstration of the Peter Principle. Somebody trained in law, who doesn’t bother reading the disclaimers of the reports delivered to her by her scientists. That ignorance only bolsters her confidence that she is right.

      One who thinks she can get away with belittling the people of Australia, insulting their intelligence, going back on promises made only a few months ago, sneering at their protests and calling the reluctant activists “extremists”.

      Well; about 80% of the electorate of the State of New South Wales have swung their butt-kicking boot in the direction of the PM’s party, the ALP and the fallout is going to choke the ALP out of government in the Federal Parliament.

      The ALP is toxic waste. I put the half-life at 6 months. Maybe less. Supporters are talking about “re-birth”. I think that’s code for a great purge of which the left are so fond.

      The Electorate has demonstrated that it has no confidence in the ALP. The independents and the Greens which the ALP need for federal government, will be stepping back and thinking about the next promises that Gillard’s government could be breaking and looking at their own political fortunes.

      One can only wonder if the Governor General has the guts to dismiss the government that has lost the confidence and trust of an electorate. Maybe if the GG’s son-in-law wasn’t deputy treasurer and minister for finance and superannuation, such a decision would be easier. One should never allow oneself to be put into a position of (even perceived) personal conflict; and it could have been avoided.

      The real thieves and hooligans are those who somehow got elected into positions where they candoreal damage to the lives of people. They can’t be trusted to mind an empty cardboard box, let alone run a country.

      1. Beano

        The current G-G is nothing shorty of a disgrace.

        Interesting to note that the in election following the Whitlam dismissal in 1975, the ALP lost by a landslide.

        It’s also interesting to note that worldwide lefty parties are resorting to gutter politicking in their election campaigns. It’s also obvious that the political giants are nowhere to be seen in those same parties.

    2. DirkH

      That was quick.

      1. Bernd Felsche

        In 1975, the then-GG (thought to be a “tame” GG by the ALP which had put him into that position) dismissed the Whitlam Government (ALP) which had only recently been re-elected, in the face of a hostile Senate that was blocking supply (funding). Although the ALP will have a “friendly” senate from July, they still have to make it that far. And even after July, their Green “friends” may not be so friendly and far more cautious about “deals”.

        Today, opposition parties in federal parliament are no doubt super-charged by the trouncing of the ALP in NSW.

        Anger is still building against the PM for being told lies. For the betrayal of trust. They are starting to see that the “carbon tax” is just another way for the government to fill the deficit hole that it’s managed to create in the few years of its previous term.

        There’s a petition being formulated to send to the GG to dismiss both houses of federal parliament and to call for another general election.

        If that’s not acted upon, then the electorate has at its disposal a number of mechanisms by which they can demonstrate the loss of trust and confidence. People are waking up to the fact that they hold power, and are willing to remind the government that it is the servant of the electorate.

  10. Josh

    The Hungarian govt. is a bunch of eco-tards with the rest of their parliament even the so called “far-right”.

  11. R. de Haan

    I alway’s thought of the EU as an economic union, not a political, let alone military union.

    I didn’t ask for this.
    I don’t want to be a part of this.
    I reject their policies as much as their objectives.

    Count me out.

    Total boycott is the only answer.
    This includes our own political representatives that follow EU suit.

    Tyranny of the EU Commission: Nigel Farrage: ‘bombings and bailouts what on earth are we doing?’

    1. DirkH

      Thanks. Nigel says what i’ve been saying for months – the Eurozone can’t work and we’ll see more violence in Southern Europe as the budget cuts start to hurt the people. It’s a pity we don’t have a guy like him amongst the German pols. Even if Germany is bi-winning in the Eurozone – and i’m not sure we are – we are just producing instability.

  12. R. de Haan

    All lights, all electric appliances, every engine in and around the house, the cars, the compressor, the lawn mower everything will be running on Earth Hour.

  13. Sean McHugh

    I did not like the last bit:

    “The 500-watt flood lights work well too. Do your part to light up the world. Make your neighbourhood safer tomorrow. Light it up!”

    I am a vocal climate sceptic. However, well before the whole climate thing became a issue, I was an amateur astronomer who appreciated the night sky. Even without the astronomy, I still like a night sky not being erased by gratuitous and wasteful lighting. I also live in a rural area and prefer it to look rural when the night comes. When I am driving, I prefer not to be blinded by inconsiderate floodlighting from private properties and by the new driving lamps that appear to be more about fashion than about practicality.

    I normally use little lighting in my house. During Earth-Hour I turned a lot of lights on. Except for the minimum, they were switched off after the politically-driven warm-fuzzy wank hour. That was the opposite to what others on the street did and I think it was more obvious than what they did. Still, I’m not sure they would have got the point.

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