Lubos On Schellnhuber

Lubos Motl, I am pleased and honoured to say, has also written a piece of his own about Herr Masterplan Hans Schellnhuber. Boy, I thought I was being tough on the guy, Lubos takes it right to him. I found his post so enjoyable that I had to feature it here. He adds a lot more to what I’ve said, so do read it.

Herr Schellnhuber has a master plan 
By Lubos Motl

Pierre Goselin is discussing a remarkable interview with the top German climate ideologue in Spiegel:

We Are Looting the Past and Future to Feed the Present (English)

Joachim Schellnhuber, a doomsday crackpot who calls himself a physicist (the inflation in using this term has been significant), starts with the assertion that nuclear power plants should be ready for infinitely strong earthquakes and economics and economy shouldn’t play any role because they’re “crazy logics”…

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7 responses to “Lubos On Schellnhuber”

  1. M White

    “‘Climate Change’: the new Eugenics”

    “The important point to note is that 100 years ago, work like Galton’s was at the cutting edge of scientific research. Racism wasn’t some backward-looking reactionary ideology: it was the state of the art and people then believed in it as readily as people today BUY the theory of man-made climate change.”

    From the channel 4 series, Civilization: Is the West History?

  2. DirkH

    Schellnhuber says “economy is crazy logic”… Where i live one can exchange currency for energy and back; it’s called a market, so mid-term fluctuations aside it’s the same thing (ignoring a short-term constant factor).

    So dumping money into a hole (of renewables subsidies) is equivalent to dumping energy into a hole. How this is sustainable i don’t know – when economics is crazy, and Schellnhuber is sane, than i want to belong to the crazy as the sane will soon die out if they proceed this way.

    Whoever gave him his degree must surely regret this mistake.

    From Der Spiegel:
    “SPIEGEL: Are you worried that the government’s new anti-nuclear course will lead to higher CO2 emissions because more coal will be burned once again?

    Schellnhuber: Actually, I’m convinced that this is precisely what Chancellor Angela Merkel will not allow.

    So Angela Merkel will not allow that the production of a solar cell consumes as much energy as this solar cell will deliver in 10,000 hours of optimal insolation? This guy calls himselfs a physicist? He’s not even capable of logical thinking.

  3. R. de Haan

    Great post.
    Makes any comment obsolete.
    All that has to be said is said.
    Perfect job.

  4. DirkH

    BBC shells out license payer money to the charmingly named Red Redemption who used it to produce a boring, dull game where you can be the “president Of The European Nations” and save the world from climate change.

    I like it. The positive points are:
    -You can tell the game that you are President Guevara.
    -You can choose a 20something with a goaty to represent the president.
    -You can decide to subsidize aviation. Didn’t see any other “mistakes” you can make, though… (Didn’t try hard)
    -Your wrong decisions will lead to an increase in grey-black spots in the sky, representing CO2.
    -You can say “Njet” at international negotiations and refuse to send foreign Aid.
    -The kids will ignore this piece of crap.
    -I didn’t have to pay for it; the poor Brits were forced to do it.

    Maybe Schellnhuber used this “model” to come up with his master plan? Didn’t see mandatory launderettes, though… 😉

  5. R. de Haan

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