Dr Judith Lean Exposed! – Curves Kept Hidden For Years Now Revealed

Some readers may not agree with me posting this – but it is already at another website in the public domain – so fair game! And if this bothers you – spare me the lectures.

Dr Judith Lean, as many of us know, is a scientist in the field of solar physics. I bet many of you were not aware of her athletic talents. During her studies at the Australian National University she was a world class swimmer on the university swim team, competing in the 50, 100 and 200-metre freestyles.

Swimsuit Judy

Turns out someone posted quite the collection of glossy peep-reviewed photos of Judy during her swimming days, at award ceremonies, in training, competition, etc.  The link that follows shows Judy in her (at times not so) full athletic uniform (Warning: hot!):

See photo gallery here

According to this site here:

Dr. Lean received a B.Sc. (Hons), Physics in 1974 from the Australian National University, Australia, where she was awarded the Priscilla Fairfield Bok Prize as the university’s best female student in the field of science. In 1980, she completed a Ph.D. in atmospheric physics from the University of Adelaide, Australia. She currently serves as the NTZ April Fools prank of 2011.”

Sorry guys. You really ought to check the calendar before believing every thing you read. Happy First of April Day!


7 responses to “Dr Judith Lean Exposed! – Curves Kept Hidden For Years Now Revealed”

  1. DirkH

    Planet one step closer to Thermageddon: New Hampshire House kills local Cap&Trade.


  2. dave ward

    Nice try, but I make a habit of pointing the cursor at any embedded links, and then looking at the task bar to see where they lead…
    Now both of us are disappointed! – PG

  3. Skeptic

    Good one. You got me!

  4. Todd Maxwell

    Very funny…

  5. GregO

    I can’t believe I fell for it! And I trusted you. Happy April Fools Pierre!

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