Herr Schellhuber’s Strategy Paper Says: Target Is Global Reign

Last week I wrote about Hans Schellnhuber, Climate Advisor to Angela Merkel, and his yet-to-be unveiled  “Masterplan” written by him and his all knowing master elitists on the German Advisory Council on Global Change.

Looking a little deeper we find a strategy paper written last April, in the wake of the Copenhagen collapse, by Schellnhuber and his elitist members titled: Climate Policy Post-Copenhagen: A Three-Level Strategy for Success. The paper is a strategy Schellnhuber’s “Great Transformation” of society back on track. But before a society can be radically changed, it first has to be taken over. That’s what the strategy paper focuses on.

The paper clearly shows what these characters want – the strategy is summed up in the paper’s conclusion on page 12:

With the international alliances outlined here, European create the political capital and scope for action that it needs to take on a leading role in global climate policy.”

When reading such text, you have to know that it is filled with euphemisms. For example the term climate policy really means “reign”, e.g. global climate policy really means “global reign”. Schellnhuber’s strategy is to look for allies to isolate the USA and other free countries to assert Green reign. The conclusion discloses this aim:

The aim of the new European climate diplomacy would be to generate a critical mass of climate oriented partners so that a course can be set towards a climate-friendly world economy.

Here climate friendly economy is a euphemism for an economy that is so radically dictated that it can no longer emit CO2. It is a planned economy by elitists. It has nothing to do with democracy – it’s all about authoritarianism.

Clearly these master planners are on the Green path to domination. And they are not content with running just their own continent.  Like real control-freaks, they want the whole planet. How much clearer does this have to get? They are not talking about the European economy – they are talking about the “world economy”.

The alliances mentioned above are needed to help…

…to bridge the gap between the basic normative consensus on the need for compliance with the 2°C guard rail and the inadequacy of those structures and procedures in international cooperation that should be playing a key role in achieving such compliance.”

The 2°C guradrail sounds like a noble objective. But it is not.  That too is just a euphemism for draconian authoritarian transformation measures. To stay within the phoney 2°C warming limit, Schellnhuber claims that it is necessary to cut CO2 emissions by 80% or more by 2050 – That means a brutal and experimental – away from free market economy to a centrally regulated economy.

“Masterplan” to be released on Thursday

As far as the “Masterplan” goes we will know more about that on Thursday. It will be officially presented to the eager government at 10 am.

Whenever you read text from these master Green elitists, use the following short glossary of euphemisms to know what they really mean:

2°C guardrail = authoritarian / draconian restrictions (90% carbon reduction by 2050)
climate policy = reign
climate-friendly = submissive-to-authority
compliance = submission
Great Transformation = destruction of free market capitalism
sustainability = oppression
sustainable – oppressed


23 responses to “Herr Schellhuber’s Strategy Paper Says: Target Is Global Reign”

  1. DirkH

    From the document
    “The aim of establishing a binding international regime …”

    Much of what is in the document can be found in Merkel’s policies. At the same time it sounds like a programme of the Green party. Recent elections in Hamburg and Baden-Württemberg have shown us that whoever tries to appease the Greens gets destroyed; and this is what Merkel has tried. So i think we will see the downfall of Merkel and a rise to power of a Green-SPD federal coalition, maybe including the Left (the successor organisation of the SED / PDS – old GDR communists, with some young left radicals and confused teachers thrown in).

    It’s interesting that Schellnhuber et.al. talk about poverty reduction and development of underdeveloped countries but completely omit the fact that all green technologies are by definition more expensive than conventional technology – the cost is not addressed by them. How can one address poverty reduction without talking about the cost – poverty is by definition an economic problem? How does one reduce poverty when one suggests switching to less economical solutions? Obvious fantasy.

    Brazil is mentioned as a country that has successfully developed its biofuel sector – the effect of global biofuel production on food prizes (causing, not reducing poverty) is not addressed.

    Can anyone even in the political circles take these clowns seriously?
    PG: Schellnhuber’s not interested in economics – he’ll just have the west pay for the solar panels a windmills in developing countries.

  2. Brian G Valentine

    The aim of the new European climate diplomacy would be to generate a critical mass of climate oriented partners so that a course can be set towards a climate-friendly world economy.

    The rhetoric sounds like the conclusions of a term paper from an unexceptional high school student.

    In all honesyt I don’t think Schellhuber’s “strategy paper” will have any more influence than that, either, but I could be wrong.

  3. Edward

    Has Herr schellhuber realised that Europe is out on a limb, China is not interested in CO2e legislation and neither is India, the USA has sensibly backed off from it’s own CO2e – Cap and trade [although Obarmy is trying to force it through via the backdoor]they realised at a late stage how unnecessary and damaging new rules limiting CO2e would be to their economic recovery [and that the science was rot].

    It is Europe who are on their own, Schellhuber is clutching at straws.
    PG: China is indeed interested in CO2 legislation – for Europe and the US! China is hoping we’ll hang ourselves, and so are playing along.

  4. mindert eiting

    I have the same problem as Brian. Potentially, PIK is a dangerous institute. But how important are they presently? Is this only rhetoric by doomsday crackpots (Lubos Motl’s description)?

  5. biggreenlie

    As usual, this is a great site for us North Americans to get some idea what is going on in Europe.

    We are about 10 years behind in getting screwed over by these “globalist elites” with the rush to destroy our homes and lands with massive Wind Developments.

    These guys at Potsdam are truly the “Lizards” who are pushing Agenda 21 and their eugenics insanity!

    They should be considered “criminal elements” and treated accordingly. The last time people like this were allowed to exist, World War 11 broke out.

    If we don’t learn from the mistakes of the past then we are destined to repeat them.

  6. Brian G Valentine

    All of this UN/Potsdam Institute/EU rhetoric sounds the same. Very weak and weak minded people who have never contributed anything to the betterment of society, and who have partially convinced themselves that they have discovered a means to have some influence on the world (that they never had before in their lives) – because they have been habitually ignored.

    And with good reason.

    They lack the talent to actually execute anything that will further them toward their goals.


    1. DirkH

      I second that. The problem is, they might take the German economy with them in their ineptitude. Well, not all of it, but they’ll do some more damage. Translation: Be careful when going long in German industrial & retail values up to and beyond the next federal election (remember, the Greens are coming). Schellnhuber will cosy up to our Green overlords when they take over Berlin.

      1. Brian G Valentine

        There are to many Berliners still around who have “had enough of that” to let it happen.

        1. DirkH

          Haha. These days, Berlin is a cheap city for artists and long-term unemployedd and the biggest Turkish city outside Turkey… Next to no industry there, a gay social-democrat mayor, Greens are the pretenders for the mayor’s post. Kreuzberg is in the process of gentrification; and the black bloc radicals constantly burn down expensive limos in the middle of the night to stop it.

          Young engineers leave the city westwards, finding next to no job there. It’s a green multicultural paradise, living on benefits. (No offense to the Turks – but the fact is that many of them, especially the young, are long term unemployed.)

  7. DirkH

    An interesting rethoric is developing in the Solar & Wind lobby groups, BTW. “The liberalized energy market is failing”. Meaning: They want to get rid of it.
    Their argument is that the renewables are producing so much energy that utilities cannot compete on the energy exchange and so have no more incentive to build the peaker plants that the renewables urgently need.

    But that argument is nonsense IMHO . Their real reason to suggest the eradication of the free market for electricity is another one – namely, that renewables have a systemic problem in a free market: THEY ALL PRODUCE AT THE SAME TIME and thus can never get the good peak prizes. This is not a problem now as they get guaranteed prizes anyway but would become a problem once the guarantees expire – so they need to kill the free market.

    Watch out for the Green rethoric arguing for a total prize-fixing in Germany. It is beginning now.

  8. Brian G Valentine

    “a total price-fixing in Germany”

    Hah – a couple of decades of that in the 20th almost killed Germany as a Republic.

    Brown maniacs, green maniacs, … hell bent on destroying Germany … when will it ever end for poor Germany.

    1. DirkH

      I meant a prize fixing for electricity; in case i get misunderstood. The private consumer wouldn’t notice much of this anyway as the generation prize of energy makes up only one third of the end prize; the other two thirds are taxes and levies, amongst them the 3.5 Eurocent cross-subsidy that gets distributed amongst the renewable energy producers.

      1. Brian G Valentine

        It will ripple right across the economy.

        The Spanish almost became a Geek tragedy by flushing about 20 bn Euro down the bagno to pay for solar panel electricity. The Spanish woke up one morning and realized they were headed off a cliff

        1. DirkH

          You’re probably right with the ripple-through effect. I’ve sold most of my German stocks now; i see more downside than upside in the near future (except for the occasional bargain).

          So i can watch it self-destruct in calm.

  9. Cornelia Codreanova

    We need to stop these madmen from taking over the government! The thought that somebody like this is advising Germany’s chancellor makes me furious! What we need is a citizen’s unrest, to put an end to this madness.

    C. Codreanova

  10. bjedwards


    Another day, another paranoid conspiracy theory.

  11. Francis Massen

    There is one well known dictum that summarizes this German urge to make everybody comply: “Am deutschen Wesen soll die Welt genesen”.
    And you could add “…und bist Du nicht willig, so gebrauch ich Gewalt!”

    Let’s hope that the many intelligent and sober people that still exist in Germany will react in time against this enviro-politics juggernaut going berserk.

    1. Brian G Valentine

      “Unter allem Diebesgesindel sind die Narren die schlimmsten. Sie rauben euch beides, Zeit und Stimmung.” – v. GOETHE J W

  12. Dave

    I realize I’m a bit late but this needs to be looked into!

    It is one big circle and it is scary, almost unbelievable, but the elitist plans are hatched by the most normal looking but evil men and women who have no concern for mankind.

    Let’s stop talking about Man-Made Global Warming, Man-Made Climate Change or what ever name you want to give it. We all know it is nonsense.
    We all know it’s natural and that CO2 has nothing to do with it. So it is better to investigate the plan behind the lie.

    It’s about Redistribution of wealth, It’s about power. Global power. Controlling you and me. Controlling what you eat, drink and think. Removing the right to own property. Top down Governments controlled by the UN and the UN controlled by IUCN International Union for Conservation of Nature. They are the real power behind the UN = Progressives (extreme greens and socialists) the most Dangerous Controlling People on the Planet = GAIA Mother Earth religion.
    Some of The IUCN achievements using Lie’s and misinformation and the UN are:

    Global Warming caused by CO2 (AGW)
    Biodiversity (Innocent sounding but frighting results)
    Sustainable Development (Virtually every Country, State, City, Town and Village has adapted this model. (Innocent sounding but frighting control over every aspect of your lives)
    Agenda 21: “Agenda 21 represents a major fundamental change in the role of government in social and land-use policy. Under its concept of sustainability, the primary purpose of government will no longer be to serve the people. Rather, the focus of Agenda 21 is to protect nature from people.” Private property rights will become a thing of the past (Evil sounding and terrifying control over every aspect of your lives including the right to live)

    Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System,
    “Agenda 21 is an action plan of the United Nations (UN) related to sustainable development and was an outcome of the United Nations Conference on Environment
    Most people are unaware that one of the greatest threats to their freedom may be a United Nations program known as Agenda 21.

    And the EU seems to be in love with the idea!

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