German Climate Science – Reduced To A Travelling Circus

Leading German scientists are now spreading fear among children at schools. Is this the indoctrination part of the “Masterplan”?

German science used to be, and is in many areas, still highly regarded worldwide. But in the area of climate science, it has been reduced to politics and masterplanning.

Sadly, Germany’s “leading climate scientists” are far more preoccupied with transforming society and spreading panic among the population then doing science. Spreading panic is a favourite practice of Stefan Rahmstorf who, like his director Hans Schellnhuber, is a “scientist” at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Research (PIK).

Rahmstorf is featured in astory at the online Märkische Zeitung, written by Alexandra Amling, who writes how Rahmstorf recently gave a presentation to school students. The Märkische Zeitung writes:

Only when mankind switches over only to renewable energies will we be able to avert the consequences of climate change, Stefan Rahmstorf made clear on Thursday evening in a presentation to school students and interested individuals at the Goethe School.”

Maybe the Märkische newspaper (Ms Amling) confused it, but here it is claimed that using renewables will stop the consequences of climate change, but not climate change itself. I’m having trouble making sense of this. If we use only renewable energy, the climate will change anyway, but the consequences of that change will be averted? Abracadabra.

The Märkische Zeitung then added, quoting Rahmstorf:

‘If extraterrestial life existed and little green men observed us, then they would see a dramatic disappearance of ice in the Arctic and would wonder, shaking their heads, if the earth is so little worth to us,’ said the oceanographer with admonishing tones.”

More contempt for humans – all consistent with the Schellnhuber’s “masterplan” mentality, which views humans as too stupid to run the planet democratically, and so authoritarian means are warranted.

According to Märkische Zeitung, Rahmstorf drives no car and has equipped his house with solar technology, and so we should all do the same. Beacuse if we don’t, we might drown – at least that’s what Rahmstorf’s last slide of his presentation, a doctored photo, implies:

At the end he showed a photo that will certainly remain in our minds: A wall of a house with the writing: ‘I don’t believe in global warning’. However the second line is hardly legible because it is drowning in floodwater.”

Here Rahmstorf is saying that anyone who doesn’t believe his horror scenarios is a fool. Yet ironically, when one looks at the data, Rahmstorf is exposed.

In the event that Ms Amling is interested in facts, then she should consider the following:

FACT: Sea level rise is decelerating.
FACT: Global temperature has not risen at all in the last 10 years.
FACT: Tropical storm activity has been falling since the 1980s.
FACT: A huge number of scientists completely disagree with Rahmstorf.
FACT: Rahmstorf’s sea level projection is an extreme outlier, way out of the mainstream.

We’d be more than happy to point Ms Amling to the data behind these facts, and other facts. I would even appear in front of these children with my own presentation in order to undo the educational damage that has been inflicted by Rahmstorf.

After looking at the data, Ms Ameling might consider Rahmstorf as simply not a serious person who is irresponsibly inserting fear into vulnerable young minds and doing a disservice to his country.

Rahmstorf’s last slide in his presentation to children

8 responses to “German Climate Science – Reduced To A Travelling Circus”

  1. Bernd Felsche

    Who wants to see a circus that only has clowns?

  2. R. de Haan

    Bangkok is just a farce but in the mean time the green machine is running full speed:

    Time for arguments is over.
    If we don’t act now and make our political and administrative elite accountable for their current policies it will be too late.

  3. DirkH

    The school seems to be in Potsdam so he probably had no trouble reaching it on bicycle.

    So, they don’t spread the panic very far for now.

  4. Ulrich Elkmann

    These guys are obviously working along the lines of the “enlightened samurai” that H. G. Wells wished to run the world in “A Modern Utopia” and “The Open Conspiracy” – working quite openly because society would either not believe in people openly plotting to take over the running of everybody’s lives or would be in league with them. Wells thought that this was the only way to achieve Utopia under modern conditions (and clearly fancied himself as one of these samurai). If one takes a look at his later kind disposition towards people like Stalin or Mussolini (Herr Hitler had too much of the petit bourgeois for his taste), one might concur with Leszek Kolakowski’s dictum that “If you can believe that you can lead people into utopia, you have laid the foundation for the gulag”.

    1. DirkH

      H.G. Wells – A Modern Utopia

      I’ll read it to find out whether it’s the blueprint for the EU. Just for giggles.

      1. DirkH

        Starts good.
        “No less than a planet will serve the purpose of a modern Utopia.”

        Wells’ reasoning is that total world domination frees you from the need of a standing army. So it’s more Trotsky than Stalin.

  5. R. de Haan

    Maybe you deniers can do a master study Global Environmental Change(LOL)?
    This must be the most worthless study you can do besides Master of the Universe. But the fact this kind of studies are available is a most worrying sign. It’s the ultimate confirmation biased.

  6. Bob in Castlemaine

    One could counter Rahmstorfput’s alarmist propaganda picture by referring to the picture at the start of this 2003 article by John L. Daly showing the 170 y.o. mean tide level mark at the Isle of the Dead, Port Arthur, Tasmania.

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